Several options for grinding green coffee

It is probably hard to find people who have not heard about the benefits of green coffee. Some are skeptical of this information and expect that those who began to drink it constantly will talk about it. Others decided that they just needed green coffee: with the help of it they lose weight, get rid of harmful radicals in the body, and simply drink as part of following a healthy diet.

How to grind green coffee

Many of those who bought it in grains are faced with the problem of grinding. Even dried fruits have a rather viscous consistency, which is the main reason that not everyone can finely grind it. Of course, even a slight roasting of grains improves the situation, but adherents of a healthy diet are categorically against such processing. Therefore, the question of how to grind green coffee is quite acute.

There are several basic options for grinding grain. First of all, of course, it is worth remembering the coffee grinder. If you have a modern powerful model, then the question of how to grind green coffee will not bother you. But the owners of old or cheap Chinese models may not be lucky. At best, they will receive very roughly chopped grains, and at worst, their assistant may break. But do not immediately run to the store for a new expensive model, there are alternative options for how to grind coffee without a coffee grinder.

For these purposes you can use a regular blender. Before use, do not forget to close the container in which you will grind the grains with a lid. Otherwise, partially ground green coffee you will have to collect throughout the kitchen. But remember, if your blender power is low, then it may not be able to cope with the task and the question of how to grind green coffee will be as acute for you.

Green coffee
In the absence of a coffee grinder and a blender, you can use a meat grinder. However, before you begin to twist the coffee, keep in mind that its grains absorb all extraneous odors. Therefore, do not be lazy to wash it again thoroughly with warm soapy water. Pay special attention to inaccessible places: various bends, grooves and mesh. Walk in all its parts with a foam sponge or a cloth dampened in a special degreasing agent, then rinse all the parts well and wipe them dry. Only then can you use a meat grinder to grind hard grains.

How to grind coffee without a coffee grinder
Manufacturers equip some modern models with special nozzles designed for grinding spices. If you have them - fine, if not - this is not a reason to be upset. A meat grinder, which copes with cartilage, can perfectly grind coffee beans. Pour them into the tray in small portions, adding as necessary so as not to force the unit to work for wear. If after twisting you are not satisfied with the result, then do not rush to look for other ways how to grind green coffee. Just repeat the procedure, usually after the second grinding, the desired grain size is achieved.

Now you need to brew it correctly and you can enjoy a healthy drink. By the way, the method of its preparation does not differ from how ordinary roasted coffee is brewed: a Turk, a coffee maker or a French press are suitable for this.


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