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Have you thought about how people who were not provided with information from the hydrometeorological center planned their agricultural (and other) work? How did they, poor thing, manage to harvest and store crops, survive in terrible frosts and so on? Indeed, for them, inclement weather or drought, cold or warmth were much more important than for the current population. Life depended directly on the ability to adapt to nature! Previously, people observed patterns and passed on their knowledge to future generations. So there were folk signs about the weather. In October, for example, there were a lot of them. Sometimes they are more accurate than the words and predictions of scientists. Everyone can check for themselves.

Why know the weather?

This is, frankly, an empty question. Dampness and heat do not matter only to someone who does not go outside. Modern man cannot afford this (with some exceptions). In addition, there are also “long-term forecasts”.

October weather signs
For example, folk signs about the weather in October will help to find out about it at the beginning of the year. Information can be used to plan work in the country, vacation, purchase of necessary things in everyday life. Sometimes you need to prepare umbrellas and rubber boots, and in other years - immediately get a fur coat from the wardrobe. Of course, these concerns are not as relevant as the problems of data compilers will accept. They needed to know how to insulate bins so that grain and vegetables did not suffer from frost or moisture. And then it was possible not to survive until next spring. Now we are not so much dependent on forecasts. However, using them for their own purposes is quite permissible. For example, popular signs about the weather in October will tell you how to insulate the windows so as not to freeze, when to change the wheels of a car, so as not to get into an accident, and there’s a lot of other things that are "needed on the farm".

Where to watch, what (by whom) to watch?

omens of weather in the fall

Also an important question. It is good to know folk signs about the weather in autumn. It is only advisable to use those that are relevant. Who in the metropolis manages to see crane jambs? Or are city dwellers able to observe the jackdaws in plenty? Most likely, this information can be attributed to the section with "restricted access". And how, interestingly, to use folk signs about the weather in October, if their source can neither be seen nor heard? Most likely, it is necessary to choose from their entire list those that turn out to be the most convenient, rational. Although some of the signs suggest observing the direction of the wind or the state of the stars. And it is available almost anywhere. And for a sociable person, learning about bird behavior does not seem difficult either. It is possible to ask friends, living closer to nature. In general, folk signs about the weather in the fall need not be of practical interest. Observation itself is a certain element of “research” that would not hinder teaching at school. On the one hand, the guys will practice memory, on the other, they will develop mindfulness. Useful and interesting.

Folk calendar (first decade)

clear weather signs

People collected signs for the weather in the fall in the list by dates. Not all of them are of practical interest now. Nevertheless, knowing them is not forbidden. So what days of October stood out? Folk "meteocenters" began their observations already from the first day. It was supposed to look closely at the behavior of cranes. Russian signs about the weather were often based on the “hunches” of these very birds. If on the first of October they were already heading to warm countries, then they expected frosts by the middle of the month. Or rather, on the Intercession. When the long-legged birds were in no hurry to fly away, they said that the month would be warm. The first frosts will come only in November. The second number hives were hidden. Honey workers arranged for the winter. Third - the wind was observed. North foreshadowed the cold, south - on the contrary, warm. If the wind was from the east, then clarity and dryness were expected, from the west - it would be rainy and slush before the Protection. On the next day - the fourth - the weather was determined for the whole month. If the north-east wind blew, then the year will be fruitful. The fifth was supposed to go to the birches. When they saw them smart, the leaf was not yet fallen, then they did not expect snow. Late he will cover the tired earth with a snow-white cover. On the eighth of October they were waiting for the first snowflakes. When they appeared, they said that by Mikhailov’s day (November 21), winter would be established. According to the weather, on the ninth of October, it was calculated that it will be January. If it rains, then thaws will come at the beginning of the year. And when the day is warm and sunny, then the summer will not set. Next July will be cold, wet.

Folk calendar (second decade)

Anyone who studies or uses signs on the weather in the fall, can not ignore the Protection. This holiday largely determined the future state of the atmosphere. Accepted on Pokrov to follow the wind. Blowing from the north - prepare fur coats and warm boots. It will be frosty and cold. If he blows from the south, then you can not rush for firewood. Frosts will not rage. They expected a mild, warm winter. The west wind spoke of the abundance of snow. Eastern - the cold will be cruel, you need to hide the trees from it. There will be no snow clothes to save them. When the gusts of wind flashed, the character of the coming winter was interpreted as changeable. Everything will be: both cold and thaw. There are signs that portend clear weather at Pokrov. So, a snowless holiday foreshadowed the same winter. And about the long and calm autumn, clear weather spoke on that day. Signs of clear weather recommend waiting until the twentieth day. This day could determine the state of nature for three whole weeks. If it is clear, then do not wait for the weather for a long time.

signs for the weather in the fall

Folk calendar (third decade)

The 21st was called Pelagia and Tryphon. This day was considered the date of complete heat departures. It was said that the task of Trifon was to repair the fur coat, and the Pelagia to knit mittens (stitch). Waited from this day a strong cooling. On the 22nd, a toboggan run was already being established. The people went for firewood. The next day, it was supposed to watch the month. People said that he would indicate with his horns where the wind and snow would come from. Signs foreshadowing the clear weather waited for the twenty-third. As it got dark, they went out to "guess the stars." Good when they were lackluster. Know, warming will come soon. Bright, on the contrary, foreshadowed frosts. This did not sadden the old people. They said that bright stars "call" a rich harvest.

