The Six Pentacles: Meaning and Interpretation

Fortune telling on the Tarot cards is a special, difficult science. No wonder experienced people say that talent is needed here. And he is ninety percent labor! To decipher the lasso correctly, you must carefully study each of them. We will consider what the six Pentacles are. This is the minor lasso. Many consider it unimportant. But in vain! The Six Pentacles (Tarot) has a pretty serious meaning. Sometimes it affects even the major arcana. Interesting? Let's understand in detail.

six pentacles

Description and meaning of the card

The Six Pentacles are usually associated with the material aspects of being. More specifically, she speaks of profit or loss, depending on the situation in the scenario. This is the traditional meaning of the lasso. The picture shows a young man giving a generous hand to the afflicted. In general, the plot is positive. He inspires confidence in the future, demonstrates kindness and prosperity. The Six Pentacles is a reward after overcoming a period of need (five). A person was able to correctly pass the lesson presented by life. But this condition is transient. The fruits of achievement will soon end, will have to work again, experiencing discomfort, being in shy circumstances (seven of this suit). That is, the six Pentacles (Tarot) has a transitional meaning. This is a point of eternal travel, a wanderer’s state, which will soon become different. However, our lasso speaks of rest. Difficulties behind, you can enjoy peace, move away from work for a while. This is the time of preparation for a new stage of development in the material world. It will end soon, but for now you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Six Pentacles (Tarot) means receiving finance or material values. This is a salary or a gift, but not a surprise. That is, the lasso does not hint at a surprise or treasure that has fallen from heaven. This is a sign of earned, planned money.

six pentacle tarot

Six Pentacles Inverted

Our lasso is not always optimistic. If it falls upside down, hard times are expected. The fortuneteller could not pass the lessons of the five Pentacles correctly. Probably the lack of material wealth led him into depression or despair. There will be no reward. The inverted six Pentacles (Tarot) portends losses. The fortuneteller will have to regret any decisions or actions. In the past, an error occurred, the fruits of which will have to be scooped up now. This is a period of diminishing strengths, difficulties, barriers and obstacles. The material world has gone forward, leaving the fortuneteller to take an unlearned lesson again. During this period, achievements are unlikely. You should rethink your attitude to finance and other benefits.

The inverted lasso speaks of an incorrect life position, leading to destruction, loss, trouble. But this period is easily overcome with the right attitude. This is not complete bankruptcy, but rather the need to give back illegally acquired (from the point of view of the universe). The Tarot deck obeys the Higher Laws, not the ordinary court. Losses in a person happen not only due to errors in calculations or choosing a partner. This may be a punishment for arrogance or complaints of a previous period of poverty. This is what Tarot cards say. The Six Pentacles inverted encourages spiritual work, understanding of life principles and intentions.

six pentacle tarot meaning

The influence of the lasso in the layout on the business sphere (direct position)

The six Pentacles card, as experts say, refers to the material world, reveals exactly it. If it falls out in the balance of finance - rejoice. Arkan portends the receipt of some earned amount. It is important to understand that money will not come suddenly. Most likely, the fortuneteller knows about their likely arrival. As a rule, our lasso means salary or planned dividends. This is a normal receipt, not a random jackpot. The map shows that everything is going according to plan. Material difficulties are not expected. The work has been successfully completed and will be rewarded. If the entrepreneur is wondering, then the planned project will be profitable. But you should not expect the golden mountains. The implementation of the idea will bring just as much as the merchant suggests (or a little more). A breakthrough, like enrichment, is not expected. When it comes to negotiations, consider them successful. Partners will not let you down, cooperation will be mutually beneficial. If you ask the Tarot deck about a specific case, the prognosis is also positive. In some cases, the value of the Pentacle Six map changes, but remains optimistic. Arkan indicates the arrival of new information. It needs to be considered and put into practice, the results will not be long in coming and will please you with hard currency.

