How to make a table with your own hands: drawings, manufacturing process

Useful space of any living space needs to be arranged in such a way that it is convenient to equip your life in it. Each area of ​​the apartment or house is characterized by its own atmosphere, the choice of which depends on the function performed. The most multifunctional element of furniture is the table. It can be found in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in the living room. If you are a creative person and like joinery, then you will probably be wondering how to make a table with your own hands.

Table as an element of furniture

In everyday life, the use of the table by a person occurs constantly. When we eat, put appliances on it, put the necessary trifles on the bedside table, the school desk ensures the organization of the working space. Tables can have many functions. Their design changes depending on the destination.

Not only the functional features of the table take part in creating its appearance, but also the features of the interior of the housing. If the decoration of the room corresponds to the Renaissance style, then the table should be massive, made of natural wood, using curved carved elements. Minimalism style implies the choice of a plain table with a clear geometric shape, without any drawings and applications. To determine the design of the table, consider what style you will decorate the interior.

How to make a table, if knowledge in this area is only the most minimal? It is necessary to study the properties of certain materials and follow the assembly instructions. Do not try to do the cutting work right away if the selected project is not thoroughly thought out.

The process of making a table is a very exciting experience. Especially if it is not just a piece of furniture, but an exclusive element of decor.

DIY materials and tools for making a table

Making a table with your own hands will allow you to save up to 60-70% of the amount of the finished, purchased option. And the unique design will make the created piece of furniture unique.

The most popular table production material is wood. To process it, you will need the following tools:

  • drill and jigsaw;
  • a circular saw;
  • Sander;
  • plane.

If the table will have glass elements, then you will need a glass cutter and vacuum suction cup holders.

If you want to create a metal table, then the list of necessary tools will be as follows:

  • welding machine;
  • grinder with a wire brush;
  • hammer;
  • saw for metal.

For self-made table, you must have at least the most minimal experience with these tools. If there is no such experience, then ask for help from a knowledgeable person. An option for self-education is to watch video tutorials on working with various materials. After viewing the instructions, you will understand how to make a table with your own hands at minimal cost.

Accessories for manufacturing

Sometimes just one type of material is not enough to make a table. The assembly sometimes provides elements of furniture fittings. It can be metal and plastic elements, each of which has its own purpose. If you are wondering how to make a table with functional elements yourself, then pay attention to the furniture accessories on the market. Basically, when assembling a table, such elements are used when mechanisms are provided to increase the area or drawers are present in the form of boxes.

To give rigidity to the joints, metal corners are used, folding elements are connected by loops. If you plan a table that will have to be periodically moved around the room, the legs can be equipped with furniture wheels.

Furniture fittings must be of high quality. The thin metal of cheap hardware quickly deforms, and the mechanism ceases to fulfill its function.

Making a coffee table

Particleboard coffee table

The coffee table differs from the classic version with its miniature appearance, low legs and light construction. This piece of furniture is used for convenience and is placed next to the upholstered furniture in the living room. Tables that have a glass top look nice.

To make the simplest version of the coffee table, we need a 1.5 cm thick chipboard plate. On a piece of paper, make a sketch of the future table and write the size of the patterns. Mark the parts on the chipboard plate and saw them out with a jigsaw. The edges of the chipboard need to be edged with edging - these are special tapes that are glued to the joints using the hot method. In this case, you can use a regular home iron. Connect the parts with Euroscrews, the holes for which are made with a drill with a nozzle of a smaller diameter.

If you decide to make a countertop of glass, then pre-order this part of the right size. Glass thickness should be at least 6 mm. The glass and chipboard are fastened with rivets; holes must be made in advance for this in the glass.

Epoxy table

Epoxy table

Incredibly chic manufacturing option. Try to find a fragment of a thick tree, preferably if it is with natural and rough traces of the work of bark beetles, rotten elements. The cut of the tree should be longitudinal. Thoroughly clean all surfaces except the one where the epoxy will be.

Build a box for pouring resin. A distance of 10-15 cm should remain between the two elements of the tree. The thickness of the resin layer depends on the thickness of the saw. The consistency of the epoxy is thick. Therefore, you can fill the layer in half and place the elements you like (shells, volumetric shapes) inside. After that, pour them with resin. If desired, you can paint the resin in any color or use several colors for pouring at once.

How to make a small table using epoxy?

If you are planning an eco-option, then you can use the cross cut of the tree. An excellent bedside table will come out of it. It is necessary to saw and polish the wooden base and cover it with a thin layer of epoxy. The result is a glossy surface through which the structure of the tree will be clearly visible.

Observe safety precautions. Do not allow resin or hardener to come into contact with exposed skin; burns may occur. When grinding the finished surface, use a respiratory mask, fine dust can get into the lungs and cause an allergic reaction.

Ready-made options for tables made of solid wood using epoxy resin cost about 50-70 thousand rubles, and not everyone can afford it. And almost everyone can make such a table.

