Is Varya Stefanova one of the stars of the Russian YouTube?

Over the past couple of years, one could observe the growing popularity of all kinds of blogs. So, 2013 could rightfully be considered the heyday of various summer players, 2014 - beauty bloggers, and now channels about ordinary life are gaining more and more success. In addition to adults, YouTube also has channels for teenagers. Many of them are popular. One of these young stars is Varya Stefanova.

Girl's biography

Typically, child bloggers are their parents. That is, they are the main reason for the appearance of such videos on YouTube. Someone think this is a good way to make money or make their children successful. In any case, itโ€™s the parents who are the authors of the blogs that act as operators and story editors. They are a kind of defenders of young talents. Therefore, Varya Stefanova, despite her popularity on the Internet, remains a hidden person.

Varya Stefanova

It is known that a girl was born in the early 2000s, in the year 2000. She celebrates her name day in August, the 29th. Her birthplace is Moscow, where she lives to this day. The girl herself says almost nothing about her parents. Neither about their life, nor about their place of work or salary. If you look carefully at her page in contact, it will become clear: her parents forbade her to talk about the family. Their fears are quite natural. Are there many ill-wishers in the country? Therefore, it is still not possible to find the address of Vari Stefanova on the Internet. Parents worried that personal information was not online.

Varya Stefanova: what is the blog about?

Basically, Varya shoots videos about her funny productions, traveling, going to concerts and cookies. The target audience for her blog is teenagers. Fans carefully monitor her movements and updates in the wardrobe. Varya Stefanova herself assures: in addition to filming, she is seriously engaged in dancing. By the way, at the away competitions her team repeatedly took prizes.

Noticed a young star and the media. The girl is actively invited to children's events. For example, to speak on the radio. Some companies offer her to test the product and write a review about it.

Is there any profit from the channel?

address vari stefanova

It seems to many people that such an activity as โ€œvideo shootingโ€ is stupid and useless. They simply do not know about the possible income. For example, thanks to a large audience, Varya Stefanova makes about a thousand dollars a month. Even for Moscow it is good money. Moreover, with the development of the channel, this amount will increase. The age of the girl is also worthy of special admiration. Few of her peers can boast of "adult income."


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