A teenager is a special value system

A teenager is not just a word for a teenager of 13-19 years old, it is a whole culture and system of life values ​​inextricably linked to certain problems and social phobias. The term teenager migrated to us from English. The origin of the word is associated with the postfix “teen” among numerals in the range from 13 to 19, for example, thirteen, fourteen, etc. Psychologists consider this period in human life to be the most responsible and difficult. As a rule, young teens are highly susceptible to various social phobias.

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Often they appear "imaginary deformity syndrome." At the same time, teenagers, comparing themselves with their idols, find their appearance non-standard, inappropriate to generally accepted ideals and even ugly. Such thoughts often cause them suffering, strengthening the conviction of their inferiority every day. Teenagers are very vulnerable, especially when it comes to their appearance. Oblique glances, whispering, abruptly broken conversation ... The teenager takes this all very to heart, although he seeks not to show his feelings. But at the same time (paradox!) Teenagers are very fond of posing and taking pictures. Photos of teenage girls are becoming the subject of lively discussion for peers.

A teenager is one who tries new things and seeks a foothold in life, builds relationships with the opposite sex, his parents and friends. The desire for self-determination of a teenager often leads him to various subcultural movements. He adopts values, attitudes, seeks to stand out externally due to non-standard hairstyles, fashionable clothes and an abundance of cosmetics (for girls).

Teenage currents are inextricably linked with fashion. Especially brightly different youth groups differentiate among themselves due to clothing: wide trousers and spacious hoodies of representatives of hip-hop culture, black raincoats and heavy semi-military boots with high lacing among adherents of the Gothic style ... In adults, such odious vestments cause bewilderment and criticism. Parents continually teach their growing child, they advise "stop dressing like a clown" and "take up the mind." In turn, the offspring of 14-15 years old aggressively react to such criticism and ask their parents "not to meddle in their lives."

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As a rule, adolescents rarely share their problems with adults, contrasting themselves with them. They prefer to spend free time either in the company of their own kind, or alone in their room.

At a more adult - student - stage, teens are less prone to depression and seclusion. They are open and inquisitive. At the age of 17-19 years, many new hobbies and acquaintances appear. This is an era of creativity and bold experiments.

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A teenager is a state of mind, and the age limits are very arbitrary. You can behave this way both at 11 and at 20. Despite everything, this is a wonderful stage in a person’s life: it is then that first love comes, new friends appear who will remain for many years, life ideals and aspirations of young people are formed. You should not avoid all problems, because their solution is an important step on the path to growing up and becoming a person. Every person should go this way. Parents make a mistake by grossly interfering in the life of the child at this stage of his development. If they want to maintain good relations with him, then all they can do is be a friend and an adviser, but not a commander or commander.

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