DIY Playground Ideas

Caring parents know that kids need to be outdoors. This problem is now very relevant, because the children practically refuse to walk, citing the fact that they have nothing to do in the yard . Or maybe they are right? After all, there is not even a normal playground where the kids could play calmly without fear of cars and bicycles.

Who else but parents should solve the problem of playgrounds?

DIY playgrounds

With their own hands they will be able to make it much better and more convenient, and most importantly, it will meet all the wishes of the yard guys. You need to start by clearing and leveling the area under the site. You must admit that a lot of money is not needed for this, but this is one of the most labor-intensive stages of work. The main thing is to begin the arrangement of the playground, with your own hands and improvised materials you can manage to make it much more beautiful and better. You will build everything for your own children.

How many ideas can you come up with for playgrounds? With your own hands you will create a real fairy tale for the guys. Those who are older will be happy to take part in this process. For example, they can do gardening, paint, make a fence and other simple elements of the site.

do-it-yourself playground

Think well about the design of the playground. With your own hands you will make it non-standard. For example (except for the usual swings and sandpits), you can equip it with children's houses, in which the baby will be happy to play mother-daughter, a store, etc.

From ordinary logs you can build a good gazebo with a table for older children, as well as benches in the form of a train for kids. And why, in fact, should the sandbox be necessarily square or rectangular? It is much more fun to play it if it is in the form of a car or, say, an airplane.

From old tires, you can build not only various loopholes, but also a whole zoo - from frogs to giraffes.

Plastic bottles, too, may not be idle: a little imagination, and they can be used as a multi-colored border. And what a beautiful flowerbed you can design out of them! Ordinary plastic bottles of various volumes are connected to each other so that not only elephants and penguins with mice are obtained, but also whole palaces. Of course, they are not as durable as crafts made of wood, but children can do it on their own.

do-it-yourself playground design

How wonderful a mushroom glade equipped with old stumps or wooden beams would have looked! Not a yard, but just a dream! The guys would come to play on such a platform not only from neighboring houses, but even from neighboring areas.

Why are so few parents thinking about arranging playgrounds with their own hands? Do they really care where their own children play? Indeed, in just a couple of days, if you try, you can build a whole game complex, while spending a minimum of money.

I think that if adults could return for a few days to childhood and be in the place of their kids, then there would be much more playgrounds in the yards. With their own hands, they themselves would have created a place for games, which, unfortunately, children cannot afford.


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