The value of the business alignment with the inverted six

If our lasso fell out in this position, do not rely on luck. Whatever the issue, losses are expected. The map indicates a lack of strength to turn the tide. Unfortunately, competitors won this time. Let's put it another way: you could not cope with the test and failed the project. When the inverted six Pentacles fall out, it is necessary to reduce activity. It will not work outright to overcome its negative impact. We'll have to redo what was previously done through the sleeves. The average lasso harbinger portends a pay cut or a fine. Sometimes he highlights the flaws of the leadership, which did not cope with responsibility. Earnings will not be issued at the scheduled time. If the question concerned a specific project or business, it is not recommended to continue (or start) it. The results will be negative. The inverted six reveals errors made in the calculations, or indicates adverse circumstances that the fortuneteller does not know about. This is not a global catastrophe, but temporary difficulties. It will turn out to cope with them if you make directed efforts and continue preparatory work. In the scenario of a businessman, our six are especially unfavorable. In combination with the Tower, it can mean a long period of failure, loss of profit, sometimes a complete collapse. If the Moon is in the same position next to the inverted six, look for a thief. You are being deceived in the financial sphere.

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The Six Pentacles (Tarot): Significance in a Relationship

It is widely believed that in our love stories our lasso is not particularly important. However, he still gives some information. It must be remembered that exactly six Pentacles are responsible for material wealth. In a relationship, she talks about receiving a gift from a partner, some planned acquisition. If the question concerned the feelings of a person, then the fortuneteller will be provided with evidence of a romantic mood. When worried about the future of relationships, you should be more optimistic about the world. In this case, the six Pentacles have the following meaning: love will bring with it the pleasures of a material sense. For example, a guy of interest will look after the girl with gifts, small offerings, trying to attract her attention. If a partner with experience is guessing, the six talks about the normal course of events. Relations are not in danger, except for boring stability. They develop quite normally, progressively, but are devoid of violent passion. In the “council” position, our lasso recommends revitalizing communication with a small surprise. Probably, the partner got bored, he needs to be pleased with a small gift. In combination with the eight of Wands - portends a journey or vacation. Together with your beloved, you can retire, isolate yourself from the whole world. Sometimes our lasso portends the telephone conversation that the client expects. If the card fell in the upright position, then communication will please. In general, the six predicts a smooth improvement in relations.

tarot cards six pentacles

The effect of the inverted lasso on the alignment of love

Relationships do not always work out the way you want. Our lasso highlights exactly this situation. If they are guessing at a probable partner, then the six Pentacles hints at his stinginess. Do not mess with such a person. He will only take, offering nothing in return. Falling out in the blank position, the lasso characterizes the partner as a vampire, especially in combination with unfavorable high cards. The forecast of a love situation in this case is unfavorable. From such a partner you need to run headlong.

If a family man guesses, the alignment does not cause optimism. Six portends loss. Probably the spouse has already decided to divorce. And this person is thinking about how to take more good from the family. Our lasso portends an unfair division of property. Six Pentacles in combination with the Three Swords (both lasso are upside down) portends the loss of a partner due to an accident or illness. A person can die, leave this world. The fortuneteller’s soul “becomes poorer”; it will be very difficult for her to cope with the test. If the Three of Swords is in the upright position, then there is a way out. He should be found. A complete severance of relations can be avoided, the patient cured, accident or accident prevented. The inverted six in the “council” position recommends not concentrating on the material - this will lead to losses. It is better to seek harmony in the spiritual sphere, then the relationship will improve, the partner will again turn to face you.

