Diet 3333: the essence, menu, features, results, reviews

Lose 8 kg on a 3333 diet, which may seem strange, but this is one of the most famous methods of rapid weight loss. It allows you to urgently reduce weight from 8 to 10 kg without physical exertion. At the same time, its main advantage is the minimum terms of less than two weeks.

But according to reviews, the diet 3 3 3 3 for weight loss, the menu and rules of which are observed and at the same time it is combined with systematic physical activity, brings unexpected results: the initial weight can be reduced by 12-15 kg.

The essence and features of the diet

The weight loss program includes a twelve-day period, which, in turn, is divided into four equal stages.

Each of them is characterized by the consumption of one food product. Moreover, its replacement or a breakdown in the diet will entail the absence of the desired result and a return to the first stage of weight loss.

Diet ration 3333

A feature of this method is that there are no daily limits on the amount of food eaten. The exception is the last three days of the diet, i.e., the final period. It is characterized by a daily diet of up to 30 grams of hard cheese and 200 milliliters of wine.

It is worth noting that the use of an alcoholic drink was declared in the first version of the diet. Subsequent, which have been adjusted, state the possibility of replacing this product with citrus fresh.

Despite this, permission to drink alcohol is another feature of the 3333 diet, since most other methods of losing weight include its complete exclusion from the diet.

A similar method stands out from others due to not only its effectiveness, but also to save money. Exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as olive oil, which are worth a lot of money, are not provided in the daily menu.

Allowed Products

The main foods that make up the twelve-day diet are:

  1. Apples This is a product containing several types of acids. Vitamins allow you to support the body, and acids perform several functions at once: improving the digestive system and the breakdown of carbohydrates, which prevents the formation of fatty deposits. The effectiveness of the fruit familiar to everyone has been known for a long time, so apples are the basis for the development of various options for dietary nutrition, and this was no exception.
  2. Kefir. A low-calorie product that performs the function of saturating the body with probiotics, which allows you to balance the diet. At the same time, probiotics play a protective role, preventing the appearance of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract against the background of a sharp change in diet.
  3. Chicken. Fat-free meat, rich in protein. Thanks to it, the body is saturated with nutrients without the risk of fatty deposits.
  4. Red wines. This drink is able to turn fatty tissue into brown fat, which is quickly excreted from the body. The wine selection for the diet may suit the patient's taste. But it is better to pay attention to varieties containing a minimum amount of sugar.
  5. Citrus fruits. Not so long ago, an alternative to an alcoholic drink was offered - freshly squeezed orange juice. The essence of its action is the breakdown of fats using acids.
diet 3 3 3 3 slimming menu rules reviews

This is the whole list of food products that you will need if you follow the 3333 diet. You cannot depart from it and replace products - the effectiveness of such food will differ from the effect of the original method.

What is impossible?

Regarding banned products, there is a strict ban on the use of:

  1. Fatty meat. Pork and lamb can add a few kilograms to the existing weight due to the high fat content.
  2. Salt. Dietary nutrition implies its complete exclusion in a limited period of time.
  3. Sahara. The body will get enough glucose from apples, and its excess will not give the desired result when trying to lose weight.
  4. Spice.
  5. Bananas, dried fruits. And all fruits, except apples, should be excluded from the diet.

Sample menu

Diet 3333 includes four time steps, each of which consists of three days.

  • Stage 1. It is limited to the use of low-fat kefir. At the same time, nutritionists say that a product prepared at home will be an ideal option.
  • 2 stage. The next three days you should eat apples. You can choose any variety, but the ideal option would be green, moderately sweet fruits. Roasting is allowed provided that there are no additives.
  • 3 stage. The menu is limited to chicken. At the same time, meat should contain a minimum amount of fat. A chicken breast from which the skin is separated is a great option. The choice of cooking methods is small - meat can be boiled or steamed.
  • 4th stage. A kitchen scale is useful for him. The daily diet should consist of 30 grams of cheese and a glass of red wine, a volume of 200 milliliters. In this case, the cheese should be hard, and the wine should be red.

For people who do not drink alcohol, it is allowed to replace wine with freshly squeezed orange fresh.

Way out of diet

The last stage will not mark the end of dietary restrictions. To save the result and fix the weight, you must correctly exit the diet.

diet 3333 8 kg 12 days

A month after its completion, the daily menu needs to be controlled, gradually adding new products. You should start with low-fat cheese and cottage cheese, boiled fish, fruits and vegetables.

A gradual return to a normal diet prevents weight gain.

Modern interpretation of the 3333 diet

A strict classic version of the diet is not for everyone. For this reason, an alternative has been developed.

Its main feature and difference from the original is diversity. The menu changes daily, but the ban on the proposed products remains.

