The most unusual sport. Unusual sports in the world

People have always been interested in sports, but apparently due to the fact that popular competitions are already pretty tired and break records for them, ordinary amateurs are not able to, some begin to come up with new competitions.

Unusual sports in the world

Fans of outdoor activities are constantly involved in sports, but the standard rules begin to bother over time, and you have to look for alternative ways of entertainment, strengthening the body and getting the next dose of adrenaline.

Developing your own competitions is a rather difficult task, during which you need to determine the rules, restrictions and, most importantly, come up with the very kind of competition. The easiest way is to take a popular competition and upgrade it to get the proper effect, such as diving and orienteering, soccer in the mud and ice climbing.

What unusual sport is best? To this question, any athlete will answer that the best one is the one he is engaged in. Therefore, in choosing a competition you need to focus on personal preferences, for example, a football fan will be right in the same football, but in the mud.

Unusual sports in Russia

Russians, as well as residents of other countries of the world, begin to look narrowly at non-standard competitions, but in our country development is not so much “strange” types of competitions, but extreme.

The Tver region of Russia is actively gaining popularity among fans of conquering ice peaks, orienteering under water gathers followers not only in the Volga region (Saratov, Kazan), but also in the northern parts of the country (Novosibirsk).

Unusual sport in Russia is interesting for athletes solely because of an increase in adrenaline, and not because of entertainment, because it’s easier to use ordinary types of competitions for fun.

Boxer or chess player - who is stronger

unusual sport

Chess is a game for the mind, during which tactics of warfare are developed , but, apparently, thinking alone was not enough, and decided to come up with a checkbox in which the competition is held both on the level of the mind and on the fists.

The duel of the athletes of the Shahbox is 5 boxing rounds and 6 chess rounds. Each of the boxing rounds lasts two minutes, while a game of chess takes 4 minutes for each round.

The winner is determined based on the number of points scored in boxing and victory in a chess game. But if a boxer wins chess and loses in boxing (or vice versa), a draw is declared.

Strange bed competition

the most unusual sport

All people are accustomed to sleeping on the bed, but someone from the US military (it was they who started the first competition in these unusual competitions) in 1965 decided to arrange bed races.

After some time, ordinary residents became interested in a non-standard sport, which led to its popularization.

The rules for bed races are simple - you need to overtake your rivals and get to the finish line first, but there are 3 conditions: 6 people must push the car, 1 person must be in the bed, and the device must be able to swim.

On the one hand, this sport seems simple, but its complexity lies in the fact that before the finish the bed needs to be crossed over a water barrier, which creates many difficulties for athletes.

Drunk races

unusual sport in Russia

A group of cyclists decided to diversify the ride and began to hold competitions, supplementing the race with a large amount of alcohol, well, and then residents of the city, the country and some parts of the world connected.

The essence of the bicycle race is to come first, however, in this case, each athlete arriving at the checkpoint must drink a certain amount of beer and drive on. The difficulty of the competition is that the route can be laid through 6 points, and each one needs to drink a liter of beer, and it will be very difficult to get to the finish line, because it’s difficult for athletes to walk.

Fight under water

what an unusual sport

Navy men undergo special training, during which they are taught to eliminate the target at great depths without visible fluctuations in the water surface. The wrestlers understood the advantages of martial arts in water - strengthening muscle mass, controlling lung conditions - and began to practice underwater wrestling as a new sport.

Aquatlon competitions are held in a 5 by 5 meter pool and a minimum depth of 2 meters, and to win you need to remove the bandage from the ankle of the opponent.

Slippery Extreme

unusual sports in Russia

There is a small category of people who love to conquer the peaks, but over time, ordinary cliffs cannot satisfy the growing need for adrenaline, and extreme people move on to huge ice mountains.

Aisklimbing - this is the name of this unusual sport - does not yet have a large number of followers, but it is actively practiced among professionals to conquer peaks based on rock.

In fact, in this sport there are no rules, here the athlete simply conquers a new peak, but the difficulty of climbing allows you to get more adrenaline than ordinary mountains.

Underwater racing

unusual sports in the world

Orienteering is not an easy task, and to go a certain path indicated on the map at a depth of several meters is an even more difficult task.

Underwater orienteering is a sport for those who love diving and are ready to be at great depths for quite a long time, and at the same time not to consider the flora, but to concentrate on looking for the next checkpoint.

The essence of the competition is that a group of divers must dive at point “A”, go through all the control points, constantly under water, and come first to the finish line.

The whole difficulty lies in the very orientation in the depths, where the only assistant is a compass, without which it is impossible to reach the finish line.

Extreme flight

Since its inception, parachuting has been constantly gaining followers, but some extreme people after conquering the heights cease to receive a splash of adrenaline and are thinking about changing the rules of the jump and increasing the dose of adrenaline.

BASE jumping is the most unusual sport, but in fact - a parachutist jump from a huge building, bridge and other structures, and the whole danger lies in the athlete’s close proximity to the structure from which he jumped, and the lack of time to open the parachute.

During the flight, the extremal needs time to determine the correct position in the air, otherwise the parachute may open incorrectly and become confused, after which the athlete will have a chance to open the emergency parachute, but in this case there is no chance of an error, and if he jumps incorrectly, he will not be able to to land.

BASE jumping, although it allows you to get a huge surge of adrenaline, but only professionals can take part in it.


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