Macaroni with cheese and tomatoes: the recipes are different, but the result is one - delicious!

Italians call macaroni with tomato-cheese dressing shortly - pasta. Of course, real pasta has its own cooking secrets. We will consider some very delicious recipes of varying degrees of difficulty. And you, dear readers, choose what you like best.

Light pasta dish in tomato sauce

pasta with cheese and tomatoes
In fact, making pasta with cheese and tomatoes is very simple. The most elementary way is this: 5-6 large juicy, fleshy tomatoes finely chopped. In a frying pan with hot sunflower oil, put chopped onion-two, fry until golden brown. Add tomatoes, stew in sauce until tender. Salt, optionally add a little sugar, allspice, coriander. The dressing is ready, pasta with cheese and tomatoes will turn out with it simply delicious. Now boil the pasta yourself: in a pan with hot salted water, pour the straws, spaghetti or any other type of product. When ready, discard in a colander, rinse and mix hot with grated cheese. Then put in the sauce, pepper and mix again. When serving pasta with cheese and tomatoes, sprinkle with cheese, you can another grade, and chopped herbs. In addition to tomatoes, you can add slices of sweet pepper to the sauce.
how to make pasta with cheese

Three varieties of cheese pasta

But the recipe is somewhat more complex in the composition of the components and the preparation, but the dish turns out a very, very original taste.

Ingredients: pasta - 400-450 g, hot pepper - 1 pod or half, if you want a softer taste. Next - 1-1.5 onions, a little vegetable oil and butter, 250 g of minced meat (at your choice - poultry, pork, beef, etc. or assorted).

pasta under cheese in the oven
Even in these pasta with cheese and tomatoes, tomatoes themselves are needed - 400-450 g canned, several cloves of garlic, salt, spices, including grated nutmeg, 100 g. sour cream, 3 eggs and several different varieties of hard cheese - only 270-300 gr.

Cooking method

Peel hot peppers, chop finely. Do the same with onions. Put both types of oil in a frying pan, add onions and sauté until golden. The next step in how to make pasta with cheese according to this recipe - minced meat should be mixed with chopped red pepper and sent to the pan, to the onion. Continue to simmer over low heat until the meat is almost ready. Add crushed garlic and medium-sized tomatoes to it. Simmer under the lid until excess moisture evaporates. Then salt and season with spices. While the minced meat is being prepared, it is necessary to boil the pasta themselves, strain, rinse and mix with one of the varieties of cheese (grate each of them on a grater). Preheat oven to +200. Oil the pan or baking sheet (vegetable oil, but do not regret that the product does not stick to the bottom). Spread a layer of pasta. Then a layer of cheese, tomato and minced meat and pasta again. Sour cream beats with eggs. Nutmeg is poured there. The dish is poured with sauce and sprinkled with cheese again. The dish is baked at an average temperature of +180. After about 35-40 minutes, the pasta under the cheese in the oven is ready. Their aroma will not leave anyone indifferent, and even the taste will make fingers lick.

Cook with pleasure, eat to health!


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