Shoots in the ears. What to do when this phenomenon occurs?

shoots in the ears what to do

Shooting pain in the ear is a fairly common phenomenon. What is the reason for its occurrence? And there may be several. Why shoots in the ears? What if this phenomenon bothers you? We will talk about this in this article.


Backache in the ear is the number one signal that you have inflammation of the auditory system. How to make sure that it is really otitis media? Press the index finger on the protrusion of the cartilage on the ear (the one closest to the cheek). If this causes acute pain, then it is most likely otitis media. As a rule, this disease is accompanied by symptoms such as fever, headache, discharge of pus from the ear. Establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only an otolaryngologist. This is very unpleasant when shooting in the ears. What to do before visiting a medical institution? Relieving pain will help warm the ear. How to do it? Place warm camphor oil (2-3 drops) in the ear canal and close it with a cotton swab. Put a warm hat on your head. You can lie on an electric heating pad.


shoots in the ear causes

Shoots in the ears. What to do? Consult your dentist for advice. Backache can indicate that you have caries. Inside the diseased tooth, the nerve becomes inflamed, which is the cause of the sharp pulsating pain that radiates to the neck and temple. With caries, lumbago usually occurs at night or after eating hot or cold food. To relieve pain, rinse your mouth with a warm solution prepared from water (200 g), baking soda (a teaspoon) and iodine (2-3 drops), or drink a tablet of anesthetic. Be sure to visit your dentist in the morning.

Angina (acute tonsillitis)

Sore throat and head, body temperature increased, lymph nodes increased, it is hard for you to swallow and shoots in your ears. What to do? Go to the doctor immediately. All these symptoms indicate that you have a sore throat. A neglected disease leads to complications in the form of inflammation of the entire auditory system, which is very difficult to treat. How to soothe pain before visiting the clinic? Use the recommendations described above: gargle, drip ears, put on a warm hat.

Why shoots in the ear after sleep?

why shoots in the ear

If such a phenomenon is not single, but regular, then this may indicate that you have arthrosis of the jaw joint. This disease is accompanied by the following symptoms: discomfort and clicks during chewing, opening and closing the mouth, pain radiates to the throat, tongue and shoulders. The jaws are noticeably shifted in relation to each other. This disease is treated by a dentist. Self-medication for arthrosis is not recommended.

Shoots in the ear. Reasons why this phenomenon may still occur

  • water entering the auditory system;
  • ear trauma;
  • blood pressure differences;
  • hit in the ear of a foreign object;
  • prolonged wearing of earplugs and headphones.

The reasons why there are lumbago in the ears are many. Only an expert can make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, at the first symptoms, contact the clinic. Take care of yourself and be healthy!


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