Clear Weather Signs

Not every person can set aside time to observe nature, guided by the days of the calendar. Yes, and you can forget. But signs for the weather are not necessarily associated with dates. Here are those that necessarily indicate good, clear days. When the birds are in no hurry to leave the "summer apartments", then people should not worry about the cold. Signs on the weather, which the people have developed over many millennia, are advised to focus on birds. They will not deceive. They are led by nature. Hear that the jackdaws gathered in the "bazaar" and shout in different ways, wait for clear days. Note how the cranes will stretch south. From this date, you can safely enjoy the last warmth for another three weeks. After a cold, it will definitely come. You will have to wrap yourself in warm down jackets, get boots on fur and gloves. Take a look at the trees. They are sensitive to possible changes. If the leaf is in no hurry to lay down on the ground, then it will be clear and warm. When the trees are exposed, it is time to switch to the "winter regime". These are the signs of nature about the weather that the universe created with its undeniable laws.

signs for the weather

Fall sky observation

To assure yourself of your predictions gleaned from the behavior of birds, it is recommended to look up. Stars and the moon can talk about what to prepare for. Take a closer look at the queen of the night, how does she seem to you? If clearly visible in all its glory, then one should not expect anything terrible. But to see her face clouded or pale is not very good. As the omens that predict the weather say, this is a sign of precipitation. And the more turbid the moon, the greater the scope will take on the elements. In this case, it can rain and snow. It all depends on the temperature. And during the day, it is also advisable to look closely at heaven. Observation is recommended for the movement of clouds. If they come from the north, it will be sunny. And when they come from the south with a “solid wall”, one can’t avoid bad weather.

Popular signs of the weather for children

signs of clear weather

Do you know how traditions born, perhaps thousands of years ago, have survived to this day? They were carefully transferred from senior to younger so as not to lose. Therefore, you must definitely talk about the signs of the kids. Let them remember and learn to listen to nature. This is a whole art that will undoubtedly come in handy in life. Yes, and observation with attention can be so trained. This is extremely important for the development of personality. It is better not to overload children with an abundance of information. They may simply not absorb gigantic volumes. You need to start with a simple one. For example, observe the trees. Write down the day when all the foliage flew from them. And then notice how the frost came. It is recommended to keep a diary so that the kids better remember the material. And it’s more fun to look at the sky together. Where are the clouds moving? Do not know how to navigate the cardinal points? Get a compass. Sometimes he doesn’t interfere with adults.

About the name of the month of October

If we talk about folk signs, then you can not ignore those words that were selected to determine the nature of the period. They were very accurate and informative. Unfortunately, many of them are not currently used. October was popularly called the “mudman”. Very capacious name. It so happens that rains breed incredible dirt at this time. They also called it "leaf fall", which is also justified. It was at this time that the trees were freed from the decoration of their bright. The following names can be combined in meaning: “hibernation” and “hibernation”. It’s immediately clear what the people were waiting for. There was such a loud name: "wedding". It was formed from the tradition of marriage after harvest and the end of rural labor. He was also called "freeze" or "praise the month."

October periods

weather signs for children
Our country is large, so far from everywhere signs always work, so to speak, uniformly. But there is something in common. So the month was approximately divided into three periods. They apply to all natural areas. From the beginning of the month to half - golden autumn. It is characterized by heat residues, clear and fine days. Deep autumn comes on the sixteenth. And in a week the pre-winter comes. By the way, in the south of the country it can generally only appear in November. For regions such as Crimea or the Krasnodar Territory, October is all golden autumn for the most part.

How did the people characterize October?

Not only the name expressed the "character" of the month. Among the people there are sayings and biting phrases, in a few words describing its advantages and disadvantages. So, about October day they say that it is not necessary to tie it for the wattle fence, it melts so quickly. It was also believed that this month autumn is only before lunch, after which winter is already coming. It is noted that in October different precipitation can go simultaneously. And so it turns out: rain alternates with snow. Much has been said about slag. There is no road to the wheel or runners. It is considered a good sign to hear thunder in October - you can not be afraid of winter. It will be affectionate and little snow.

Garden signs and traditions

As if specifically for summer residents this month is called a skit. It is this vegetable that is harvested and harvested for the winter. It was said that September smells like apples and October smells like cabbage. Back in the old days, it was customary to brew beer this month. Since then, there has been a saying that October is rich in this hoppy drink. They said that April was abundant in water, and October - in beer. Summer residents are advised to follow the leaves on oaks and birches. If they begin to fall unevenly, you need to warm the cellars well. Frosts come big, crackling.

October love signs

Because the “Wedding” was called for a month, because this was the most suitable time for the “organization” of personal life. We now do not understand this. And earlier, when people existed in harmony with nature, they had no time for entertainment. They worked hard. And they remembered love when they secured supplies for the long winter. So, October was considered a time of love. From those times, we have remained the tradition of inviting the Veil of the groom. Girls whom no one wanted to marry were avoided by the guys, it was recommended to go to the Temple early in the morning and make themselves a noble gentleman. Only you should get ahead of the "competitors", if they exist. Whoever succeeds before everyone will be more lucky. It was believed that after such a ceremony, the groom would certainly appear.

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