Hyperactive children: symptoms and causes of the syndrome

Almost all children are fidgets. They want to see everything, touch and try on the tooth. And this is normal, so the child develops and learns the world around him. But there are situations when the activity of the baby just rolls over. And then the diagnosis can be made: hyperactivity.

hyperactive children symptoms

About the reasons

Why are some children hyperactive? It's all about the development of the baby. But it is worth noting that it is necessary to consider the development process not from the moment of birth, but already from the very moment of conception. The child’s future hyperactivity may be affected by severe toxicity of the mother, diseases of internal organs, and stressful situations during pregnancy. That is why doctors recommend future mothers the right diet and rest.

Early age

It is almost impossible to detect hyperactivity in a baby, but it will already be clearly visible when the baby is 2-3 years old. But nevertheless, there are newborn hyperactive children. Symptoms that may indicate this: frequent and unreasonable crying of the baby, he is bad. The early development of the child can also say about hyperactivity: if the baby sat up early or went, but at the same time his movements are clearly clumsy in comparison with his peers.

hyperactive child 3 years

Symptom 1

What else can overactive children be? Symptoms may be manifested in a lack of attention, that is, the child cannot concentrate on one thing or subject for a long time, his attention is scattered, his thoughts are not ordered. Most often, children with this symptom have problems in the learning process.

Symptom 2

What is the difference between hyperactive children? Symptoms may be as follows: such babies are too impulsive. And often even their parents, who seem to be used to everything, can scare them. Such children more often than usual lose control over their emotions, they are very moody.

Symptom 3

Hyperactive children are also characterized by increased mobility. Symptoms indicate that such babies are fidgets, they are constantly in motion. Such a child is almost impossible to see in a state of calm, he will either walk, or run, or jump, but not stand.

About treatment

hyperactive children in kindergarten

It is worth noting that it is necessary to begin treatment of an too active child as soon as possible. Shelving will not lead to good results. After all, a hyperactive child cannot be restrained; he simply cannot manage to be calm. Doctors must fight this. For this, there are special medications, certain classes. It is worth noting that a hyperactive baby needs constant psychological support, because he may have difficulty communicating with peers. Hyperactive children in kindergarten and at school are worse engaged and considered poor students, often they are condemned by others for their behavior.

What you need to know and be able to parents

What parents should know and be able to do if they have a hyperactive child (3 years and older). The main thing is patience. Indeed, very often the parents of such children simply lose control over themselves, wanting to control their little ones. You should never give up and give up, thinking that the child can no longer be corrected. With such children, it’s not only possible, but also necessary to learn how to communicate correctly, you can negotiate with them and find a compromise.

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