How to make a do-it-yourself sprayer for watering the garden

Having planted everything you need on your site, everyone wants to grow a good harvest. In this case, the main concern will be regular, regular watering of the plantings. The problem usually is that there is no way to constantly come to your favorite summer house and water. However, a solution to this problem can be found.

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What you need to know about watering?

Experienced gardeners recommend not watering plants with cold water from a water pipe or artesian well. This is very important for good crop growth. Therefore, barrels or other containers will be required. There are quite rational methods for organizing irrigation. Mainly used sprayer for watering the garden. This tool can be made independently.


Water is constantly supplied to plants in small portions.

The essence of irrigation:

  1. To supply water in the garden (in the garden, on the lawn, in the flower garden) place a pipeline.
  2. For each bed make layering. This design is called a distribution line.
  3. Special sprayers are installed next to the plants. According to the system, water is supplied in certain portions or continuously for several hours.

Spray irrigation system has clear advantages:

  • Such a self-made system will cost inexpensively. You can use the material that we usually just throw away (for example, plastic bottles).
  • Water moisturizes the leaves and stems of plants, which has a beneficial effect on their condition.
  • The air above the soil is humidified, which is very important in the heat.
  • Water flows in small batches constantly. Therefore, regardless of the length of your absence from the site, the land will be moistened.

Do-it-yourself sprayer for watering the garden can be made of several types:

  • From a plastic bottle.
  • From plastic hoses.
  • A solid system with elements of industrial production.

Watering with plastic bottles

One of the simplest is a sprayer for watering the garden from a plastic bottle. The most suitable bottle volume is 2-2.5 liters. Rinse the bottle well. Then make holes on its surface from one side (with a heated knitting needle or nail).

You can also use ordinary plastic pens. Measure the diameter of the handle in the thinnest part and drill a little smaller holes in the bottle. It will optimally make 5 holes in three rows. Then cut the handles to a length of 5 cm and insert them tightly into the holes.

An adapter is used to connect the hose to the bottle. Drill a hole on the cover along the diameter of the adapter. Using silicone glue, secure the adapter to the cover. Put the bottle next to plants that need watering. Thus, several such structures will be required for the garden.

do-it-yourself sprayer

Hose system

You will need to purchase the necessary components:

  • Hoses for the creation of highways along the entire length of the beds.
  • Special sprayers.
  • Shutoff and connecting fittings: caps, taps, tees.
  • Capacity for water.
  • Stand for water tank.

We equip the system:

  1. Hoses are distributed along the beds and rows with plants. At the end of each we put a stub.
  2. Using tees, we connect the hoses to the piping of the supply line, which is connected to a water tank.
  3. The water tank itself should be installed at a height of at least 2 meters above the soil level (in order to create the necessary pressure). Hoses use a dark color. This will protect against algae clogging droppers.
  4. Along the entire length of pipes and hoses, we outline places for holes that can be made with a hot awl or a self-tapping screw. We insert sprayers into these holes.

We made a do-it-yourself sprayer.

do-it-yourself sprayer for watering the garden

Solid watering system

On the site, you can organize an automatic irrigation system. A variety of components and components are sold in stores, which makes it easy to assemble the system with your own hands. When planning automatic watering, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of plants. Sprinkling is suitable for one, while moistening only the roots is for others.

For the system you need:

  • Special sprayers (micro-sprinklers). It is more convenient to use adjustable heads, there are also more complex elements - with foggers (convenient for greenhouses).
  • A pipe that distributes water to the beds. One end of the pipe connects to the water supply line. A cap is put on the other end.
  • Start connectors with a clamping nut for connecting pipes, protection against water leaks.
  • Fittings, valves, pressure compensators, tees, etc.
  • To ensure long-term operation of the system at the outlet of the tank, you can install a high-quality filter.

Before you assemble a do-it -yourself sprayer for watering the garden, it is recommended to draw a diagram of the location of the system elements on the site, accurately calculate the time of irrigation and the dosage of water. This will facilitate installation.

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Watering the lawn

A very good option is the use of polypropylene pipes with end devices for spraying (spraying) water. The sprayer for watering the lawn can do so.

During the processing of the territory under the lawn, we install the design of the pipes so that the water sprinklers cover its entire area. The spraying diameter depends on the pressure at the water supply and on the design of the sprayer. Then, at a depth of 40-50 cm, we dig in the prepared system. The tips of the nozzles are brought to the surface and tied with polyethylene in order to prevent the ingress of soil into the pipes.

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If there is no way to dig in the lawn area, then portable water sprinklers will help to irrigate the lawn. Another option is to use the Mad Flower irrigation sprayer. Such an automatic watering system does not damage fragile buds, greens, soil and roots. It is mounted to a conventional hose and can be installed anywhere. In addition, such a sprayer is very beautiful in operation.

You can also purchase a ready-made automatic watering system, and then assemble it yourself in your garden.


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