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Chris Evert is rightfully considered one of the most famous and strong tennis players in the world. She began her brilliant career as a young woman. In 2014, the athlete turned 60 years old, and although her path in sports has ended long ago, she is still remembered and loved.

Tennis player Chris Evert

Tennis player Chris Evert

The real name of the famous athlete - Christina Maria Evert - was shortened to Chris. The very first success came to her in the late 60s, and a year later, Chris made the whole world of big sports speak about her in full voice.

Evert Chris was mentioned in the book “The Greatest Matches of the Twentieth Century” as one of the strongest athletes after Steffi Graf. All experts considered her playing style to be rather unusual: on the court she was always distinguished by icy equanimity, as if she had completely abandoned everything that was happening except the game. And although many thought Chris’s calm was pretended, such an excerpt helped her become a star.


Chris Evert was born on December 21 in 1954 in a small town in Florida. From a very young age, a child has a craving for sports and extraordinary abilities. It was during this period, thanks to her father, Jim Evers, that she formed such an unusual style of play. Since Kristina grew up in a sports family, and her father was a professional trainer, questions about training were resolved very simply.

Chris Evert Biography

As the athlete herself recalls, in childhood she was very shy, and only sport helped her to find inner balance and understand what she wants in life.

Tennis has always been not so much a profession as a passion for Chris Evert. She lived and breathed this. Another passion of the tennis player was helping children. She dreamed that someday she would open her charitable organization and devote herself to helping kids who were in a difficult situation.

In 1988, Chris gave the victory to Steffi Graf, and in 1989 ended her career.

Evert now teaches with his brother John at the Tennis Academy, which they opened in Florida. Chris is considered one of the most respected trainers.


Tennis player Evert Chris stepped on the track of great sport at the age of five. In 1970, she won the tournament among her peers, after which she received an invitation to play in North Carolina in another tournament. In it, she defeated her rival in the first round with brilliance, and in the semi-finals she won in a duel with Margaret Smith, the famous Australian tennis player.

These victories allowed Chris to take part in the Federation Cup, she became his youngest participant. In the US Championship, a young athlete played at the age of 16. Then she reached the final in the championship of France, and a year later became his winner.

Over the next five years, Chris was the first racket of the world among women. In 1975, she won the US Championships for the first time, beating Evonne Gulagong. Chris won the next victory over her a year later at the French Championship. The athlete won this championship seven times.

Personal life Chris Evert

Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors

The first big love of the famous tennis player was Jimmy Connors. Chris Evert, whose personal life interested everyone, immediately drew even more attention to herself. Although there was nothing unusual in these relations, after all, young people were engaged in one thing, and it is natural that relations between them began. Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors met for two years, got engaged, but the wedding, which was planned for 1974, did not take place: they broke up.

Over the next few years, Chris met with different men, and in 1979 she married John Lloyd, a tennis player, and became Chris Evert Lloyd. Eight years later they divorced, and a year later she married with the famous skier Andy Mill. In this marriage, they had three sons - Alexander James, Nicholas Joseph and Colton Jack. In 2006, the couple divorced, and in 2007, Chris became engaged to Greg Norman, a famous golfer. This marriage was the shortest. It ended in 2009, the couple divorced. Chris later claimed that she had more business relationships with Greg.

Sports achivments

Krs Evert Lloyd

Christina Maria Evert is the first athlete to have won more than a thousand matches in her entire life. Compared with this figure, the number of its defeats is negligible. In the Grand Slam tournament, she never left the race in the first circles, out of fifty performances in almost all, she reached the semifinals.

Over the years, Evert Chris won thirty-four finals in the Grand Slam tournament, and for twelve years won the title every year. According to estimates, she won a total of 154 BTA tournaments in singles and 8 in doubles. In this tournament, she took first place for 260 weeks.

For six years, Evert no one could win matches on the ground: she won in 125 games in a row. From 1983 to 1991 she was president of the BTA, and since 1995 she is an honorary member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Chris Evert: TV presenter career

Chris Evert, whose biography and sporting achievements are well known to everyone, decided to master new heights. In the spring of 2015, the tennis star became the TV presenter of the new show on the Eurosport channel.

Evert Chris

Chris launched a project called Tennis with the Evert, which ran from May 29 to June 7. Together with her, the program was led by Barbara Shett - another famous tennis player. The broadcast was conducted from the courts of Roland Garros, where the next tournament was supposed to end. As Evert Chris admitted, this tournament is very dear to her, and she will be happy to share her competent opinion about this game with viewers.

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