Do-it-yourself car glass coating

Recently, such a protection method as coating a car with liquid glass has become very popular not only abroad but also in our native country. Experts say that after processing LCP with such a tool, the machine acquires a glossy shade, and also becomes less vulnerable to external aggressive factors. But is it really so? Next, we will find out how reliable the coating of the car body is with liquid glass and how to apply this substance to the car with our own hands.

liquid glass coating

At first glance, liquid glass seems very fragile. But actually this is just an illusion. Practice has shown that the coating of the car body with liquid glass, due to the dense composition of the latter, allows you to protect the paintwork from rust, water, dust and sunlight. What is most interesting, there is no glass in the composition of this product. This coating is a continuous solid film consisting of silicon dioxide. And it is called so because it has excellent protective properties. In its production, special resins are used that provide high hardness indicators, which are close to their values ​​in glass.

As a result of the impact of this component on the body, the paint becomes more shiny and practically not vulnerable to the negative effects of external factors. How long does the car cover with liquid glass? The reviews of the owners suggest that this protection does not wash off the surface of the body for 1-2 years.


Liquid glass, which is applied to the plastic and metal elements of the machine, has a number of advantages. Firstly, as we said earlier, such a surface takes on a shiny, glossy look. This means that you do not need to polish your car often, and it will have an excellent look at any time. Secondly, liquid glass perfectly protects parts from exposure to chemicals and other irritants. It also protects against the appearance of various scratches and microcracks. The latter often appear when road dust is present.

liquid glass coating technology
The front end becomes particularly vulnerable. At high speeds, microscopic dust particles are so deeply embedded inside the paintwork that they can cause premature corrosion of the metal. Thirdly, liquid glass has high water-repellent qualities. The polish has exactly the same property, but after 1-2 months it disappears. At the same time, liquid glass does not lose its aesthetic properties throughout the whole year (moreover, in case of paintwork fading, the driver can easily update the coating). Fourth, this service is much cheaper than other methods of protecting metal and plastic parts.
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In the summer, coating a car with liquid glass is also useful because it protects the paint from premature fading. And even with strong heating, it does not spread over the surface. Even throughout the year, dirt will not accumulate on the back of your car (at least not as intensively as before).

Surely you have at least once noticed how, when your fingers touched the metal surface of the body, you were "pinched" by the current. So, liquid glass also provides an antistatic effect. Due to this, the surface of the car will not accumulate static electricity.

And, of course, transparency. After applying liquid glass, your car body will not change color. It will not be darker, pale or too light. On the contrary, the former, factory, glossy shine will return to it.

Can I use it on old cars?

One of the most frequently asked questions relates to the use of this product on second-hand machines. After all, such a procedure as coating a car with liquid glass is carried out mainly on new cars. But experts say that if the paintwork of a used vehicle does not have significant deformations, then it is suitable for applying this protective agent. However, with numerous chips and scratches, coating the car with liquid glass is contraindicated. The way out of this situation will be full or partial body painting or other restoration work.

Price for service stations

How much does it cost to cover a car with liquid glass? Reviews of motorists indicate that at service stations this service is provided for 10-15 thousand rubles. However, you can do it yourself with your own hands, spending 2-2.5 thousand rubles on everything.

liquid glass coating technology
The only thing you can not do on your own is to grind the car using special equipment. Below we will look at how to make a car do-it-yourself liquid glass .

How to make a do-it-yourself coating?

First we need to purchase the tool itself. The most popular producer of liquid glass is the Wilson brand. This tool can be bought for only 2 thousand rubles. In addition, you must purchase a cleaner for the car body. Drivers are advised to choose Willson Base Cleaner in their reviews.

protective coating of the car with liquid glass

The volume of polish in a jar is about 300 milliliters. At the same time, the consumption for covering one car (passenger car) is up to 50 ml. That is, this amount is enough to cover even the whole bus.

We also note that the product should be applied only to a clean machine. If any stains are found on the paintwork, remove them with a piece of cloth and a degreaser. Liquid glass is applied with a soft sponge (it is included in the kit). It is important to protect your hands with gloves, which are also included with the product.

Liquid glass coating technology

The product should be applied very carefully, rubbing it into the body with slow circular movements. Try to polish it as much as possible around the entire perimeter of the machine. The composition is applied evenly to all parts of the body (bonnet, fenders, trunk, doors and, if desired, mirrors).

DIY car glass cover
Wait until the product has dried completely (often it takes 30-60 minutes). Next, you need to grind the composition on the surface using special towels. The latter are also included. Try to work so that there are no stains on the body. After that, wait another 1-2 hours until the composition completely turns into a solid protective film. On this, all actions can be completed.

Nuances after application

Within 2-3 weeks after processing the machine with liquid glass, it is not recommended to use automatic and manual washing. Since it can damage him.

bodywork with liquid glass

The protective coating of the car with liquid glass will give the body a shiny look, and you - the confidence that in the coming year on the paintwork will not form scratches and microcracks. This substance prevents the appearance of new stains on the machine. And thanks to its excellent water-repellent properties, the metal will not be exposed to rust.


So, we found out what the protective coating of a car with liquid glass is characterized by, what advantages it has and how it is applied by hand. As you can see, the application technology is very simple and somewhat similar to conventional polishing machines.


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