How to make a fountain of stones with your own hands

You can make a beautiful fountain at your summer cottage or garden, which will delight you with its presence, performing a number of functions. It can be made of stones, which will provide not only decorative, but also the simplicity of its creation. So, answering the question of how to make a fountain with your own hands, you should consider all stages of work.

How to make a fountain yourself
The whole structure consists of the following parts: water circulating with a pump that provides all the work; beautiful sculpture, which will be washed by water. As the last element can serve as any item that will not collapse and deteriorate under the influence of water. If we talk about how to make a fountain with your own hands, it is important to note that the system will look the same regardless of what materials you use.

How to make a fountain
Work should begin with a water tank buried in the ground, it will feed the fountain. A mesh is laid on it, which serves as a protection and a filter against foreign objects, and even higher is the base of the fountain, which will also serve as a support so that the entire structure does not fall into the tank. Submersible pump acts as the heart of the fountain. It must be placed in the water in the tank so that it pumps the water for the fountain. Since its power is provided by the power grid, it is necessary to provide access to it. In addition, the fountain in the country, built with his own hands , should be able to be maintained. This requires the manufacture of a base of such a size that it is possible to remove the pump if necessary.

DIY fountain in the country
If you continue to figure out how to make a fountain with your own hands, it should be noted that the tank on top can be masked with mulch or stones. At the pipe providing water upward, a valve should be installed that will regulate the water flow of the fountain.

The tank pit should be 5 centimeters deeper than its height. In addition, it is necessary to dig a groove to the mains for the cord. At the bottom of the pit, you need to pour 5 centimeters of rubble, and then install the tank. A plastic pipe must be laid in the groove so that the wire is reliably protected. The power cord should be pulled through the pipe, and then insulated at its ends. The pipe with the cord should be laid in the groove, and then filled up.

Speaking about how to make a fountain, you can go to the next stage of work. The submersible pump must be installed in the middle of the tank. On top of it, you need to place a grid in which there should be cutouts for the cord and fountain. Now you can cut a metal-plastic or copper pipe 10 centimeters long to fix it to the pump. A ball valve should be fixed to the second end of the pipe. At the top of the crane should be a pipe segment - a little larger to form the fountain itself.

The stones should be folded as you like, and then drilled a hole for the fountain pipe in them. Then the stones need to be planted on the pipe. The tank can be filled with water, which should cover the top of the pump by 10-12 centimeters. Open the ball valve, and then turn on the pump in the mains, it remains only to adjust the flow rate. This is all about the question of how to make a fountain with your own hands.


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