Shops "Traffic Light": customer and employee reviews, description and assortment

More recently, legends about Traffic Lights stores literally circulated in Russia. Reviews immensely increased the merits of the future supermarket. By the opening, one could safely expect that they would distribute the goods here for free, while also paying extra for a visit. As usual, customer expectations were not fully met. However, the network quickly spread throughout Russia, and is even about to open branches in neighboring countries.

traffic light stores reviews

general description

The most economical and convenient for daily purchases are positioned stores "Traffic Light". Customer reviews spoiled by the abundance of supermarkets, while noting the poor service. Perhaps these are just overstated requirements, because you were promised the opportunity to buy inexpensive products near your home, and this also costs something. Ok, but then let's look at everything in order.

Let's start with the hanger

Nothing surprises a modern customer like the traffic lights. Reviews emphasize that people were ready for a modest room with bleached ceilings, but they didn’t even see this. After the huge “Ribbon” and “Auchan”, where everything shines and sparkles, the shelves are flooded with light, and the goods are located so that they would like to take it off the shelf, it’s a little dull here.

The interior of the shops resembles warehouse sheds with an iron door and a bright sign. Gray walls, red banner with logical symbols and open doors. Well, maybe this is a special move to save money and not wind up on goods sold.

chain store traffic light reviews

Buyer Information

Let’s make a reservation right away, we are now talking about the general trend that characterizes all the traffic lights stores. Reviews from different cities are slightly different, but similar features can be traced quite clearly. Before entering most of them there is no hard road surface. Near the doors there are stands with the latest information that could be as useful as possible. The buyer is informed that he made a trip to the store, where prices are 30% lower than in all the others. For this, you can make a big discount and turn a blind eye to the lack of external gloss.

Go inside

What will surprise the customer with the Svetofor chain of stores? The reviews are again very different. Some have already become accustomed to the idea that they came to a wholesale base rather than to a supermarket, but others continue to be surprised. No repairs, gray walls and shelves, little light. Many goods lie directly on pallets, in principle, the store is clean, but the general grayness creates a different impression. In general, comparing with large supermarkets, we can say that the premises are very small. There are a lot of goods, relatively rare are the untwisted and expensive brands. This is understandable, because Traffic Light is a low-price store. Reviews emphasize that once or twice a month it is worth dropping in here to collect inexpensive everyday goods.

traffic light shop low prices reviews

Product range

Despite the small size of the stores, there is literally everything. A huge selection of canned food, stew, cereals, sugar, all groceries that do not spoil. Many buyers come here just in order to purchase horns, stewed meat and condensed milk. There is always a choice of inexpensive tea biscuits, milk. The freezing section is relatively poor, but if you really need to, buy fish, meat and poultry. The huge assortment of household chemicals at very interesting prices pleases the eye. In addition, there are baby food, clothes and shoes, tools and goods for summer cottages.

store traffic light employee reviews

Focus on wholesale customers

Indeed, at the entrance there is information that the minimum cost of purchases is 200 rubles. That is, no one will beat off one chocolate bar. By the way, many products are immediately packed in several pieces, so with all the will you have to buy a batch. It is very profitable to take household chemicals and household goods here. Sponges, napkins, toilet paper - a necessary, but boring trifle. Therefore, if you have already decided to call in, then dial immediately for a certain time in advance.

Now a little about product quality. It all depends on the level to which you are used to. Of course, the trend is very good. Here on the shelves you can often find completely unknown brands, the quality of which can only be guessed at. In large supermarkets, the price range is wider, and the consumer has more choice. But this is also a small problem; among inexpensive goods, it is quite possible to choose quite acceptable brands and only buy them in the future.

Help and customer support

We are used to going to shops where smiling consultants are ready to lay out full information about an existing product, put their purchases in a package and bring it to the door. But you have to pay for everything. It is logical to assume that these services are already included in the price of the goods. And in this regard, the traffic light store also differs from other networks. Employee reviews shed some light on what is happening.

A relatively small number of personnel work here, who need to ensure the calculation and verification of deadlines, work on logistics and acceptance, write off and interrupt price tags in case of changes in suppliers' prices. There is a lot of work, there is no time for smiles. Therefore, dear customers, in response to the question "where to find it", it is recommended to look approximately in the direction of the location of the goods. To stop this from happening, re-adjust your perception once again, you didn’t come to an expensive supermarket, but to a low-price store and want to save a little.

traffic light shop kirov reviews

Sportswear is the best choice.

Especially before major holidays, all the aisles can be lined with boxes and boxes containing goods. Of course, buyers add chaos when they take in one place, and then, changing their minds, leave in another. Therefore, you need to prepare a little before you go to the traffic light store. Feedback gives us feedback.

Every day, store employees have to deal with a situation when ladies come in an expensive light coat, and then they begin to complain that they barely squeezed in too tight aisles and were forced to get goods out of a dusty box. Comments are superfluous, here is just a different format of service. If this does not suit you, you can go to another store.

The first "Traffic Light" in Kirov

The townspeople have been waiting for this event for a long time. Advertising began almost a year before the grand opening took place, and, as expected, the first sale. Today the traffic light store in Kirov has become familiar. Reviews about his work are quite warm. Inside, it is also more like a wholesale base, where many goods are displayed simply in boxes. The store has a large territory, there are almost no signs, so you have to walk for a long time to study the entire range. Buyers are pleasantly surprised by the prices of such products as wet wipes (29 rubles), baking bags (18 rubles) and many other little things. However, you need to look carefully, because a lot of expired goods. This is one of the main disadvantages. The first traffic light store in Kurgan has also opened. Reviews are similar, so we will not repeat.

chain store traffic lights employee reviews

Inside look

Perhaps in your city there is also a network of "Traffic Light" stores. Employee reviews will help to understand whether it is worth considering it as a potential place of employment. It should be noted that the prospects are not too bright, however, this trend persists for almost every trading network. Salaries of the average level, requirements and volumes of work are impressive, processing and fines are the realities of most trade workers.

The staff turnover is high, so if you wish, there is always the opportunity to try yourself in this field. The loads are large, the staff is almost always lacking, we have to work for two. Do not like it - do not hold for a long time, you can quit in just a few days. In principle, if you have worked for some time in a supermarket chain, then you are familiar with the workflow from the inside. Of the advantages - there are almost always vacant places and a shift schedule. Sometimes such conditions suit students.

traffic light shop in barrow reviews

Instead of a conclusion

The Svetofor chain of stores triumphs across the country and everywhere finds its consumers. As the reader already understood, little attention is paid to the external gloss, but they are kept at a minimum price level. This fact alone is enough for people to come here to be procured as at a wholesale base. Everything else is the little things that are inherent in any large store. We didn’t have time to remove expired goods from the shelves, we allowed re-sorting, you just need to be a little more careful and not rush into the choice.


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