The main mistakes of building a foundation with your own hands

Each person with trepidation and pride refers to what he himself has done. This also applies to the construction of the foundation! With their own hands, make it possible for everyone. But it is important to understand that there are certain requirements and standards that must be strictly observed in order for the constructed structure to be durable.

DIY foundation building
Lack of exploration

Many craftsmen easily skip this stage of building a foundation with their own hands , relying only on their intuition. But it's not right. The results of geological exploration will determine the optimal characteristics that the constructed foundation must meet. According to the results of this event, it is possible to determine the optimal type of foundation, the depth of soil freezing.

Lack of project

Before proceeding with direct work, it is necessary first of all to make a project of the future facility. Building a foundation with your own hands is not an easy task, it is a rather complicated task that must be fully thought out, calculated and prepared. It is impossible to make decisions in this matter during the course of the work.

Lack of estimates

DIY foundation building

This stage of building a foundation with your own hands is no less important than exploration and design. Although this sounds corny, but if finances run out and the work done is not brought to its logical end, this can lead to a subsequent deterioration in the quality of the foundation. For example, if you fill in part of the foundation, and after some time fill in the rest, then in this case there can be no talk of any monolith.

Lack of pad compaction

There are people who believe that arranging a sand cushion is unreasonable. But this is fundamentally wrong. The pillow reduces the stress placed on the foundation that occurs during the off-season.

Insufficient reinforcement

The foundation of the constructed building may experience uneven load in its various sections. This may be due to heterogeneity of the soil or the difference in the mass of individual parts of the building. But the result of this effect is that concrete counteracts the compression of the structure, and reinforcement - to tension. In case of insufficient reinforcement or its complete absence, cracks will appear in the foundation.

Technology Failure

DIY foundation repair

If during construction of the foundation do-it-yourself concrete technology was not followed, then the result may be its deformation up to partial destruction.

Poor solution

Looking for alternatives, trying to save on something - the main problems that anyone can face. But under no condition can you save on the solution. The grade of concrete should be at least M-300. This rule must be strictly followed. This is the main component of the reliability and strength of the constructed structure.

Foundation waterproofing

Be sure to take care of protecting the foundation from moisture, consider a water drainage system. Waterproofing can be done in any way possible. If you do not take care of this in advance, then the result of independent construction can be the forced repair of the foundation with your own hands.


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