How the straight six affects other cards

When deciphering the alignment of the Tarot, the interaction of the lasso is important. Combinations change the meaning of predictions. Unfortunately, all possible combinations are difficult to consider. Yes, this is not necessary. There are important combinations, which we will talk about. The straight six emphasizes the meaning of the senior arcana of a positive sense. So, if you see the Sun, Peace, Empress or Hierophant nearby, wait for good luck. This combination portends a reward for work, a positive event, a win. When the same lassos are turned upside down, the six softens their negativity. That is, troubles are likely, but it will be easier to perceive them. A reprimand at work will be mitigated by bonus ones, a scandal with a loved one will be smoothed out with a gift, and so on. In combination with negative lasso our indicates tears, disappointments, frustration. If the Tower is nearby, then the situation will get out of control. That which brought profit will collapse, cease to work. Death, in combination with our lasso, on the contrary, portends good changes in life, if it falls in the upright position. This is a sign of the emergence of a new permanent source of money. In an inverted position - an inheritance from a close relative, receiving money through grief.

six pentacles inverted

The combination of an inverted six with other cards

Grief always comes not one, they say. This is the situation that our lasso portends if it falls upside down with negative cards. We list the most unpleasant and disturbing combinations:

  • with the moon - deception or theft;
  • with the Tower - the ruin, the collapse of the enterprise;
  • with the Hanged Man - denial of a request for help;
  • with the Mage - a fatal oversight;
  • with the Court - bad luck, biased attitude on the part of law enforcement officers;
  • with the Fool - losses due to their fault;
  • with the Devil - stupid greed;
  • with the Hermit - sluggishness, inability to react in time to a change of situation, leading to serious damage.

It should be understood that if each of the above lasso is also upside down, then the circumstances are exacerbated. Losses will affect the position of the fortuneteller in a negative way, which is emphasized by the six Pentacles. The combination of tarot is quite difficult to read on the cheat sheet. Arcana interact in time, this should be disassembled with specific examples. If these combinations fall in the "past" position, then bad times are behind. When one of the cards lies in the “council” - the situation can still be corrected and so on.

Map of the day

Consider the option of guessing for a short period. When a straight six appears, you should prepare for financial income. The amount will be small, but pleasant. Otherwise - get a gift or help at a time when you especially need it. For example, our lasso can mean the purchase of a ticket for an important event or flight, which someone refused. This is a happy occasion, luck, but small. Students and schoolchildren of the lasso are judged by a trouble-free day. Teachers will not bother with difficult questions, the submitted work will receive a good grade, a friend will tell you if necessary. The lovers card guarantees a pleasant day. The partner will try to please you with a gift or a phone call when you do not expect. If you are concerned about health, then you should throw anxiety out of your head. The body functions as a well-functioning mechanism. In the near future no disruptions are expected.

It is another matter if an inverted six falls out as a symbol of the day. She recommends tuning in a serious mood. Likely problems with finances, disruption of agreements, failure to fulfill obligations. Transport on this day may fail, the information will be unreliable and the like. Making important decisions is not recommended. Still worth being economical. For some people, the inverted six portends unreasonable spending. If a lawsuit is due on this day, you won’t be able to win it. It is necessary to find a reason and postpone the meeting or drag out the case so that it will be considered at another time.

six pentacle tarot meaning in relationship

Use in magic

It is worth adding that Tarot cards are used not only for fortune telling. They perform magic rituals. As a rule, senior lassos participate in the rites. But our map is useful if you know how it affects circumstances. When an urgently small amount of money is needed, a special spell is cast over the six and placed under the pillow. In the morning, you should once again read the words of the formula on the card and carry it with you constantly. Within 24 hours the necessary money will come. It is sometimes recommended to use this lasso to influence another person. With his participation, they make the victim call or write a letter to the customer. Such a ritual is carried out infrequently, as it requires a certain skill. Most often, magicians attract funds, customers, ideas with the help of six. On the map, meditation is carried out on Thursday after midnight. Carrying it with you is recommended for six days. This is the usual time of lasso activity. But keep in mind: attracting serious money with it will not work. The map is associated with egregor well-being, not wealth.


There are no unimportant arcana in the Tarot deck. Each of the seventy-eight contains a huge amount of information. Intersection of cards (combination) adds volume and variation to the situation. To learn how to decipher the alignments correctly, to be confident in the forecasts, tremendous work is needed. You should not just learn arcana, but constantly practice. Only in this way mastery is acquired and talent revealed. Have you tried?


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