Seychelles - A Paradise For Exotic Lovers

In the western Indian Ocean is the Republic of Seychelles. The structure of this state includes more than a hundred islands of coral and volcanic origin scattered in the ocean, of which about thirty are inhabited.
On the largest island is the capital of Seychelles - Victoria - the only city in the Republic. This is one of the smallest, but incredibly beautiful capitals of the world. Houses with openwork balconies are decorated with marquises and simply immersed in greenery. The country's government is making a lot of efforts to keep nature in pristine condition.
For a long time, the islands were uninhabited and served as a refuge for pirates. And today - this is a real paradise for lovers of exotic. Rest in this beautiful country is designed for prosperous people who take all the pleasures from life. Buy Seychelles tours possible at any time, as the beach season lasts there throughout the year. But diving enthusiasts try to come here in March, and yachtsmen and windsurfers from May to October.
Going on vacation to this country, you need to get acquainted with its laws in order to avoid trouble on vacation. For example, it is forbidden to take coconuts coco de mor here. To take them out of the country, you need to get a special permit, the registration fee of which is ten rupees. Also, corals, shells, live fish and products from it and from the tortoise shell cannot be taken out. It is forbidden to import weapons, tea, seeds of vegetables and fruits, seedlings, unserved meat products, medicines, poisons and drugs into the country.
English and French are recognized as official languages, the local population speaks a Creole dialect, which is a mixture of local dialects and French.
In local cuisine, rice is of great importance. It is part of a large number of dishes. The most popular dish is fish and rice. The locals are very fond of fried bananas, which grow here at least fifteen species. But in general, local cuisine harmoniously combines local and European culinary traditions. The influence of French cuisine is especially strongly felt. And here, just like everywhere, they like coffee - black or vanilla flavored.
I must say that tours to this country are no less popular than tours to turkey or some other exotic country. To safely go on your vacation trip, you need to buy a ticket in advance and book tickets.


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