Stained glass gels: what is it, how to apply and why to use

The art of applying a beautiful drawing on nails can be learned independently, as the long-standing practice of home masters and craftswomen has shown. Especially when you consider how many different means exist for this today. For example, stained glass gel for nails, which are used not only for building.

stained glass gels

What it is

Before you go shopping, you should find out what stained glass gels are. In fact, these are the same colored building gels, only with a translucent base. And they are used not only in modeling, but also when performing manicure. Stained glass gels, as a rule, have a more liquid consistency than ordinary colored ones. But this does not make them difficult to apply. When used correctly, material is as easy to lay down as any other gel or gel polish. And the shelf life of a manicure depends only on how accurately the application technology was followed.

stained glass gel impulse

Building Application

Most often, it is with the help of stained glass gels that they perform an aquarium or crystal design when modeling nails. The free edge, made in a translucent color, is very delicate, fragile in appearance. Nails are modeled just like any other gel. Often, a ready-made decorative design, filled with broths, mica, feathers and other materials, is poured with a “stained glass”. In this case, it turns out as if drowned in a gel, as under a layer of glass or water. This is the aquarium design, so popular from 2013 to the present.

how to apply stained glass gel varnish

Manicure on natural nails

Stained glass gels in this technology are not often used, but for nothing! With their help, you can perform an unusual and stylish design that will give the nails extra strength: they will not break and peel, and the manicure will not peel off in a few days, as is the case with ordinary varnish. By the way, now not only stained glass gels are sold, but also gel varnishes. And manicure them to perform a pleasure. How to apply stained glass gel polish on natural nails? First prepare the nails: remove the cuticle, trim the excess free edge, remove the greasy sheen with a degreaser and a soft buff. After this, it is necessary to apply a transparent base for gel polish, which dries in a UV lamp. Just a minute, not so long. After this, a stained-glass gel polish is applied, the brush of which is carefully squeezed out on the edge of the bottle to remove excess. On a dried, but not completely dried layer, you can lay out decorative elements: foil, mica and others, and then dry again in a UV lamp. To keep the application stronger, it is again covered with stained glass gel, and then with a fixer (top). You don’t have to cut anything, as when building.

stained glass gel polish

Design options

When performing a pattern on the nails, you can adhere to two lines: make either an abstract picture or a thematic drawing. Both options look spectacular under stained glass gel. The drawing is recessed, but at the same time smooth to the touch. It is noteworthy that with the help of stained glass windows the “liquid stones” design is also performed when a gemstone lies on the nails. Stained-glass gel "Impulse" of the domestic company won the love among masters with its palette. Many people choose this company because, despite the translucent effect, the colors remain bright and dense. It is they who perform the "liquid stones" most often.

The cost of one jar of Impulse stained-glass paint varies from 250-350 rubles, depending on the volume and color. You can use any foil for design: tear-off, piece, roll - which is convenient. Some even use the usual food stones for "liquid stones", which does not affect the result.


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