To help tourists: what is the sea in the Dominican Republic?

For tourists from Europe, the Dominican Republic is associated with a paradise island where there is never a winter. It seems that in any resort of this beloved region, all the beauties of the brochure are embodied: languidly leaning palm trees with lush greenery, white sand, sun-calcined sand, turquoise waters of the lagoon, colorful world of coral reefs ... Therefore, tourists often do not bother to find out before a trip what is the Dominican Republic, where is it, what is the sea, when is it best to go there. Our article is intended to clarify these issues. Particularly relevant is the problem of choosing the coast. Seems like it matters? After all, the island of the Caribbean archipelago is located in tropical latitudes, therefore the sea, regardless of the coast, will be warm. It's right. But in addition to temperature, factors such as sea waves, wind and undercurrents are also important for recreation.

What is the sea in the Dominican Republic

A bit of geography

Dominican Island is part of the Caribbean Archipelago. From the east, the Mona Strait separates the state from another piece of land - Puerto Rico. This island is a property of the United States of America. And from the west of the Dominican Republic are Jamaica and Cuba. The Dominican Republic is divided between two states. About one-third of it in the west is Haiti. The Dominican Republic is located in the center and in the east. All islands of the Caribbean archipelago (except Haiti) are popular with tourists as a beach holiday destination.

Now let's clarify the question of what sea the Dominican Republic is on. The Caribbean is part of the Atlantic Ocean. This huge water area has seas. From the north, the Dominican Republic is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The southern coast of the island is caressed by the waves of the Caribbean. It is mostly calm. And that part of the Atlantic, which adjoins the republic from the north, is called the Sargasso Sea. This is a brief geographic information.

Dominican Republic which sea or ocean

Does it matter which sea in the Dominican Republic?

In this island country, resorts are located on both the north and south coasts. Which one to choose? It all depends on what you mean by the words “beach vacation”. By the way, the sand is snow-white, and palm trees are green everywhere. The whole snag is in the water area. If you are an unimportant swimmer and generally prefer to swim in calm water, you definitely need to go to the country's southern resorts. But if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then enthusiastically repeat after numerous surfers: “What sea in the Dominican Republic can compare with the ocean ?!” The waves there are such that one wants to ride their crest with the help of a board. The wind is also fresh. Thanks to him, the small town of Cabarete has become the Mecca of all windsurfers. Respect the northern coast (and therefore the Atlantic Ocean) and divers. The best coral reefs are located off the islet of Cayo Levantado in Samana Bay.

Dominican Republic what is the sea

North Coast Resorts

Many lovers of a relaxing beach holiday book a hotel in Puerto Plata, not at all interested in what kind of sea in the Dominican Republic. And they are often cruelly disappointed. In the ocean, which washes the northern coast of the island, serious waves always go even in the high tourist season. But this does not mean at all that from water entertainments all that remains for you is that immersion in the pool at the hotel. On the north coast you can find bays and small bays. Cape that protrudes far into the water extinguishes a little the power of the ocean, and you can safely swim on such beaches. And the islet Cayo Levantado already mentioned above is generally considered a beach paradise. What Dominican resorts overlook the ocean? In addition to Puerto Plata, these are Playa Dorada, Las Terrenas, Samana, Cabarete and Sosua.

Dominican Republic where is there what sea

South Coast Resorts

Well, what about the opposite tip of the island? South Dominican Republic - what kind of sea is it? Every tourist who visited the beaches of the south of the country will say that it seemed to have come off the pages of brochures. Sky blue, turquoise, azure, in the distance turning into malachite aquamarine - these are the words that travelers describe the Caribbean Sea. The beaches of the south are good both for bathing children and for romantic walks along the water's edge. Sunset at sea is very gentle. Where there is a coral reef off the coast, there are no waves at all. What resorts are located on the south coast of the Dominican Republic? These are Bavaro, Barahona, Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Altos de Chavon, Juan Dolio, La Romana and San Pedro. Also, such resorts include the island of Saona, which is a national reserve. In the south is also the capital of the state, the city of Santo Domingo.

What sea is the Dominican Republic

Punta cana

This resort is special. It is located in the very east of the Dominican Republic. Which sea or ocean is washed by Punta Cana? Both water areas! And in this - a kiss of the dark blue ocean and the soft turquoise sea - is the main "chip" of the resort. Punta Cana appeared on the map of the country relatively recently. A couple of decades ago, in this place, endless coconut groves alternated with mangroves. Now Punta Cana has become an agglomeration of small resort areas: El Macau, Cabeza de Toro, Playa Bavaro, Cap Cana, Uvero Alto and El Cortesito. This resort also has its own international airport, where direct flights from Moscow (Vnukovo and Domodedovo) land. Punta Cana is considered a very prestigious holiday destination. The hotels here are mostly five-star. Punta Cana does not like to build large buildings. All hotels in the resort are dozens, if not hundreds, of small bungalows hiding under the canopy of palm trees.

Pros and cons of different coasts

Ocean waves are “the most correct”, according to surfers, in the fall. Only then they reach a height of two to three meters. At other times of the year they are one and a half meters high. Impressive too? Then head to the south coast. Temperature indicators in the Dominican Republic are the same everywhere and depend on the season. Another thing is how the body feels heat. A fresh breeze is constantly blowing in the north. In the south you can be tormented by stuffiness. Entertainment, including water, is at all resorts. What sea in the Dominican Republic without fishing ?! But the best catch you get in the waters of the Atlantic. In addition, only in the ocean can you see humpback whales, which at the end of winter sail to the northern tip of the island to give offspring. And in the resort of Punta Cana, you will enjoy all the advantages of the two coasts.


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