Roman Paulo Coelho "Brida": summary, reviews and best quotes

The novel of the popular Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho “Brida” continues the author’s favorite “female” theme. As in most of his works, here he addresses the themes of religion, faith, church, as well as magic and witchcraft. The whole idea of ​​the novel revolves around finding yourself and your main goal. Of course, the book “Brides” by Paulo Coelho is also about love. But what without it? However, this love is not only for a man, for his soul mate, but for himself. As always, the writer encourages the reader not to give up and purposefully go towards achieving his dream, his main goal. So what is Paulo Coelho’s novel about?

Brida: Summary

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This beautiful novel tells the story of an exciting story of love and passion. It has mystery and spiritual search, and magic plays on all the strings of the human heart. What did Paulo Coelho call his heroine? Brida is Irish. She is young, beautiful, beautiful. Her main desire is to know the world. But she chose the path of magic. She is still too inexperienced, but she was lucky. On her way, she met two people who changed her ideas about life. The first is a sage who teaches Brida to overcome fears. The second person is a woman who tells her how to move in the rhythm of music hidden in the world. Both the sage and this woman - the mentors of Brida - feel that she is a gifted nature, that she is special, unlike others. However, Brida must reveal her gift and continue on her own, without their participation.

Builder and gardener

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So, the girl goes through life, looking for her fate. Meanwhile, Brida feels many contradictions between the desire to change herself and the relationship with her environment. How does the author help Pauline Coelho in her search for herself? Brida finds an anonymous letter that believes her laws of life. Each person, it says, must make a choice, be his gardener or builder. The builder works for some time and then, completing his work, is captured by his walls. And then, when the work of his life is completed, he loses its meaning. After all, he achieved what he was going for a long time. And the one who grows the garden does his job continuously. Sometimes he has difficulties with the harvest. After all, any storm, drought, hail, hurricane can harm the crop, but the gardener never stops and continues to take care of his garden. After all, his wards need his care, and he cannot leave them unattended. Therefore, the life of a gardener is one big adventure.

The main idea of ​​the book

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Paulo Coelho’s book “Brida” shows that each person is free to choose his own path and be either a “builder” or a “gardener”. In the novel, the author also describes how to look for your soul mate, and after you find it, do not lose. For many single women, this book can be a guide. She inspires hope, helps to become purposeful. A lot has been written between the lines, but those who want to see this will definitely see it. Nevertheless, the main idea is a search for oneself, one's calling. But all is nothing if you cannot find your love.

The Brida by Paulo Coelho: quotes

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As in all the books of the author, and in this there are many quotes worthy of attention. One of the strongest is the statement about the vocation: "All people in their existence can have two positions: either build or grow." Two halves, two gardeners, always recognize each other in the crowd, because they know that each plant is involved in the development of the whole Earth.

Another quote is also very important: "Human life on Earth is the search for the second half. And it does not matter what kind of person pretends, whether he follows knowledge, money or power." Here is another quote, which is a continuation of the previous one: "Any goal achieved is incomplete if a person does not find his soul mate on the way to it."

And to the question how to find out among so many people that this particular person is the same half, the answer follows: “Only by risking, risking disappointment, failure or loss of illusion, you will recognize it. Just not to be disappointed so as to stop the search for love. In this case, the main tenacity. ”

Readers about the novel

Despite the fact that this book was published several years ago, so far it has received many positive and negative reviews. But positive, perhaps more. Let's look at how readers appreciate Paulo Coelho’s book, Brida. Many are grateful reviews. Some women write that at the moment of loneliness and despair, the novel became an incentive, revived the desire to live and fight, and most importantly, not to give up and look for your love, as well as a vocation in life. But this is wonderful! It is very important when you can get instructions from the book, and starting to follow them, to achieve what you want.

Negative reviews

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Surely everyone will think what negative reviews there may be about a book whose plot is about love, about the search for the meaning of life. Some readers believe that the author operates in his book quotes from the Bible, distorting some phrases, misinterpreting them. They believe that mysticism, magic, and the divine cannot be mixed in one pile.

There is also a third opinion. Some readers say that this book is primitive, that it is designed for low intellectual people, that this novel, like all other works of the author, is weak. Despite all these opinions, the book "Brida", like other works by Coelho, was a great success, especially among the fairer sex, who are particularly sentimental, and also need instructions for finding happiness - their soulmate.


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