Daniil Kvyat, "Formula 1": biography of the rider

The young rider Daniil Quat received an official extension to the Toro Rosso team for next season. In recent times, if there were doubts about the talent of a young athlete, now Quat himself has proved his stable position. “Formula 1”, where he debuted in the 2014 season, became a race where Daniel confirmed his excellent shape and willingness to go to the end.

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Racer Daniel Quat

We continue our acquaintance. Daniil Kvyat easily communicates with the press, always makes contact and does not hide any moments from his biography. Leaving the gym, dressed in a tracksuit and cap, he walks over to the journalists with a smile. Very tall, a little angular, thin, someone may even suspect a certain soreness. In fact, Daniil Kvyat has good health, his growth is considered an advantage among athletes. By nature, he is an asthenic with light bones. In Formula 1, this complex is highly regarded. The world of heavy-duty fireballs and super speeds takes into account every gram: any ideal racer must be flexible, tough, light enough. Each extra gram of weight can be transformed into a loss in time, so that in terms of its dimensions, Quat can get ahead of a more obese opponent.

Talking to reporters, Daniel appears as an active Formula 1 driver. His manner of staying is light, laid-back, the guy knows what he is wasting his time on. Racing - his whole life, he has been doing this from a young age.

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Biography, childhood

Daniil Kvyat was born on April 26 in Ufa in 1994. In Bashkiria, and passed the bulk of the childhood of the future rider. Later, with his family, Daniel moved to Moscow. He was fond of tennis, even won various competitions. From the age of four, he began skiing with his father. For the first time, the map got behind the wheel at the age of 9. According to Daniel himself, from that moment he simply fell in love with speed, the rest of his hobbies lost all meaning. As the first coach of the rider recalls, Danya and his father arrived and rode on the maps. The boy really liked it. “I will become a pilot,” - said Quat then, “Formula 1 ″ became for him a dream, to which he began to strive. Daniel received seven classes at the school in Russia. In 2007, he had to move to Rome and live there without parents. There, he first attended the Russian school in the embassy, ​​and then the Italian, where he perfectly mastered the Italian language.

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In Rome, he studied at school and at the same time continued his performances in karting, Daniel Quat. The growth of skill and the acquisition of necessary skills, unlike Russia in Italy, opened great prospects for the rider. The system of debugged training of racers, existing for many years in the country, helped in this. Beginning pilots in Europe can choose their own coaches, and then immediately consolidate their knowledge on the race track. In Russia, unfortunately, pilots are mostly left to their own devices.

In 2007, Daniel began to prepare for the 2008 season, when Quat began working with Dino Chiesa. In anticipation of the European Championships, the rider joined the team of Angelo Morsicani. As Quat himself admitted, the European Championship with 3 place became a turning point in his career. During this period, the pilot noticed the leadership of Lukoil Racing, he was included in the LUKOIL Drivers Support Program. The next year 2009 was marked by many events and victories for Daniel Kvyat. He won the Winter Cup, took second place in the WSK international series, and again won third place at the European Championships. In the race, Industrie Trophy and Margutti Trophy was the first.

Red Bull Junior Team (2009)

In 2009, in the summer, a significant event took place in the biography of Daniel Kvyat. The head of Lukoil Racing spoke about the successful young race car driver, co-owner of the Red Bull project, and also the hunter for young talents in motorsport Helmut Marko. After watching the performances at the Asia-Pacific Championship, where Quat Daniel participated, the Red Bull team invited the young pilot to enter the Red Bull Junior Team program. Having successfully completed psychological tests and physical tests, Daniel became a member of the team.

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BMW Formula (2010)

In 2010, for the Eurointernational team, the driver started in the Pacific formula BMW. On the Sepang track in the first race, Daniel started sixth, but came to the place only nineteenth. On the first weekend in the second race, he was already fifth. The Asian championship, in which Quat Daniel participated, the results brought the following: 2 pole positions, 2 podiums, 3 wins. A significant series in 2010 for Kvyata is participation in the European BMW Formula Championship. Here he participated in 16 races, in the last of them he was the second. The results of the season for Daniel as a whole showed good results: he settled down in the standings in 10th place, scored 138 points in total.

Formula Renault 2.0

Marco never once doubted his pupil, and not in vain. In 2011, Kvyat, participating in the Northern European Formula Renault 2.0 Cup, won the first race in Hockenheim and won the vice-champion title. In the next season of this series, he took second place, lost 48 points to the winner, the team was to blame. For the entire season, the driver in this series won 7 victories. His success was noticed, Daniil Kvyat was moved up a notch, he ended up in GP3.

