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A travel van allows you to be anywhere and not think about the problem of living, not to rent a hotel or apartment. It is also possible to use it as a summer house or a temporary home. The first car of this kind appeared at the beginning of the last century. It quickly gained distribution in the USA and European countries. Later, communities of mobile lifestyle enthusiasts were formed, of which there are many today. They gather in amazingly beautiful places and create online clubs. There are also car campings in which there are all the necessary communications and infrastructure, due to which you can live in such a van constantly.

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Currently, the trailer cottage is offered by various manufacturers, with any functional set. The choice of one or another option depends on personal wishes and the number of people traveling. The house with two rooms is ideal for growing families. In it you can be alone with yourself and not disturb others. But in the presence of children with a large age difference, this option is not entirely convenient, due to the fact that the room has five beds: a single bed on top and a double bunk underneath.

What you need to know

It is possible to accommodate more people in a van with a room equipped with separate bunk beds. The organization of lifting beds located above stationary places is also used.

There are four main types of motorhomes. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to know about the features of each of them, the available advantages and disadvantages.

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Standard motorhomes

Castenvagens are outwardly similar to a conventional minibus with a high roof. They are equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture. The car is not very spacious and suitable for two travelers, but some of them can accommodate four people. Due to the availability of medium-quality thermal insulation, it is not suitable for use in the winter months. The positive aspects include maneuverability and small dimensions. Such a travel van is ideal for business trips and accommodating a small family or company. It is also possible to use it as a universal vehicle: for tourism on weekends and during holidays, and on weekdays - like a regular car.

The alcove type is characterized by a characteristic superstructure, which is located above the cabin and is used to arrange a double spacious bed. The design is based on a chassis with a classic cab. The basis of the walls is a sandwich panel, which provides high thermal insulation characteristics.

Due to its spaciousness, an alcove residential van is the most common in this category. It is also possible to choose among a large number of different layouts. Such a motorhome is universal and can accommodate a family with several children or a large company.

The semi-integrated version has a basis similar to the previous one, the main difference is the lack of an impressive superstructure above the cabin. The module for living is also made from sandwich panels and has a common frame with the cabin. Instead of ordinary bedding, small hanging boxes are used.

This house can comfortably accommodate up to 5 people, but the main advantage is its high speed and driving properties. It is the best option for long trips in search of picturesque places.

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Relatively large houses

The integrated travel van is completely different from production cars. The cabin has a unique design and acts as a complement to the living space. Its production requires more stages, so it belongs to a higher cost category, but it is justified by extensive equipment. It is able to provide maximum comfort for a long stay.

The most expensive travel van is a motorhome based on the principle of a passenger bus. Often it is supplemented by sliding wall structures, due to which the usable area is expanded. This option, of course, is not affordable for everyone, but it is worth noting that cars with a trailer have a reasonable price.

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For many people, traveling to new places is their favorite pastime. But not all the desired places can be reached in standard ways. That is why the trailer-cottage today is in great demand, because thanks to it you can visit wherever you want. There are also many other positive aspects:

  • Mobility . It is enough just to pack things and you can go on a trip.
  • High quality. With the modernization of motor homes, they acquire the best characteristics of strength, durability and thermal insulation. Also, manufacturers do not forget about equipping with home appliances and comfortable furniture, original design.
  • Cost . Depending on your financial capabilities, you can purchase a new mobile home or a used one. At the same time, frequent living in rented apartments or hotels over time will cost a large amount.

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What to look for

When choosing a passenger van, first of all, you need to pay attention to the chassis, general condition, equipment to ensure a comfortable stay, interior and exterior decoration. Household appliances, a bathroom and heating should not require investments. It is worth noting that different manufacturing countries produce houses for various operating conditions. German firms present both winter and less warmed options; powerful heating, multi-layer walls, and double floors are possible. Italians mainly sell colder species, in some cases they are not equipped with a stove.

The layout, engine power and performance must also be taken into account. Any home must have an insurance policy, undergo a technical inspection and have registration with the traffic police. If rare use is expected, then the trailer truck is more appropriate, its cost is much lower, and comfortable characteristics are at a decent level.


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