"Bubafonya" (long burning furnace) do it yourself

At the beginning of the XX century, people came up with stove stoves. They were indispensable helpers in the winter in various conditions. However, they spent a lot of firewood that quickly burned out. Therefore, in the future, another design was invented, it is now called by the people "Bubafonya" - a long-burning furnace. It can give off heat much longer than ordinary stoves, because the fuel in it burns out gradually.

What is the difference between the burning process of an ordinary potbelly stove and Bubafoni

In potbelly stoves, fuel (firewood) burns very hot and fast. For this reason, its efficiency is low. It was necessary to keep the flame. It was decided to compress all the laid firewood so that they did not burn, but smoldered. In fact, this is the same potbelly stove, but only with a fuel press. And the name "Bubafonya" came from the name of the person who posted the information and drawings of the furnace design to the World Wide Web. Since then, this model has become very popular and widely used.

What you need to make Bubafoni

long burning stove

Here is a drawing of the Bubafony furnace, which makes it easy to understand the elements of its construction. It is made simply, most importantly, have a welding machine and find the necessary materials. The ideal material is an old gas bottle. However, it can also be made from a barrel or pipes whose diameter is large enough for the Bubafoni case. We will also need tools:

  • welding machine and everything for welding;
  • grinder or gas cutter ;
  • gas bottle or metal barrel;
  • metal pipes with a diameter of 10 cm.

Material for manufacturing

The ideal “Bubafonya” furnace from a gas cylinder is the most suitable material, and it is also easy to find. All actions with it must be performed in the order that will now be described. The security of the wizard who will perform all the work depends on this.

do-it-yourself bubafone oven

The first thing to do is twist the valve. This will allow gas residues that could remain inside to escape. Then through the hole you need to pour water into the internal cavity of the cylinder. This will make sure that in the process of cutting it, nothing will ignite or explode.

Next, you need to cut off the top of the cylinder, its hemisphere. This will be the lid of the furnace, so in the finished model it will be in the same place, but for now put it aside.

drawing of bubafon furnace

Further, making the Bubafony furnace with their own hands, they build a press that will press on the fuel, preventing it from flaring up very much. It is made of sheet steel by cutting a circle that should easily pass inside the container. A hole with a radius of 10 cm is made in its center. After that, a pipe with a diameter of 10 cm is welded to it, and a length slightly above the cylinder. This internal structure is heavy enough to squeeze fuel, and the pipe will allow the passage of the necessary minimum air to maintain combustion. Thus, the tree inside is rather smoldering rather than burning. Because of this principle of action, “Bubafonya” - a long-burning furnace - got its name. Indeed, it is really from one bookmark capable of giving heat from 6 to 20 hours.

jacket with water jacket

After that, a hole is cut out in the middle of the cut hemisphere of the cylinder, and a pipe must be inserted into it tightly, which ensures the air flow to the fuel. After that, we can assume that the "Bubafonya" itself is done. Now you need to weld the chimney. For this, a hole with a radius of 10 to 15 cm is cut out in the cylinder wall, under the cap itself. After that, a pipe of the same diameter is taken and a bend is created - this will be a chimney. It is welded to the hole. In principle, everything, the simplest “Bubafonya” furnace, reviews of which are so positive, has been done; you can try to flood it.

We drown "Bubafony"

gas cylinder bubafon stove

To kindle the furnace, you need to lay firewood inside the cylinder and allow them to flare up a bit. When they are engaged, the inside of the stove is installed on top of them, which will press. Then, a cap from the upper hemisphere of the cylinder is put on the outlet pipe. On it, for ease of operation, you can weld the handles. The smoke that is released from combustion fills the cavity of the container above the metal pancake, which is the press, and the top cover, and then goes into the chimney.

Important little things

So that the combustion products could not enter the room, the lid and the upper part of the cylinder should be well sanded for better contact. You should also make a quality hole in the lid, into which the pipe passes to supply air to the furnace. If the master takes into account all these design nuances, the “Bubafonya” (long burning stove) will heat the room well, and there will be no debris or smell of smoke from it.

bubafoni oven reviews

In this furnace, you can load any type of waste wood lumber. Sometimes you have to make the press heavier by welding pieces of metal on it. How much to increase weight during operation will become clear.

Options for improving the pyrolysis furnace

When the "Bubafonya" burns or, more precisely, smolders, the case is very hot. It is inconvenient in the sense that standing near her is too hot. The solution is to create a shirt around the body, which can be made from ordinary tin. Take a piece of galvanization, which is as tall as the Bubafonya in height,. And they make a pipe out of it so that it is 5-10 cm wider than the stove itself. It turns out that the "Bubafonya" (a long burning furnace) is hot, and gives off its heat to the inner space between it and the shirt, from which the latter also heats up, but significantly smaller. This allows you to feel comfortable near the hearth, without fear of getting a burn. The place where the Bubafony will be located also needs to be protected from its high temperature. It is necessary to put refractory bricks under it or to cast such a pedestal for the furnace from heat-resistant materials.

All these improvements will provide not only ease of use of the unit, but also prevent the risks associated with fire safety.

The Bubafony furnace with a water jacket that will allow heating the whole house

The stove can heat the water with the heat of its body, which can be allowed into the heating system of a private house. To do this, make a water jacket around the body. It is a metal box, or barrel, into which the entire furnace body is placed, and poured with water. When the "Bubafonya" is hot, its temperature heats the water, and it can already be transmitted through the heating system. Thus, the “Bubafonya” furnace, created with its own hands, can act as a boiler that heats the house. When creating a shirt, it is very important to weld it well to avoid leakage. The wall thickness should not be less than 3 mm. Also, if the "Bubafonya" fits completely in the shirt, you will need to make another cover that would cover the entire structure.

how to make a bubafony oven

Another option for creating a water shirt is shown in the photo. It can be seen from it, around the Bubafoni case there is a compact heat exchanger. He heats the water and delivers it through pipes to the batteries. As you can see, the design takes up very little space.

In this article, we fully studied the topic of how to make a stove. "Bubafonya" at home is built from materials that most throws away or gives up for scrap. We also learned various modifications of the device.

Rules for the safe use of "Bubafone"

  • Flammable objects: paper, plastic, furniture should not be placed near the oven.
  • It is better to wear construction gloves to load fuel.
  • Do not use flammable liquids to light the stove. But in the case when the fuel does not ignite, it is worth moistening individual pieces of wood with combustible material. After that, put it in the furnace to the others and only then gently set it on fire.
  • If you need to cook food at the Bubafon, you should only do this when it is fully warmed up.
  • Do not touch any part of the oven to avoid burns. If for any reason this needs to be done, then it is worth putting on thick heat-protective gloves. After all, as described above, the body of the bubafoni is very hot.
  • To extinguish the furnace, you need to cover the damper on the pipe, through which air is supplied to the furnace. After that, it will go out after a certain time.
  • For the furnace to work for a very long time, do not burn plastics or polyethylene in it. Firstly, these materials emit toxic gases, and secondly, after them there is soot left in the system, which is very difficult to remove.
  • It must be remembered that resinous wood species often form condensation on the working surfaces of the furnace, this can interfere with combustion.
  • Do not paint parts of Bubafoni, because when it is heated, the paint can release toxins.
  • The oven must be installed on a non-combustible substrate.


There are many improvements, however, the working scheme is unified, as the drawing of the Bubafony furnace, located at the beginning of this article, shows. Therefore, regardless of which option the reader chooses for himself, one should always adhere to the rules set forth here. This will allow you to safely heat the room, and the unit itself will serve its owner for a long time and properly.

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