The benefits and harms of cherries. The healing properties of summer berries

Sweet cherries are a very old culture that was known in ancient Greece. Apparently, it was from there that it spread to the territory of Central and Western Europe. Undoubtedly, the benefits and harms of cherries were not a secret for ancient Greeks, and that is why culture has not lost its popularity in our time. As with any fruit that nature gives us, cherries also need to be consumed, observing some rules. First, let's talk about how to choose this summer treat.

What is important to consider when choosing?

Needless to say, when buying cherries, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the fruits themselves. They should be dense, shiny, dry, and, of course, whole. But these are not the only requirements. Did you know that the condition of the stalks can also tell you a lot about what kind of berry you are buying. If the stalks are dry, and their natural color is lost, then the cherries are overripe or they have been stored for a long time. The health benefits of such a berry are doubtful. If the stalks are green and elastic, this indicates the high quality of the berries offered to you.

the benefits and harms of cherries
It is advisable to eat fresh cherries, because such berries contain the most useful vitamins and minerals. During heat treatment, their amount, of course, decreases. But despite this, cherries are added to cakes, pastries, as additives to ice cream and desserts. Jams, compotes, preserves, liquors, as well as dried and frozen cherries are popular. The benefit and harm in this case will be significantly less than in fresh berries.

The benefits of cherries

What is useful cherry? The answer is everyone!

The berry contains many vitamins, and this is its main benefit (and the harm of cherries, given this, is minimal). First of all, the abundance of vitamins has a beneficial effect on the immune system, stimulates the work of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, and also improves the quality of blood and the condition of the walls of blood vessels. Moderate consumption of cherries improves the motility of the stomach and contributes to its better work in case of violations. Cherry is also able to cope with abdominal pain, intestinal diseases, constipation.

cherries health benefits
What elements are contained in cherries? This is, first of all, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, silicic acid. But it is important to remember that dark varieties contain them much more than, for example, yellow cherries. The benefit (and the harm is minor) of this berry is also that it has an analgesic effect and helps with arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

Skin Benefits

This berry is important in cosmetology and dermatology. The benefit (and the harm of sweet cherry has not been proven here) is that it actively fights against various skin diseases. For example, cherry masks improve its elasticity, make it toned and clean.

If the skin is prone to acne or other types of rash, cherries will also help. The benefit (and no harm to the skin's health by dermatologists has been found) is that the vitamins and minerals contained in it help to cleanse the internal environment of the body. And as you know, it is pollution with poisons and such external effects as acne appear.

yellow cherries benefit and harm

Calorie Cherry

Speaking about the benefits and harms of cherries, it is important to mention its calorie content. Fortunately, this indicator is insignificant, therefore there are no special restrictions in its use. 100 grams of cherries contain only 50 kcal. This means that cherries are not prohibited with strict diets. In addition, she is able to quickly satisfy her hunger.

The healing properties of sweet cherry

The health benefits and harms of this berry are completely dependent on the vitamins that make up its composition. In addition to those trace elements that were mentioned earlier, cherries also have malic acid, flavonoids, pectin, iodine, phosphorus, copper, iron, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, E, PP.

Red cherries contain many polyphenyls, which are powerful plant-based antioxidants. This explains the analgesic effect of berries. In addition to vitamins, there is also glucose in cherries, which refers to fast carbohydrates.

frozen cherries benefit and harm
Iodine, which is found in cherries, helps in the fight against thyroid problems. As for iron, it saves from anemia.

As you know, cherries are close in their useful properties to cherries. But there are some significant differences. People suffering from heartburn cannot enjoy fresh cherries. With cherries, such a problem does not exist. Therefore, it can be used even by those who have an increased acidity of the stomach.

What else is cherry good for? It is recommended to use it for kidney diseases, as this delicacy has a diuretic property. It also helps reduce blood clotting, and this is the first step in the fight against blood clots.

Moderate consumption of cherries is a great way to prevent atherosclerosis and hypertension. It will also help get rid of neurosis. The undoubted benefit of cherries is also that it helps to relieve swelling.

Cherry can be harmful?

Yes, it can, but compared to other berries it is insignificant. Cherry is known to have a slight laxative effect. Naturally, in small doses, this is invisible, but in the absence of measures this can cause diarrhea.

cherry good and harm to the body
Cherry, as already mentioned, contains sugar (glucose), so the use of this product by diabetics is undesirable. This recommendation is important for people with gastritis.

Impaired intestinal patency is another condition where cherries should not enter the diet.

The benefits and harms to the body of this berry were analyzed above. It is worth adding that if there are no contraindications for you, do not forget to treat yourself to this delicacy on hot summer days.


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