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All the secrets destined for us by fate, one way or another, become the most desirable, and everyone would give a lot in order to solve them. Why do we need this? To protect yourself from the impending disaster and change what is destined, or to quench your boundless curiosity? Everyone answers this question in their own way.

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Nowadays, the availability of services for "looking into the future" is growing more and more every day. Moreover, everyone can try their hand at this interesting field. In most cases, people who want to know their fate are interested in Tarot cards, which can not only prophesy, but also talk about the person’s inner world, about his feelings and emotions. We will devote our article to the Tarot cards, namely their senior meanings. So let's get started.

Briefly about Tarot cards

There is no exact data on the origin of these mystical images. It is only known that the Tarot cards are a kind of "transmitter" of knowledge from the past in the form of occult, astrological and mystical symbols. Tarot images conceal the cultures of many nations, they are the embodiment of the power of their knowledge and teachings.

So, the deck consists of 78 cards and is divided into minor arcana and senior. Arcana is a kind of image that conveys information about the past, present and future. The younger ones have 56 cards, which are divided into four suits:

  • Wands;
  • Denarii (Pentacles);
  • Cups;
  • Swords.

Each suit contains 14 cards that have different characteristics. Human feelings and emotions, character and qualities, situations and problems - all this is subject to the younger lasso.

arcana tarot meaning

Major Arcana contains 22 cards. They are considered the most important in divination. Symbolizing future and past key events, major changes and important life situations, they carry exclusively philosophical meaning. That is why the major Arcana of the Tarot attract special attention because of its great importance. What do these mysterious symbols carry in themselves, we will examine further.

0: Jester

Jester (Fool) means a difficult situation, which developed precisely because you did not deign to take all the initiative into your own hands. At this stage, you should accept everything as it is and not try to correct the current situation. Trust in fate, only in this case it will be able to bring everything to its logical conclusion. And your past experience will definitely be useful to you in the future.

The flipped card indicates a waste of time, recklessness and thoughtlessness of actions.

1: Mage

Mage means a new stage in human life. If you have this lasso, it means that you are ready to self-develop and move in the right direction. Another meaning of the card suggests that an influential person may soon appear in your life. Do not blindly trust him, take the initiative, and go to your goal on your own, because you have much more potential than you think.

major arcana tarot

Inverted value

Neglect and self-doubt and self-reliance, inability and unwillingness to use their potential.

3: High Priestess

It means femininity, wisdom, legibility, intuition, endless care and the ability to keep the hearth. If you have such a lasso, it means that you are not trying to conquer the world, you just want to learn and watch it. In no case do not seek to use all of the above qualities to achieve your goals, this will not lead to anything good.

Inverted value

Inability to understand the opposite sex, arrogance and ignorance.

4: Empress

Some of the major Arcana of the Tarot can mean a happy future and success in every sense. One of them is the “Empress”, or “Mistress”. If you got such a card, it speaks of indisputable success in all matters - financial, love and creative. This is about women. If in the scenario such a card fell to a man, this indicates the presence in his life of an influential woman.

Inverted value

A waste of time and effort, financial and love problems.

5: Emperor

arcana tarot

Success in career and business, promotion on the career ladder, authority among colleagues, happy fatherhood.

Inverted value

Problems in business and family.

6: Priest

If you have such a lasso, it means that there are too many "I" in your life. It also means wisdom, justice, friendship, marriage.

Inverted map

Shame, betrayal, slander, intrigue.

7: Lovers

Arcana Tarot, the meaning of which can turn your whole life, also know about love relationships. The card “Lovers” says that you have a serious choice to make. Weigh the pros and cons and listen to your heart.

Inverted value

This means that you do not love and in the near future you will not be able to love.

8: Chariot

It means that in your life a situation will soon arise in which you will have to make a choice in the direction of evil or good.

Inverted value

Uncertainty, illness, stress, failure in business.

9: Strength

If in the process of fortune telling you get a “Strength” card, it means that you must make every effort and hidden opportunities to achieve your goals.

Inverted map

Self-doubt, lack of strength, bad friends.

the value of lasso
10: Hermit

Arcana Tarot may indicate complete loneliness. So is the Hermit Card, which means renunciation, non-communicativeness and complete immersion in one’s inner world.

Inverted value

Uncertainty in everything, failure in sexual relations, fear, unwillingness to accept help from others.

11: Wheel of Fortune

Such a lasso indicates a successful change in life and a smile of fate.

Inverted value

Mistakes, the wrong way of life.

12: Justice

Arcana Tarot, the importance of which in fortune-telling is great enough, can talk about problems with the law. So is the “Justice” card, which indicates to you that in this situation justice and caution should be exercised.

Inverted value

Depression, illness, serious and practically insoluble problems with the law.

13: The Hanged Man

Reevaluation of your life, coup, sacrifice of small things for the better.

Inverted map

Indecision, inability to make decisions, selfishness, lack of faith in oneself, a waste of time and energy.

14: Death

senior lasso tarot death

The value of lassos, as mentioned earlier, can be completely different, up to a warning about death. This card can be interpreted in a slightly different way, for example, a sharp turn in fate and a completely new life.

Inverted value

Fear of death, anger, empty resentment, depression, stress.

15: Moderation

Favorable outcome of events, choice, successful relationship.

Inverted value

Hasty actions, unwillingness to change, unsuccessful changes.

16: the devil

Strong dependence on a person, the inability to live without sex, an interest in witchcraft and magic, false goals, the wrong way.

Inverted map

An event that is inevitable, but well affecting your life, a desire not to be addicted.

17: Tower

Failure in a career, severance of relationships, bad changes in life, lack of strength to deal with the current situation, loss of acquired.

Inverted map

Financial problems, jealousy.

18: Star

Good deeds, charity, luck, success, peace, a surge of energy that will help to cope with all problems.

Inverted map

Reluctance to evolve and change.

19: moon

This lasso means isolation, inability to express oneself and assert oneself. Melancholy, lack of life tasks and goals, extreme emotionality, instability.

Inverted map

Sickness, fear, betrayal by a loved one.

20: the sun

The most favorable card that promises health, well-being, love and success in all matters.

Inverted value

Stress, illness, collapse in all endeavors.

21: Court

What does this lasso mean? This is a new life, parting with the past, a new job, a new attitude, moving to another apartment, recovery.

Inverted map

Immoral behavior, accusation in all Greeks of other people.

22: World

Success in every way, profit, inheritance, harmony, excellent relations with others, optimism.

Inverted map

Failure in business, troubles, problems.


It is quite difficult to fully study the meaning of lassos, the main thing is to be able to predict the overall picture from all the symbols that have fallen, so everything directly depends on the art of the fortuneteller to interpret.


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