Cisco program: what is it? What is the Cisco Leap Module, Cisco Peap Module for?

You have a question: "Cisco - what is it?" This is a company that produces such network equipment as communicators, routers, screens, modems, routers, servers, and much more. It is also a major manufacturer and leader in computer and network technologies.


This is an American company that develops and sells network equipment. The main motto of the company: to provide the opportunity to purchase all network equipment only in Cisco Systems.

cisco what is it
In addition to manufacturing equipment, the company is the world's largest enterprise in the field of high technology. You still ask: "Cisco - what is it?" The company at the beginning of its activity produced only routers. Now it is the largest leader in the development of technologies for the Internet. Created a multidisciplinary certification system for network professionals. Cisco professional certifications are very valuable, expert level (CCIE) are very respected in the computer world.

The name Cisco itself came from the city of San Francisco in California. The logo is a copy of the Golden Gate Bridge. In Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the company has existed since 1995. In 2007, the greatly increased sales in the field of information security amounted to about $ 80 million. And since 2009 in Russia there is a research and development center.

This company is the forefront in the construction of branched and highly reliable indoor networks. Aironet series uses security, high-precision controllability, and security when building a Wi-Fi network. This series has five access points, as a result, it helps in solving many problems. Such a network supports three standards: a, b, g, as well as 802.11n, so that throughput can be maximized .

You can manually change the rights, add and remove users on the network from two or three access points. But if more, then you need to use a device such as a controller. This intelligent mechanism not only controls the operation of the network, but also by analyzing the operation of access points distributes equally the load on the access points in the network. There are two models of controllers: 2100 and 4400.

Cisco Academy Program

In conditions of progressive technology of economics, knowledge in the field of networks and the Internet is provided by the Cisco Academy network program.

cisco eap fast what is it

You, of course, want to know: Cisco - what is it? It includes materials from the Internet, practical exercises, assessment of student knowledge. This program was founded in 1997 in 64 educational institutions. And spread to 150 countries. Specialists of the program prepare future teachers at Training Centers (SATS). Then the teachers train the regional teachers, and they train the local ones, and the local ones teach the acquired knowledge to the students. Students at the end of training receive certificates "Network Specialist" (CCNA) and "Network Professional" (CCNP). At this time, in addition to these certificates, cadets can also take courses in different directions. Over time, the program constantly adapts to high standards.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

Currently, business requires a quick response, and therefore increasingly pay attention to the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). So, Cisco - what is it?

cisco eap what is it
The first platform in the world where you can create data centers. It provides an intelligent infrastructure that can be programmed, simplifies and makes faster applications and services of the appropriate class in the necessary cloud technologies. This system unifies management based on a model, allocates appropriate resources, and supports migration in order to make applications faster and easier to deploy. And all this thereby increases the level of reliability and security. What this platform does as a result:

  • combines different network resources and Cisco servers into one system;
  • Increases application availability and performance
  • minimizes services for operational work;
  • optimally distributes data center capabilities to lower cost of ownership.

Record application performance with the Cisco Unified Computing System.

Cisco eap

Everyone wants to know: Cisco Eap - what is it? Say the extended authentication protocol. Wireless packets of information are translated into packets that are transmitted over the wire and sent to and from the authentication server. If necessary, such a system is used with the passive role of the access point. There are EAP methods:

  • LEAP
  • EAP (PEAP) -MS- (CHAP) version 2;
  • PEAP Generic Token (GTC);
  • EAP through secure tunnel (FAST);
  • EAP Carelessness Tunnel (TLS);
  • EAP-Tunneled TLS (TTLS).

EAP is running iOS. He especially feels verbal attacks, not new types of attacks. It is only necessary to develop a strong password and periodically change it. Now consider Cisco Eap Fast - what is it?

cisco leap module what is it
EAP-FAST is a program developed by Cisco Systems. An EAP method such as Leap normally established itself among IP phones and is supported by FreeRADIUS. Ask: Cisco Leap Module - What is it? This is a program for authorizing Wi-Fi users. Vulnerable when calculating MD5 list of password convolutions.

Cisco peap module

We are interested in: Cisco Peap Module - what is it? Very simple, at first glance, a program for timely cleaning of Windows from various obsolete and unnecessary registry. Such cleaning improves system performance. It is supported by various OSs like Windows Vista / 7/8 / Server 2012.


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