Backlight in the kitchen: how to draw convenience and comfort with LEDs

The art of photography, that is, the illumination of a living room, can not only dramatically transform it, but also break it into separate zones in order to improve the decorative and functional components of the room as a whole. The backlight in the kitchen fully meets these challenges. If you add reliability and safety factors to them, it is better not to find LED backlighting.

DIY kitchen lighting
On the one hand, the modern kitchen is multifunctional: cooking is done here, a family meets at one table, friends and girlfriends are invited for an intimate conversation. On the other hand, the interior of the kitchen during the cooking process is exposed to temperature and moisture, contaminated with drops of fat. Properly located and protected LED backlight in the kitchen is not afraid of anything.

First of all, care should be taken to ensure that the functional area (countertop) where products are processed is qualitatively illuminated. It is clear that the lighting should be bright, uniform and clean, and most importantly - white, so as not to distort colors. If the do-it-yourself LED lighting of the kitchen starts from here , practice will appear, and further work will proceed more easily.

How to make a backlight in the kitchen
For light sources, it is better to take LEDs or ribbons that give a cool white glow. You can fix them on an aluminum profile, which is glued to the bottom of the hanging cabinets above the countertop. You will definitely need a transformer that converts a high voltage to a low voltage, from which the LEDs are powered. You can place it in one of the lockers.

Tip: in all cases, before you make the backlight in the kitchen in the final version, try out how it works. If it does not light up, check the quality of the wire connections and the correct polarity of their connection in all parts of the circuit. This is especially important if the backlight design is made in a multi-module version.

Remember: the transformer must not be connected when it is energized. None of the wire connections should be exposed. If you do not have experience with high voltage, ask for help from someone who is well versed in this.

What is the advantage of LED strip frontal glow? In that it is hidden inside a silicone case, which does not affect the strength and color of the lighting, but fully protects the LEDs from the adverse factors created by cooking.

Kitchen lighting
In the same way, lighting is organized in the kitchen above the cabinets, under cabinets and countertops, on the ceiling, around the perimeter of the ceiling, on the walls, etc. The only difference is that color can already be varied in a wide range. By changing it, you can achieve the creation of a mood corresponding to the moment: family comfort, home holiday, friendly gatherings, sensual intimacy ... A reasonable and harmonious mixture of colors can give a very unusual and fresh effect.

In addition to all of the above, as you may have already noticed, LED backlighting in the kitchen gives considerable benefits: with equal power and absolutely tiny place for installation, compared to other lamps, LEDs save up to 80% of energy consumption. And if all the backlight elements are mounted correctly and reliably, it is completely safe to use.


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