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Nowadays, many different courses have appeared that teach to influence people and seduce them using various methods of influence, such as NLP, Erickson hypnosis and others. This is not only useful, but also very interesting. It is noteworthy that so many people who are trying to know what love hypnosis is and who do it successfully, then with surprise and joy tell on the forums on the network how they easily manage to win any man or girl they like. Let's try and we learn this unique technique.

Impeccable appearance is the first step to success

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Where to start if you decide to use love hypnosis to attract people of the opposite sex? Of course, from their own appearance. It is unlikely that a person with a powerful attractive force has an ordinary appearance. People who are familiar with the technique of love hypnosis carefully monitor themselves. It is important for them to make a favorable impression on the interlocutor or interlocutor. And we are not talking at all, for example, about bottomless blue eyes, long slender legs or a perfect chest shape. A person with the technique of such hypnosis, whether male or female, may not be too handsome. But, no doubt, he is well dressed, combed and looks attractive. For the fair sex, this moment is key. If a woman is pretty, well-groomed, self-confident, she begins to emit invisible vibes that men so well capture. No wonder they say that a girl who is "in search" is easy to distinguish from other women. Just look at her.

Role of Confidence in Behavior

Each of us has probably asked himself the following question: “What distinguishes a person who falls in love with everyone around him from other people?” Of course, confidence and determination. As a rule, such people behave firmly and calmly. They do not even doubt that the object of their lust may refuse them. But this has nothing to do with arrogance. A person who is familiar with such a concept as the technique of love hypnosis, as a rule, speaks in a calm imperative tone, looking directly into the eyes. It is very important. Another psychiatrist, Stewart, who practiced in the last century, argued that a hypnotist who wants to put his client in a trance should pretend to be omnipotent. This art does not tolerate weakness, indecision and timidity.

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How to capture the attention of a partner?

This advice will help you not only attract people of the opposite sex, but also learn how to influence other people to achieve your goals. How to capture the attention of the person you like? Tell him some interesting cases from your life? Demonstrate any of your unique qualities? Not at all! In order to capture the attention of the interlocutor, you need to become his most grateful listener. This is how all people work. Our own headache interests us much more than, for example, an earthquake or a major flood that claimed thousands of lives in any country. Here is an example: in a cafe, a kind of smiling man of good appearance sits down at you. You start a conversation. He is interested in all the smallest details of your pastime, your addictions and tastes, and so on. And now you have not noticed how you ended up in his full power. It seems to you that this person is infinitely close and dear to you. And this is also love hypnosis. For women, this moment is very important. After all, as you know, lovely ladies "love with their ears."

The importance of tactile contact

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A person who wants to seduce his “victim” often casually touches her. Touch is a kind of “anchor” abandoned by a skilled hypnotist. Some time will pass, and the “victim” will again and again recall these gentle light touches of his adversary. Here is another important point. In order to introduce your interlocutor or interlocutor into a certain trance, you need to take the partner by the hand with a confident movement and press on his wrist. It is difficult for us to understand how this technique works, but it works with 100% efficiency. This movement disarms the victim.

Here it’s enough to recall street gypsies who are trying to “fool” passers-by, having lured them all the money. The deceiver in a colorful dress speaks with her victim in a penetrating voice, takes her hand. And now a person gives the gypsy all the values ​​that are with him, not permeating how this happens. A hypnotist with a similar technique also works. He looks you directly in the eye and speaks in a calm confident voice, taking you by the same hand and pressing you slightly on your wrist. Here's what such love hypnosis looks like. For men, a fatal woman who owns such a technique can be. There are many cases when a man abandoned his wife and children in order to stay next to such a "charmer" for an extra hour.

The main law of NLP

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There is a technique called neuro-linguistic programming. In simple terms, this is copying gestures, movements, speech of a person and further modeling of his actions. This is also a kind of love hypnosis. Its technique is simple. Here's what it looks like: a hypnotist sits opposite his “victim” and “adjusts” to it. At the same time, he copies her movements: if she strokes the stem of the glass, he makes exactly the same movement, if she throws her foot over his foot, he does the same. The second step is "breathing in unison." The hypnotist, adjusting to the victim, breathes with her. That is, when she takes a breath, he makes it with her, while exhaling - exhaling. The next point is to tune in to the victim's conversational style . We must try to operate with the same words as she. Thus, the tempter becomes closer to the object of his desire. These are the simplest principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Who is at risk?

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What kind of people most often fall for the bait of love scams? How do they choose their potential victims? Often under the sights of hypnotists who want to attract someone's attention, subtle romantic natures fall. Such people are easily suggestible. Amorous swindlers say about them like this: "They themselves want to be deceived." Sigmund Freud believed that in the essence of any kind of hypnosis lies a certain erotic principle. Each potential victim perceives his adversary as a mother, father and leader in one person, whom she must obey unconditionally. It is important for us not only to understand how a hypnotist acts on a person’s consciousness, but also to learn how you can protect yourself from this influence. A lot of different scientific works have been written about this. Every house should have such a book. Love hypnosis is a powerful impact on us from people of the opposite sex, which often leads to disastrous consequences.

How to protect yourself from love hypnosis?

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And now on the merits of this issue. All people who are familiar with the concept of love hypnosis, and who want to reduce the risk of being cheated, are recommended to follow these rules:

• Try not to look directly into the eyes of your adversary. It acts hypnotically. A few minutes of eye-to-eye contact and your will will be paralyzed.

• Do not let strangers invade your personal space. Do not allow and approach you at a distance of less than 1 meter. This will protect you.

• Do not let the scammers touch you, take your hands. Tactile contact is one of the most powerful techniques of such hypnotists.

• Do not answer the strange questions of people who met you on the street. Do not talk with a person if he seems suspicious to you.

• After the acquaintance, try not to let the interlocutor "adjust" to your breathing, gestures, intonation, movements. Remember that this person may have the technique of love hypnosis.

Candid love spell

Mages and sorcerers often resort to a love spell to capture the attention and emotions of their victims. They act on her energy field in order to change her attitude to a particular subject. What is the difference between love spell and hypnosis of love? The fact that in the first case the “patient” is not directly affected. The victim of a love spell may not know that she is bewitched to someone. But in the second case, a person is directly affected by gestures, tactile contacts, communication. The consequences of both are very similar. The victim loses control of himself, becomes susceptible to suggestion, ready to fulfill all the instructions and desires of his adversary.

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Hypnosis: reviews

If we analyze the comments of people in forums devoted to individual sections of psychology, we can find out that we have not so few people who own this peculiar art. Most often, women complain about love scams on the network. In life, there are men who make you forget everything and follow them wherever they are. The “victims” themselves did not notice how quickly they became entangled in love networks. What is it? Amorous hypnosis, love spell, or just self-hypnosis? It's hard to figure it out. In any case, it becomes clear that if a person wants to master the skills of influencing other people through communication, gestures or something else, he can easily do it. Many people write about the fact that at one time they bought the appropriate literature on hypnotizing people and now they successfully apply the knowledge gained not only on the personal front, but also at work to achieve their goals. Fortunately, such books are being sold at every step.

So, we found out what love hypnosis is, identified the basic methods of its implementation and developed several rules for protection against it.

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