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The choice of coffee (brands of this product will be discussed a little below) is a very subjective process. After all, different people can give their preferences to completely different drinks. It is also worth noting that today there are a huge number of types of coffee. That is why it becomes quite difficult to determine the best brand, especially considering all the parameters of a given product (price, quality, taste and aroma).

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Soluble or ground?

Coffee manufacturers are trying to please all lovers of this drink. In this regard, they offer a whole line of different varieties of this product, which includes ground grains for gourmets, and soluble granules for those who save their time. Which is the best drink presented is up to you. But to greatly facilitate the selection, below we will present the most popular brands of ground and instant coffee.

Top 10 manufacturers of ground product

This rating is based on the opinions of most people who regularly drink this drink. It is worth noting that your taste may not coincide with the solution presented. After all, as mentioned above, the choice of coffee brand of a manufacturer is a subjective process.

1. Brand "Jardin"

The most popular ground coffee is produced under the brand name "Jardin". This is a whole line of varieties that differ not only in aroma and taste, but also in strength. By the way, to determine it yourself, the manufacturer began to use its own 5-point scale. Not differing in high prices, coffee of the Jardin brand is made exclusively from arabica coffee.

2. Camardo Product

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Also among the premium varieties, Italian ground grains under the Camardo brand should be especially distinguished. This company offers a whole line of ground coffee. Some varieties are intended for making espresso and even a drink in Turkish.

3. Ground Mauro Grains

Another quite popular Italian brand of high-end coffee is Mauro. Among its varieties, you can choose for yourself the most optimal option not only for aroma and taste, but also for strength.

4. Brand "Live Coffee"

The manufacturer of this coffee offers a whole line of ground beans from high-quality arabica. A drink from such a mixture has excellent characteristics. However, when buying coffee presented by the manufacturer, it is advisable to pay attention to its production date, since in order to get a tasty and aromatic drink the grains should be as fresh as possible.

5. Coffee brand "Lavazza"

Such Italian coffee has a delicate aroma and exquisite taste. It is very popular in our country and is rightfully considered one of the best.

6. Brand "Paulig"

This magnificent coffee from Finland is gradually gaining quite high positions in our Russian market. And this is no accident, because it has a great taste and aroma, as well as impeccable quality.

7. Ground grains of the Illy brand

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Such coffee is made from elite arabica coffee. It has a delicate and deep taste, delicate aroma, as well as a low caffeine content.

8 and 9. Trademarks for Kimbo and Madeo coffee

The two named products are quite similar to each other. Moreover, they are presented in the same price segment (average). Coffee from Italy “Kimbo” is of rather high quality and surprisingly pleasant taste. As for the “Madeo” brand, such a product can be safely purchased if you prefer to drink high strength drinks, with a bright taste and a slight acidity.

10. Brand "Malongo"

This premium brand offers true gourmets a huge selection of ground coffee varieties that differ in unsurpassed taste and fairly high quality.

Top Ten Soluble Product Manufacturers

Instant coffee (brands are presented below) is very popular in our country. Indeed, up to 80% of the coffee market in Russia falls precisely on it. The main reason for this popularity is the ease of preparation of the drink. At the same time, the aroma and taste of instant coffee quite often leave much to be desired. However, among such products there are quality varieties. It is about them that will be discussed in the future.

1. The Bushido Brand

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These are Japanese products, which are made to order in Switzerland. For the production of such coffee, only the best varieties of beans are selected that undergo a special gentle treatment, during which all their taste and aroma are preserved. Such a mixture is delivered to our country in small quantities, which explains its high cost (100 grams of powder costs about 1000 rubles).

2. Instant coffee of the Grandos brand

This is an elite German product made only from natural and high-quality arabica without any addition of flavorings and other substances. This coffee also has a high price per 100 grams.

3. Products from South Korea "Maxim"

Not everyone can enjoy the taste of such a drink in our country. After all, this instant coffee comes to us quite rarely. It is made from natural and high-quality raw materials using special secret technologies. The powder contains a minimum of flavorings, but, despite this, it has a rather deep and noble aroma, as well as excellent taste.

4. Brand "UCC"

Presented coffee is made in Japan. Such a powder is characterized by a fruity odor, but at the same time it is completely devoid of bitterness, which makes it especially popular among those who like a not too strong and soft drink.

5. Soluble Carte Noire Product

The most popular variety of instant coffee in our country. By the way, very often “Carte Noire” is confused with the Russian powder “Black Card”. However, these are two completely different manufacturers. After all, “Carte Noire” is coffee from France, made from high-quality arabica.

6. The popular brand “Moscow coffee shop on shares”

The manufacturer of such instant coffee uses only pure arabica and never uses extraneous additives. It is this fact that gives the finished drink an amazing taste and aroma, which are so inherent in ground grains.

7. Taster's Choice Soluble Powder Brand

The name of this South Korean coffee speaks for itself. Indeed, in translation into Russian, it sounds like "Gourmet Choice." Such a soluble powder is made from arabica beans without the addition of food flavorings.

8. Product from the Swiss manufacturer Egoiste Special

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The taste and aroma of a drink made from such a powder are quite comparable to those made from ground coffee. That is why it has huge popularity in our country.

9. German brand “Today Pure Arabica”

This instant coffee is made from pure Arabica. In this regard, drinks from it have a deep aroma and taste.

10. Brand “Indian Gold Exclusive”

This instant coffee is made only from natural raw materials, and also has an unrivaled taste and aroma. However, he earned great popularity in our country due not only to high quality, but also at fairly low prices per 100 grams.

Thus, the most famous brands of ground and instant coffee were presented to you, which are distinguished by their special quality, as well as amazing taste data and aroma. But the best and most useful has always been and is considered grain. Despite the fact that sales of such a product are not very high, we will nevertheless present the top ten.

  1. The Jardin brand is the most popular and in demand.
  2. The manufacturer Paulig offers different grades of grains.
  3. The Italian Kimbo products are deservedly popular in Russia.
  4. Under the brand name "Gut!" many varieties are produced that have varying degrees of roasting and strength.
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  5. "Live coffee" has a reasonable price and rich aroma.
  6. The Gaggia cereal product is made from carefully selected and properly fried grains.
  7. Under the brand name "Malongo" produces expensive French products, which are ideal for making an espresso drink.
  8. Lavazza coffee combines exquisite taste, moderate strength and delicate aroma.
  9. The grain product of the EvaDia brand is characterized by high-quality frying.
  10. Italcafe brand supplies Italian products made from the best varieties of arabica.


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