Denis Gusev: height, weight of the athlete. Bodybuilder biography and achievements

In the history of world bodybuilding, there are many stars that can surprise you with their dimensions. But today we’ll talk about our compatriot, who achieved considerable success not only in the competitions of our country, but also became the first Russian athlete to win Arnold Classic Europe. We are talking about an athlete named Denis Gusev, a height whose weight has reached a perfect proportion. His biography and achievements will be discussed in this article.

Denis Gusev height weight

Denis Gusev: height, weight, biceps and other anthropometric data

So, the characteristics of the athlete:

  • height - 186 cm;
  • competitive weight - 93 kg;
  • off-season weight - 98 kg;
  • biceps volume - 44 cm;
  • chest volume - 116 cm;
  • Waist Size - 83 cm.

Athlete Biography

Denis Gusev was born on August 11, 1981 in the small town of Tikhoretsk (Krasnodar Territory). Since childhood, the boy was fond of various sports and even at school began to attend sections of karate, wushu, basketball, volleyball. And even attended a dance club. Of course, such activity could not but affect the physical data, the future athlete always looked fit and athletic.

Denis Gusev height biceps weight

In 1991, when the boy was 10 years old, he was noticed by the coach of the athletics section. After all, even at this age, the guy looked much more harmonious and growing older than his peers. Denis Gusev, whose height, whose weight was striking in the ratio of proportions since childhood, quickly achieved success in this sport and ended up in the Russian team, where he collected a considerable number of awards. After graduating from school, the guy did not leave the sport and entered the State Sports Academy, which he graduated with honors.

Way to success

After graduating from the university, at the age of 26, Denis Gusev, whose height, whose weight was already impressed by his ratio, moved to Moscow, where he got a job as a professional trainer in the network of elite fitness centers in the capital of the World Class. The athlete’s clients are many popular personalities of our country, as well as movie and television stars. In addition, representatives of the modeling business noticed him during this period, after which Denis Gusev, whose height and weight corresponded perfectly, began to appear on the pages of many glossy publications. Moreover, the guy’s model appearance opened the way for him to the catwalks of the capital.

Denis Gusev height weight nutrition

Tournaments in the life of an athlete

In 2012, Denis Gusev decides to take part in bodybuilding competitions. Within three months of training, the athlete achieves an excellent form, thanks to which he is among the ten best bodybuilders in Russia, ahead of many more experienced bodybuilders. The next year, 2013, brings him many victories in various competitions of the Russian Federation, after which the athlete decides to try himself in the international arena.

In the fall of 2013, a bodybuilder performs at the Arnold Classic Europe Festival in Madrid. This tournament has become a landmark for the athlete, thanks to him the whole world has learned who Denis Gusev is. The height, weight and volume of the bodybuilder made an indelible impression on the judges, he won first place and the absolute champion title according to the Mens-Physicist version. This victory brings Gusev the status of a professional athlete and opens the door to competitions of the elite IFBB division.

Denis Gusev growth

In 2014, Denis made his debut on the professional podium in the Pro Grand Prix tournament. But this performance was not a special breakthrough for the athlete, he was able to take only sixteenth place. After a short time, Denis takes part in the Pittsburgh Pro competition, where he takes the twelfth place. Despite these setbacks, the bodybuilder does not back down and goes to the Europe Super Show tournament. Participation in this competition brings Gusev an honorable third place in the Mens-Physicist category.

In 2015-2016, Denis takes part in many competitions. But few of these tournaments bring him prizes. Also, his performance at the world-famous tournament “Mr. Olympia 2016”, where Denis takes only 16th place, cannot be called triumphant. But the athlete does not lose hope and in the future is going to continue to conquer the world podiums. And as you think, we will hear more than once about a bodybuilder named Denis Gusev.

Height, weight, nutrition are fundamental factors in the life of this bodybuilder. So Denis carefully monitors these indicators and is happy to share his experience, conducting both open seminars and personal consultations. His educational videos are very popular with anyone who wants to succeed in bodybuilding.


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