Shellac with rhinestones: description, design features and recommendations

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are a necessary attribute of every modern woman. To date, shellac with rhinestones is especially popular. Such a manicure has gained popularity due to its durability, durability, beauty, and neat appearance.

shellac with rhinestones

Positive sides

Shellac with rhinestones differs from the usual varnish in that even the most zealous housewife can safely do any housework. Manicure pleases its owner for several weeks, since shellac is distinguished by its strength . A design with rhinestones, for example, is able to please its hostess for several weeks. Moreover, having done such a manicure, you don’t have to go for a correction in order to β€œrepair” a damaged nail - the rhinestones are attached extremely firmly!

As a rule, women choose manicure "shellac with rhinestones" on the occasion of a festive celebration, because this is an excellent means of decorating and creating a sparkle of marigolds. It is important to note that the presence of strass does not affect the strength of the manicure in any way, so you can do household chores in the usual way.

The peculiarity of the independent design of shellac with rhinestones is the need for a strong fixation of each element. Pebbles should not peel off, move, because spoiled at least one nail can spoil the overall beauty of the appearance of the hands.

shellac nails with rhinestones

Different size - different shape

When choosing a design, you should take into account that a similar method of decorating nails is performed in different ways, for example, using one form or another of rhinestones, their various sizes or quantities.

A manicure with the use of one rhinestone for each nail looks neat and sophisticated. On the other hand, an arc of flickering particles built along the cuticle contour looks no less compelling. Some people prefer to lay out such a pattern on several nails. More assiduous and zealous use each finger, using rhinestones and shellac.

shellac design with rhinestones

Nails with rhinestones can take the form of a jacket by placing small pebbles on the free edge of the nail: it looks very elegant and sophisticated. Pay attention to the possibility of performing various figures, but the difficulty lies in the neat arrangement of each rhinestone - the lion's share of practice is required here, therefore it is better to entrust the design of such complex compositions to a professional.

Features and errors of mounting rhinestones

Making shellac with rhinestones, many women make a typical mistake: they fix rhinestones by using ordinary glue.

It is necessary to apply decor elements after you have applied the basic foundation and completed all the necessary patterns. Remember that rhinestones are glued only when nothing more will be applied to the surface of the nail. Additional lines or other design elements are applied strictly before their fastening!

shellac on the feet with rhinestones

In order to properly arrange shellac with rhinestones, it is necessary to apply a base base on the nail, perform the appropriate design, arrange shiny jewelry in the necessary order, and then point your hands under the rays of an ultraviolet lamp for drying.

In order to quickly and easily fold the pebbles into the desired pattern, you can use regular toothpicks. You only need to wet its tip, and then touch the faceted side of the strazik. As a result of this, the jewelry is easily transferred and rotated from one place to another.

Tricks and taboos when working with rhinestones

Shellac with rhinestones, although it is durable compared to other types of manicure, however , no one is immune from mechanical damage. In order to protect yourself from the appearance of cracks, a crumbled pattern and other unpleasant changes, you should pay attention to the following simple rule:

  • Doing homework as far as possible with gloves, this is an advantage of contact with chemical cleaning products.

Attention! Rhinestones make small changes to your usual life and additional elements on the nails can easily touch bulging objects that previously did not cause any inconvenience.

shellac manicure with rhinestones

Creating a summer manicure

Especially relevant now are summer trends in the design of manicure. So, presentability to your hands and appearance as a whole will be presented by the following compositions:

  1. Transparent rhinestones in combination with the base of any color. As a rule, this type of design is suitable for business ladies for whom the brightness of a manicure is prohibited by a dress code in a prestigious company.
  2. Those who love bright colors and always have a great mood, in the summer, you should pay attention to colored rhinestones. However, the basic foundation should also be chosen to match the pebbles, otherwise you will be known to those around you as special, not having the proper taste.

An incredible hit of the season are rhinestones, the base of which is a mint shade. Pale pink, orange, sunny colors also have the right to show off in the arms of lovely fashionistas. Moreover, shellac on its feet with rhinestones will give a magnificent summer mood. Qualitatively designed compositions will provide many attractive looks from the male side, as well as the interest of other women.

Types of rhinestones for manicure

The choice of this or that type of rhinestone depends, first of all, on how old you are. For example, ladies of Balzac age should pay attention to beads of a small size, as well as a not very catchy shade. Otherwise, large shimmering stones can greatly age your hands.

To design a complex pattern for one evening, you should pay attention to plastic rhinestones. This decor is not so durable, but it is perfect for a single celebration. If you want to admire the flickering nails for a longer period of time, it is worth spending a little more money on better materials. Glass rhinestones look much more beautiful, however, they cost more. In addition, Swarovski crystals are incredibly popular right now - with them you pens will be simply irresistible!


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