In the same year, Daniel took part in a series of international Formula Toyota races, which took place in New Zealand. Passed 12 races, went up 6 times to the podium, 3 times showed the best lap time. The results of the season brought to 4th place in the International Trophy.

At the end of 2012, the driver Daniil Kvyat was recognized in Russia as the pilot of the year. In Eurocup, he took second place, he immediately became the champion of Formula - “Renault 2.0 Alps”.

Success in GP3

In 2013, the GP3 Championship was held. Daniil Kvyat was unlucky luck. The car just didn’t want to go, the tires wore out instantly. The athlete did not panic, but approached thoughtfully the solution to the problem. Together with experts, he began to understand the problems, and they were able to solve. Tires did not wear out during several laps. The result dumbfounded all the fans. Far behind in points, the driver began to quickly catch up with his rivals and even get ahead. Daniel began to win the race. The result is an Abu Dhabi championship title. Quat simply wrested the victory from the Argentinian Facundo Regaglia who was ahead of him.

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Invitation to Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat was interested in the success of Toro Rosso's representatives; they are a subsidiary of the Red Bull team. In the summer of 2014, the rider was invited to Silverstone for youth tests. In October, Toro Rosso officially announced that Daniel Quat would become the main team pilot in 2014. Partner of the Russian pilot becomes Jean-Eric Verne. To get a super license for admission to the race at the Misano racetrack on November 8, Daniel drove 102 laps at a racing pace, which amounted to 402 km. On November 15, the Austin made its debut in Formula 1 as part of the US Grand Prix at a training session.

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Quat. "Formula 1"

From the first Grand Prix, Daniel Quat began to show excellent results. In the race he managed to save the car. All the first races were successfully performed by Daniil Kvyat. Accident or damage to the map did not appear in any race.

After four starts, the results worsened a bit. Of the five Grand Prix, four times failed to reach the finish line due to technical problems. When Sebastian Vettel left the senior team of Red Bull Racing , Daniel Quat replaced him. The Russian was fast on any lap, but something happened constantly in the races, and the point indicators froze after Belgium at the count of eight points. Companion ahead of Kvyata by 14 points.

2015 was a weak year, the equipment of competitors began to surpass noticeably, and the Red Bull car began to concede. From time to time, it was possible to get closer to the positions near the podium, so in Monaco Daniel with his partner Daniel got into the top five, confirming his place in the races.

At the Grand Prix in Hungary, Daniel climbed to the second finish position, this improved the achievements of pilots from Russia. In Belgium, Quat was qualified 12th, and finished fourth. Due to the descent of Riccardo, Quat managed to get ahead of him in the overall standings by six points. At the Russian Grand Prix, Daniel took fifth place, and in the championship until the very end of the season he held seventh place.

The season in 2016 began for the rider unsuccessfully. In Australia, already on the warm-up lap, the car died out. In Bahrain, the race was not bad, Daniel managed to score points. In China, Quat rose to the podium in third place. Unsuccessfully passed the “Formula 1" (Sochi). Daniil Kvyat started eighth. Vettel hit a car while trying to attack him, this led to other collisions, a ten-second penalty was awarded for this. As a result, it was not possible to score points. At the Grand Prix in Spain, Quat continues his career in the team of Toro Rosso, where he replaced Max Verstappen. 2016 can be called a strip of failures in the career of Daniil Kvyat. In Austria, Monaco, Baku, he was not even able to get to the finish line.

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Quat stays at Torro Rosso

Today we can conclude that Toro Rosso still cherishes his riders, remains in the team Daniil Kvyat. “Formula 1” is waiting for the rider in the new season. In the fall of 2016, a new contract was signed, the Russian remains a support for the Faenza.

In 2017, the pilot Daniil Kvyat goes into the new season of Formula 1, he will be the fourth in a row. This news is excellent for the Russian, because most recently there were unpleasant rumors about him. Career in 2016 a little staggered. In the middle of the year there was a recession, Daniel did not hope to stay in Torro Rosso, but he had the strength to pack up and show good results in the fall. In fact, Quat has become an important component of the Torro Rosso team. Franz Toast managed to maintain the basis, with him the team will still be able to achieve success, he always supported the rider, including in difficult times.

After the news that Niko Hulkenberg was planning to leave Renault, rumors spread among the pilots that supposedly Daniel Quat was going to become a partner of the German, and maybe even take his place in Force India. And yet, after the difficult year for Quat 2016, the best that could happen to him was to stay with those who believe in his talent, waiting for his victories and achievements. A transfer to “Force India” would be for the rider the third arrangement in the new team in the last two and a half years. It is not at all a fact that Renault will be able to perform in 2017 at the level of Toro Rosso. As Daniel himself said, he had a feeling that in 2017 there would be a restart in his career, and he would do everything in his power to achieve incredible success.

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