Solid wood

Solid wood table

For a table from an array, it is better to take wood species with a pronounced structure. Boards made of birch, linden, maple or cherry are suitable. This material is more convenient to create a smooth surface.

To connect several boards in one plane to get a countertop, you need good glue and a vice. Connecting grooves are made by a milling machine. Before applying glue, check the connections; there should be no gap between the boards. The finished surface must be carefully sanded.

When the countertop is ready, you can proceed with the assembly of the remaining parts. Topcoat is performed using several layers of varnish.

Glass table

glass table drawing

The base for the glass table can be metal or wooden. For the manufacture of countertops, glass is used with a thickness of 6-7 mm. The assembly technology is similar to that considered in the version with a coffee table, only in this case the height will be full.

Glass goes well with metal and stone. Methods of attachment to such materials are standard - mechanical and with glue. And how to make a table, if the base is made of solid wood? In this case, only the mechanical method is used for the connection. It consists in cutting holes in the glass and inserting the fastener.

Chipboard table

Chipboard table

Particleboard is the most sought-after material among furniture manufacturers. Its processing does not take much time, and the external texture and color can be made absolutely anything. Particleboard furniture is considered a budget option among other production materials. Chipboard factory sheet may have the following dimensions: 2800 × 2620 mm; 2800 × 2070 mm; 2620 × 1830 mm; 2500 × 1830 mm.

For the manufacture of chipboard elements, it is enough to come up with a design, draw a drawing of the table and its individual parts with an indication of the dimensions, transfer the templates to the plate and cut it according to the scheme. The assembly process uses Euroscrews.

To add zest to your project, you can use chrome tubes and glass elements.

DIY transforming table

Table transformations can have several options:

  • The height of the legs is adjustable.
  • The surface area of ​​the countertops is adjustable.
  • A piece of furniture can be fully folded and occupy a minimal area.
table drawing

The most popular option is a transformer coffee table. It is regulated not only in height, but also in the area of ​​the countertop. It's comfortable. In standard condition, you have a small coffee table, in the unfolded form - a large festive table that will accommodate all friends and relatives.

For the manufacture of a transformer table, it is most convenient to use a chipboard plate. First of all, we select the mechanism for the function. In this case, we choose between the gas lift and the spring view. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The spring is easier to repair in the event of a malfunction, and the gas lift is more convenient in the process of transformation, works more smoothly and with less effort.

It is necessary to think over all the details of the table in advance, you can use a special program for design.


If the design of the room involves the use of furniture with a variety of decor, then you can use elements such as stones, applications, engraving or painting in different colors. How to make a table beautiful? You need to decorate it in the style of your room.

The mosaic looks very interesting. You can lay out a picture or even a photo from it. Such a table is a great option for a personalized gift.

The table created using epoxy resin is decorated already at the stage of pouring liquid. In the thickness of the resin, you can put anything you want from the decor elements. If thickness allows, place there three-dimensional figures of fish or shells. If a thin layer of the table is poured with resin to form a uniform glossy surface, then the surface of the countertop can be decorated with coins or glued to a pattern. A great option would be paintings in the style of pop art, if the interior allows.

If you decide to simply paint the table, it is better to use acrylic interior paints. They are wear-resistant, so this coating will last a long time. The choice of color depends on the overall interior design. Do not be afraid of experiments. A bright red table, for example, will become an accent in a black and white interior.

Table light

LED backlight for table

Most often, an LED strip is used to organize the backlight. It is easy to install and durable in operation. The brightness of the glow depends on the type of LEDs used, more precisely on their size. And the energy consumption of such a light source is the smallest.

The backlighting of glass elements looks especially impressive. If the countertop is transparent, then you can install the LED strip along the edge of the elements of the base of the table so that the diffused light passes through the glass surface and makes it stand out against the background of the base. If your table is with epoxy zones, then direct the lighting onto these transparent elements. It is not necessary to use only cool white color, choose the tone suitable for your design.

Street version of the table

Outdoor furniture is notable for its simplicity. The most popular material for its manufacture is wood. With proper handling, the life span can last for decades. Let's try to figure out how to make a table for the gazebo or terrace with your own hands.

The easiest way is to make pallets. You can combine several pallets and fasten them with screws. The finished version is coated with stain or varnish. The construction of this type of table does not take more than half an hour.

Making a table from a planed board will require more time. For structural parts, we will use a board with dimensions of 120 × 4 × 70 cm. We are preparing a table drawing, sawing out the details. We combine boards of equal length and fix on the reverse side with screws. For the legs, choose the option you like. It can be bars 4 × 14 cm or improvised structures from the same boards. The final version is always covered with a protective layer of stain or varnish.

table for a summer residence


If you decide to make a table with your own hands, be careful and take your time. The more carefully you process each detail, the more professional the final version will look. Do not get carried away with the decor, otherwise you will get a heap of elements, and the overall impression of handmade work will deteriorate.


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