Snooker: the rules of the game

Snooker, also called English billiards, is popular all over the world. How to play snooker? The rules are quite simple.

At the beginning of the game, a pyramid of fifteen red balls is built. This is the starting position. Six balls of different colors are placed according to the marks on the table.

snooker rules
Snooker: the rules of the game

Cue ball (white) is of particular importance. With it, athletes must alternately hammer balls into the pockets. If a player has scored successfully, he continues the game. If missed, the right to move is transferred to the opponent. Strict order must be respected. After the red ball went into the pocket, you need to score a color, then red again, etc. Moreover, color should be set to the starting position, while the red remains on the table. The rule of "ordering" the ball also applies. If there are red ones left on the table, and the player will strike in color, he needs to indicate which object he wants to drive into the pocket.

Snooker: rules for identifying the winner

During each game, called a frame, players are awarded points. In case the result is a draw, a black ball is put on the table. A frame is played only with this ball and ends after a productive blow or violation. Thus, the winner is revealed.

The player receives points both for his own productive blows and for violations committed by the enemy. The game ends when all the balls are in the hole or in the case when, after a violation or the first strike (effective), only a black ball remains on the table.

Snooker: Scoring Rules

snooker game rules
Many people consider this sport to be sluggish, static and uninteresting, but powerful hidden dynamics are inherent in it. Players must be able to objectively assess the situation, think strategically and deliver accurate strikes. The difficulty lies in the fact that the number of points that can be obtained from a productive strike depends on the ball selected. Therefore, the player must not only try to score, but also create obstacles for a successful move of the opponent. You also need to try to "close" the most "profitable" balls.

Theoretically, a player can earn 147 points during a game. This is possible if after the reds he will score exclusively black balls. And later - other multi-colored, in accordance with the number of points awarded.

The most β€œprofitable” color is black. He brings seven points. Six points are pink, five are blue. To get four points you need to score brown. Three points bring green, two - yellow and one - red.

snooker rules
As you can see, the rules of snooker are very simple. But to win, you need to calculate the location of the balls several moves ahead. To win, you must always hit so that the cue ball returns to a favorable position. The goal is not just to put a ball in a pocket. It is important to create a series of productive shots. Therefore, not only accuracy and dexterity are important here, but also the ability to think strategically.

There are various variations of this game. Including American and Brazilian snooker. The rules differ slightly, the basic idea is a general one. There is also a shortened version of the game that uses six red balls.


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