Christian Horner: personal life, photo.

The race track and sports cars attract everyone's attention. In the world a large number of fans and fans of famous and successful pilots. The strongest brands are fighting for superiority, annually improving their iron horses. Christian Horner, the head of the Red Bull team, knows firsthand about this.


Christian Horner was born in the UK in 1973. He watched the first race back in 1984 and immediately became her devoted fan. Every year he watched all the events associated with this sport on television and radio. Young Christian Horner spent his first competitions at the age of 13. His performance was so good that all experts predicted a successful future in this field.

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Then came the victory in student races and joining the team to participate in Formula 1. Christian's career has grown rapidly. In his youth, he participated in Formula 3000 races. In 1999, he began to manage a whole team of racers. Horner's smart moves led to success, and this was noticed by one prominent figure.

Red Bull Team

In 2004, Dietrich Mateschitz bought out the Formula 1 Jaguar team. The base of the old team and its work system served as a good basis for creating RedBullRacing. Christian Horner was invited to the leading position, who was to collect and educate the winning team.

Intensive work, excellent equipment, the selection of experienced staff and top-class pilots led to the fact that the next year the team in the overall standings climbed to 7th place. And in 2006, at the Monaco Grand Prix, the third prize was won. This achievement was brought to the team by David Coulthard.

In 2009 and 2010, the team bathed in glory and victory awards. Sebastian Vettel twice won first place. Strong training, powerful motors and well-established work of designers and iron horses - all this characterizes the excellent work of the management team.


In motorsport, cars are the most important attribute. In racing, these are motors. The better the engine, the more likely it is to win. However, after some time, the success of the RedBull team began to decline. So, in 2015, riders took only 7 and 8 places in the overall ranking. And in the Cup of designers, the team was in fourth place.

christian horner personal life

Christian Horner, whose photo, along with an interview on these issues is found in almost all automobile magazines, says that they are still moving around. A lot of effort was put on improving the chassis. Several races of the season brought podiums, but in general the team did everything they could.


Problems with cars began when cooperation with Renault ended. Christian Horner negotiated with several leading engine-building corporations, but they ended in failure. In 2016, the team will go on track with their old Renault partner and with a new improved engine.

For 2017, the RedBull team has prepared an “ace in the sleeve.” The manager gives meager comments about this, but he mentioned that they will significantly outperform the competitors. While all the details are in question, but much can change.

Personal life

Christian Horner, whose personal life has been linked to Jerry Halliwell since 2009 , often appears on the pages of tabloids. Despite the fact that the couple constantly maintained their friendship, journalists attributed them a romantic relationship. Christian and Jerry often appeared in public together. Since the former lead singer of SpiceGirls is a big fan of racing, this interest also brought them closer.

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Previously, a Formula 1 pilot lived for 14 years with another woman who, shortly before their separation, gave birth to his daughter. The baby was called Olivia, and now she lives with her mother.

This did not stop him from meeting a new love. Relations grew gradually, Jerry and Christian say that they began to meet only in March 2014. A few months later, the couple announced their engagement. All Jerry Halliwell's friends said she was happy.

The lovers visited several places where they would like to celebrate this event. The couple carefully conducted preparations for the wedding. All Jerry's friends, former members of the SpiceGirls group, who, after the breakup, still continue to be friends, gathered at the celebration. There were also friends and colleagues of Christian. At the wedding, the groom's parents refused to attend. They were unhappy that the son had abandoned their granddaughter's mother.


In 2015, the couple was married in England. A beautiful white carriage brought a bride to the church. The groom arrived in a retro car. The wedding dress, in the creation of which Jerry took part, was distinguished by grace and elegance.

Christian Horner's wife
Now Christian Horner's wife spends more time with her husband and constantly supports him in competitions. The couple does not particularly advertise their personal lives, leaving the most secret behind the curtain. Both say only that they are happy, and their meeting was destined, since they are soul mates. Jerry's daughter happily accepted Coistian and made friends with him.


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