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Chocolate Ritter Sport is the song for any real sweet tooth. Firstly, it is a brand with the oldest and richest history. Secondly, it is a product with a rich palette of flavors. Thirdly, this is a real quality that only pleases. You can never name brand products sugary or tasteless. Fourth, the brand annually launches a new flavor line, dedicated to seasonal holidays or to original experiments with products. Make a choice in the store will not be easy, but very tasty!

chocolate ritter sport

German quality

This country is famous not only for cars, beer and sausages. Over time, the square tiles of Ritter Sport have gained fame. Chocolate of this brand is not only tasty, but convenient due to its interesting shape, a simple way of opening. What to speak about unusual tastes ?! Of course, sweet tooth would be interested to know the history of the glorious brand, its trip to the heights of chocolate craftsmanship and the names of those people who gave the world Ritter Sport chocolate.

Historical reference

A chocolate factory with the nondescript name "Alrika Cream-Chocolate" opened in 1912. Later, the factory moved from Cannstatt to Waldenbuch, where, by the way, it still functions today.

Chocolate got its name gradually. Ritter - translates as "knight" or "rider". In addition, this is the name of the founder of the company (Alfred Eugen Ritter). And the interesting square shape of the tile was invented by the wife of Clara in 1932. The thing was that Clara turned out to be a practical woman and noticed that chocolate of the usual form breaks in her pocket when they take it with her. With changes in shape, the mass of chocolate did not suffer, but the second part of the name was added due to the versatility and portability of the transfer.

ritter sport chocolate

Second stage of development

Until around the mid-60s, the company was engaged in the production of various products, which included even chocolate hares, boxes of chocolates and ordinary tiles. But then demand showed that additional goods can be abandoned. All efforts were aimed at improving the quality of square tiles.

Ritter Sport chocolate got its modern look already in 1976, when wax packaging and foil were replaced by one-piece packaging, which later became one of the brand's features.

The brand borrowed the technology of conching from the Swiss factory Lindt. This is a rather long process, involving the process of mixing the chocolate mass in special machines. With this mixing, the chocolate becomes homogeneous and loses excess moisture along with the tannins. At this point, cocoa butter and vanillin are added to the chocolate.

Today the company is owned by the third generation. The main production is in Waldenbuch. In one day, the factory produces approximately 2.5 million tiles. Next to the factory is the Chocolate Museum. The exposure is not so great, but very interesting. It covers the history of the company and presents many interesting facts about chocolate. There you can see old wrappers, advertisements of the last century and a mini-film about production.

Milk tenderness

Ritter Sport milk chocolate is characterized by a gentle, uniform taste. He has a light blue packaging with a concise image of a jug of milk. Pure milk is the most delicate version of chocolate, which certainly does not cause an allergic reaction. If there are no restrictions on the choice of delicacies, then you can choose milk chocolate with raspberries and yogurt or with waffles and strawberries. These varieties of chocolate are sweeter and have a slight acidity, which is why children especially like it.

milk chocolate ritter sport

With a twist

If you like Ritter Sport milk chocolate , you are most likely planning to try it out. In this case, you have a long, but very pleasant tasting work, since in Russia you can already purchase almost 50 varieties of standard-sized tiles. Plus, there are 8 more flavors of tiles per 250 grams. Fans of flavoring tenderness will certainly appreciate options with alpine milk, cappuccino, coconut cake and bagels with cinnamon.

Many sweet tooth do not imagine their life without nuts. They will surely like the Ritter Sport chocolate with crushed peanuts, caramelized almonds, nut liqueur and hazelnuts.

Chocolate with chocolate mousse is just a combo effect for a sweet tooth! The same delicate, but different taste tile with cocoa cream.

Gentle, but with a slight touch of oiliness - tiles with coconut and dark praline cream.

ritter sport dark chocolate

For those who love harder

In the Ritter Sport line of flavors, dark chocolate will seem truly masculine. Thanks to the elite cocoa from Ecuador, 72-73% of cocoa is reached. Also specific is the taste of the tile with mint liqueur, marzipan, mint and rum. Such chocolate, according to tasters, is pleasant for those who like stronger flavors and an unusual chocolate texture. You can’t eat such a tile in one sitting, but with tea it is quite possible to eat a little every day.

By the way, dark chocolate is very good for girls who arrange fasting days on this product.

chocolate ritter sport kinds

Consumers especially like the company is not standing still. She is constantly evolving. Perhaps this is greatly facilitated by the management style, according to which the leader remains soft and loyal, allowing subordinates to show imagination.

In Russia, brand products are very fond of, and approximately 5% of all sales worldwide account for just our country. Now you can enjoy even ecological bio-chocolate, which is distinguished by exclusively the best ingredients. In particular, it is cocoa from Peru and Ecuador, cashews from Tanzania and almonds from California. Such chocolate remained not only delicious, but also healthy. By the way, palm oils are not here! So the company boldly keeps up to date, continuing to absorb only the best traditions of confectionery craftsmanship.

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