Tsaritsyn baths: reviews and features

Some Russian traditions fade away and are forgotten over time, while others, on the contrary, are maintained and become more and more popular. So, visiting a bath always remains relevant in any corner of the country. The Tsaritsyn baths in Moscow provide an opportunity to feel to your clients all the benefits of such procedures.

Location and schedule

Tsaritsyn baths are located in Moscow on the street. Lugansk, 10.

The bathhouse accepts guests according to the categories in separate rooms:

  • men's rank;
  • female rank;
  • number cabinets.

Tsaritsyn baths reviews

For preferential contingent provide discounts Tsaritsyn baths. Visitors from this category are very positive. Beneficiaries can take a steam bath in the bathhouse on Monday from 9.00 to 19.00 and on Tuesday from 9.00 to 14.00. WWII veterans are served free of charge these days.

Facility Features

The company's work is aimed not only at attracting customers, but also at taking care of their safety. Modern stoves work in such a way that gas production is reduced during combustion.

All harmful substances immediately exit the premises through the chimney. This is possible due to the continuous purging of the furnaces before and after soaking. Indoor monitoring of gas concentration is carried out using modern technological devices. These indicators are displayed on small monitors.

The room is divided into different zones. Discharges for women and men who visit the Tsaritsyn baths are equipped here. Reviews indicate the convenience of such a separation. The area for ladies is decorated in white with lots of mirrors. Comfortable tables with soft sofas will allow women to enjoy aromatic tea after bath procedures.

Tsaritsyn baths in Moscow

Men's discharge is made in reserved brown. There is also a seating area with comfortable sofas and tables. A personal hammam and an ice maker are installed in the common area.

Tsaritsyn baths: services

In addition to the female and male zones, the sauna offers number rooms. It can accommodate up to 6 people. You can retire in a comfortable environment and enjoy bathing procedures in VIP-zones - both in male and female categories.

The ice maker is constantly replenished with a crumb of ice. Fans of extreme sensations can cool their body with this installation after bathing events.

Tsaritsyn baths visitor reviews

You can enjoy the procedures of the Turkish bath in the hammam, which is located in the common area. Here you can not only wash and steam, but also get peace of mind and a sense of peace.

The complex "Tsaritsyn baths" provides a number of SPA procedures. Customer reviews prove the excellent qualifications of the masters and the use of modern equipment, with which various processes to rejuvenate the body are carried out:

  • solarium;
  • peeling;
  • massage;
  • depilation;
  • comprehensive skin care;
  • various wraps and masks on the body and face.

Experienced bath attendants will conduct complex soaps using aromatic oils and brooms. A cedar barrel will help to heal the body and relax thanks to the healing properties of this type of wood.

Restaurant in the bath

Here is a fairly large restaurant with a large selection of beer and snacks to it. Chefs also prepare delicious dishes of traditional Russian and European cuisine. Here you can drink a glass of cold fresh beer with grilled sausages or have a full lunch or dinner with several dishes.

Tsaritsyn baths services

A good assortment of meat and fish snacks is offered by the Tsaritsyn baths restaurant . Customer reviews indicate the excellent taste of the dishes. Especially often you can find admiration for fragrant and fresh boiled crayfish for foam beer.

The restaurant has the opportunity to hold a banquet for up to 60 guests and a buffet for up to 120 people. Corporate events and anniversaries are held here. Also, the restaurant often celebrates children's birthdays and proms. A good wine list allows you to cater for a high-class banquet.

Tsaritsyn baths: reviews

All customers note the cleanliness of the institution in any room and locker rooms. Visitors can observe how employees regularly clean and disinfect activities throughout the day at the required locations.

Tsaritsyn baths photo

Bath guests celebrate the convenience of the steam room. There is enough space here, everyone can take a steam bath without disturbing the others. Workers constantly drain water in necessary places so that it does not stagnate. Leaves from brooms are removed immediately after the procedures.

Some visitors are unhappy with the smells of fish and other food that they order at the vacation spot. But the tables are separate from each other, and you can enjoy aromatic herbal tea without paying attention to other visitors.

Masters in the spa area monitor the equipment and process the necessary tool according to the rules. Customers are generally satisfied with the result of such procedures. This is evidenced by positive reviews on various Internet resources and in the book for comments in the Tsaritsyn baths complex. The photo of these zones also confirms the professionalism in the work of the masters.

Customers on the positive side note the possibility of acquiring the necessary accessories on the spot. Thus, it is possible to save a lot of time that can be spent on pleasant procedures.

Price policy

Ticket price depends on the day of the week and time of visit. For 2-3 hours the client will have to pay from 1000 to 1600 rubles. The cost of unlimited on weekdays varies from 2,000 rubles.

Spa rates are set separately. The preferential ticket will cost the guest 600-700 rubles cheaper. Children under 7 years old have free entry accompanied by an adult (entrance is paid for it).

Number rooms will cost visitors approximately 6,000 rubles for 3 hours of rental.

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