Sample ration starting on Monday:

  1. The menu on the first day consists of kefir. Its fat content can be no more than 2.5%, but it can not be changed during the day.
  2. The second day you need to hold out on oranges, in the amount of six pieces. You can separate them as it will be convenient. It is worth noting that grapefruit or tangerines will not lead to the desired result.
  3. The next day you can eat only cottage cheese, with a minimum fat content. Add sugar, sour cream, fruit, etc. is prohibited. The daily norm is 300 grams.
  4. Thursday diversifies the diet with home-made squash caviar. Salt, spices and the use of other vegetables in the preparation are strictly prohibited. Caviar should be fresh and completely consist of zucchini.
  5. Sweets day. You will have to spend it with a bar of black, dark chocolate weighing 100 grams.
  6. The Saturday menu should consist of fruits represented by 1.5 kilograms of apples. At the same time, as in the classic version, it is recommended to choose green, sour.
  7. Finish the first week of the diet menu, consisting of 300 grams of hard cheese. In the classic version, cheese is washed down with wine. In this case, there is no such need.
  8. The eighth day of the diet diversifies the diet with a vegetable salad, without salt and dressing.
  9. The menu is fundamentally different from the classic diet. Losing weight is proposed to divide for the whole day 400 grams of beef, boiled without salt and spices.
  10. Return to the vegetable salad. This time it is allowed to add salt and olive oil, but in very small quantities.
  11. The eleventh day of the diet is cottage cheese. Allowed 300 grams of nonfat product.
  12. The diet ends with a kilogram of plums.

The entire twelve-day period you can drink only green, large-leaf tea.

Proper nutrition

Strengthen the effect of an alternative diet is recommended by physical activity. Classes should be correct and regular.

What results can be achieved?

The final result of the 333 diet according to reviews largely depends on the characteristics of the body. Weight loss can be affected by:

  1. Metabolism. Its speed affects the number of lost kilograms. If the exchange is slow, then weight loss can not be large. When quickly, on the contrary, it is accompanied by an active loss of kilograms and a quick adaptation of the body to a new diet.
  2. Hormonal background. Its violation can be the cause of rapid weight gain. Moreover, attempts to reduce it are meaningless. Often, weight can be corrected only after appropriate hormonal therapy, which should be prescribed by a specialist.
  3. Age. Weight gain associated with age-related changes is difficult to correct. It decreases more slowly, but if you set a goal, you can achieve what you want.
  4. Chronic diseases Some of them are not a contraindication to the diet, can affect the effectiveness of losing weight.

Weight may stop or change slightly. In such a situation, a diet may be repeated after consultation with the attending physician.

How to lose weight

Despite this, supporters are talking about stunning results. Women are able to lose 3333 8 kg diets in 12 days, reviews say that 12 kg, 15 kg and even 20 kilograms can be thrown off if everything is done correctly.

The main property of this type of weight loss - subject to the rules of nutrition during the diet and exit from it, the weight decreases and does not return to the original.


Of course, contraindications to the diet can not be silent. These include:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation. This is the period when the female body must fully receive the whole range of nutrients, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In the presence of such pathologies, the diet should be discarded in order to avoid undesirable consequences and deterioration of the general state of health.
  3. Gastric and duodenal ulcer. Pathology implies a controlled balanced diet, deviation from which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease. In this case, any other nutritional restrictions should be forgotten.
  4. Increased acidity. The proposed diet is characterized by the use of products that increase the level of acidity in the body, which is contraindicated in this case.
  5. Teenage years. Teenagers are in a phase of active growth. Following a strict diet at this point can be dangerous for the development and growth of the body.
diet 3333 reviews and results

Experts recommend that before starting any diet, undergo examinations, take tests and consult with experts.

Positive and negative sides

Each diet has two sides. And before you start it, you must carefully familiarize yourself with each of them.

Positive aspects

They are as follows:

  1. Diet 3333 is a budget option for weight loss. Prices for products offered in the diet are available to people with any level of income.
  2. The menu is composed of products that can dull the hunger.
  3. Apples, chicken, kefir and even wine can dull the feeling of hunger, which guarantees the absence of discomfort during the diet.
  4. In the absence of contraindications, the diet has a beneficial effect on the body.
  5. Limiting the intake of salt, sugar, spices, as well as fatty and fried foods can help the body get rid of their excess. After twelve days, the general condition of the body will improve, a feeling of lightness will appear.
  6. Simple stages that do not violate the rhythm of life.

The menu consists of the most common products, the preparation of which is not required or takes a minimum amount of time.

diet 3333 8 kg 12 days reviews

Apple and kefir days can be observed without being distracted from work. But with wine there may be complications. But, nevertheless, according to reviews, the 3333 diet gives good results.

Negative aspects

They are as follows:

  1. The ban on frying foods.
  2. Refusal of the use of salt, sugar and seasonings.
  3. Hard way out of the diet.

If the negative aspects do not cause a desire to go on a diet, then do not start. The key to a good result is only determination and willpower.


According to reviews, the 3 3 3 3 diet for weight loss, the menu and rules of which are respected, is one of the most effective, which makes its popularity soar. Of course, not everyone can handle such a twelve-day marathon. But one who does not go astray will be rewarded with the desired figure on the scales.


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