Professional exhibitions at the Expocenter

In 2016, as in the previous 56 years, Expocentre Fairgrounds holds a series of exhibition events. These events attract the attention of a huge number of specialists from 100 countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe. Professional exhibitions of the Expocenter - This is a great chance to get acquainted with quality products from the best suppliers in the world. Expositions cover a wide range of areas of activity. The nearest events that can be visited upon arrival in the capital:

  • Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics-2016;
  • Modern bakery-2016;
  • Footwear. World of Skin 2016. Spring;
  • Street of Masters 2016;
  • Convention of Russian automobile dealers;
  • Neftegaz-2016 and others.

Over the many years of the exhibition sites, millions of people managed to visit the pavilions of the Expocenter.

Professional exhibitions - an excellent assistant in business development

The goal of each owner of the enterprise is to maximize income from their business. To do this, you must have reliable and honest suppliers of high quality products. Events such as professional exhibitions contribute to the conclusion of successful transactions and the conclusion of profitable contracts, which has a positive impact on business development. The opportunity to communicate with professionals in various fields of activity who are ready to share the luggage accumulated over many years of knowledge is a unique privilege for guests of Moscow campaigns.

There are nine pavilions on the territory of the Expocentre Fairgrounds and a large number of comfortable, equipped in the spirit of modernity, halls for holding seminars, symposia and press conferences. People from all over the world strive to get to Moscow during the exhibitions of interest to them. Exhibition venues are located in the very center of the capital, which makes visiting the exhibits as convenient as possible.

Why attend these campaigns?

Benefits that are available to guests of professional promotions:

  • purchase of high-quality, exclusive goods;
  • reasonable prices for the offered products;
  • the possibility of concluding strong, long-term business agreements;
  • the moment of exchange of experience between beginners "veterans" of the industry, etc.

Choosing the right direction in business development largely depends on good partners delivering goods on time and without fail. It is such companies that are participants in exhibitions held in Moscow. Those of them, organized by the Expocentre Fairgrounds itself, are actively supported by the state. Choosing the subject of events, the administration of the expositions relies on the economic situation in the world and the development of individual industries.

Visitors to the exhibition who have come here once more than once will want to return to the exhibition grounds of the Expocenter.


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