Apricots: calorie content and beneficial properties

The most favorable period for losing weight is summer. After all, at this time of the year there are so many different vegetables and fruits that contain fiber, useful for weight loss! And in the summer, the appetite is much weaker than in the winter, so it is perfectly acceptable to arrange 10-day fruit diets.

apricots calories
For example, Regina Dubovitskaya lost weight well due to the fact that she ate practically only apricots for some time. The calorie content of these fruits is low, but at the same time they quickly saturate. And these orange fruits are incredibly delicious.

Apricots: low calorie content!

It's amazing how small this figure is! Per 100 g, the calorie content of apricots is only 41 kcal. Compare: for a banana, for example, this figure is 91, and for a more “essential” product, chicken breast, 168. Now imagine how many calories you consume when you eat, for example, beef cutlets or lamb skewers! Proper nutrition may well be delicious. Just before you go on such a strict, albeit rather pleasant diet, visit your gastroenterologist to find out if it could harm your body.

Apricots: calorie content and beneficial properties

What else is there in apricots, in addition to low calorie content, that they are so popular among adherents of a healthy diet and people who are constantly on a diet?

calorie apricots
Well, for example, an indicator of fat content. It is equal to only 0.1 g in as much as 100 g of product! At the same time, there are 9 g of complex carbohydrates. Proteins - only 0.9 g, they can be replaced with other low-calorie foods: chicken, fish and legumes. Among other things, it’s also great how much fiber contains apricot. “Calorie content is small, fiber count is large” - this is the key to the success of this fruit in the list of products that promote weight loss. And why is fiber so good? This is the number one substance that copes with bowel cleansing. In addition to coping with constipation, it helps to get rid of old harmful "deposits", which are toxins and toxins. These substances not only prevent weight loss by retaining unnecessary water in the body, but also poison it, because of which a person can often feel a feeling of weakness, depression, loss of strength. And the skin of apricots contains special substances that can inhibit the development of cancer.

Apricots: calorie content allows you to create delicious culinary masterpieces!

apricot calories
For example, during a diet, it does not hurt to eat aromatic mashed potatoes. In order to cook it, you need the following food ingredients:

  • apricots - 4-5 pcs.;
  • pumpkin - 100 g;
  • fat-free yogurt - 10 g;
  • flour - 1 tsp;
  • greens (parsley, for example) chopped - 1 tsp.

You can peel apricots, but given its most useful properties, it’s best not to. Just remove the seeds from the fruit and put the pulp in a blender (you can cut the halves beforehand into 4 parts each). Then peel the pumpkin, cut into medium cubes and add to the apricots. Chop. Transfer the resulting mass into a separate saucepan, at the bottom of which should be very little water. Add flour, mix and turn on a weak light for 6-7 minutes, so that the mass boils a little. After that, put the mashed potatoes in a plate, add yogurt and decorate with greens. Bon appetit and a beautiful figure!

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