Sakura sushi delivery: customer reviews, speed and quality of service

Reviews of sakura from Sakura will appeal to all potential customers of this food delivery company. Not only sushi can be ordered here around the clock. The menu includes a variety of rolls, pizzas, street food, business lunches, barbecue, hot dishes, salads, snacks, desserts, drinks, pies and much more. This article will focus on the assortment of this delivery service, on the quality and speed of execution of orders, reviews of real customers will be given.

About company

Sushi delivery

Reviews about sushi from "Sakura" are very diverse. Some of the customers are satisfied with the food received, some are faced with poor-quality products in the dishes, delays in the delivery of orders.

The company itself promises to promptly bring the ordered food to home and to offices in all cities where there are representative offices of this company. In particular, they say that it is not only tasty, but also very profitable. When preparing meals, they choose the best products that they are ready to offer at the best price. Due to the flexible pricing policy, customers have the opportunity to receive delicious and beloved food, not only on holidays, but at any time. By ordering delivery of sushi in Sakura, you can save time on cooking by devoting it to the closest and loved ones.

Food delivery is organized around the clock. It is important that sushi delivery from Sakura takes no more than one hour. It will not be difficult to place the order itself. It is easy to do this online by adding the items you like from the menu to the basket. Next, you need to fill out a short application form. After completing the purchase, the operator will contact the customer within a few minutes, who will clarify all the details and details.

Payment for the order is made in any way convenient for you. This can be done by transferring cash to the courier or by paying for food with a card on the website. For any questions arising in the process of placing an order, you can get comprehensive information by contacting Sakura by phone support.

The company notes that their specialization is fast delivery of pizza and sushi.

Promotions and special offers

Sakura in St. Petersburg

Sushi delivery works in Sakura in St. Petersburg and many other cities. Depending on the region, promotions and special offers that the company offers its customers differ.

For example, in the Northern capital, when ordering an amount of one thousand rubles or more, all new customers receive an accumulative card. Shopping with it becomes even more profitable. With this discount card, the starting discount is 5% of the order value, with frequent purchases it increases. The maximum discount may be 15%.

The percentage increases depending on the number of orders. With each thousand rubles, the size of the benefit increases by one percent. Moreover, if the client does not make orders within a month, one percent of the discount is automatically deducted from his card. The offer cannot be used during Happy Hours, nor does it apply to drinks, promotional items and Chinese cuisine.

The action "Happy Hours" is valid on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and also at night - from 3 to 6 a.m. At this time, any dishes can be ordered at a 20% discount.

There are many other suggestions. When re-ordering within two weeks with the last order, the customer receives a Florida roll as a gift. When you purchase any three rolls, the cost of the fourth is only fifty rubles. Offer limited to specific menu items. A similar promotion is valid when ordering pizza. In this case, when ordering two pizzas, the third one will cost only 99 rubles. An additional size of 30 centimeters can be selected from a limited list.

At certain times, special prices apply to pizzas. The offer can be used daily from midnight to 17 hours. Three to five pizzas of thirty centimeters can be purchased at a bargain price. A set of three pizzas will cost 675 rubles, a set of four pizzas will cost 988 rubles, five pizzas for this promotion will cost 1150 rubles.

There is a promotion where you can order two rolls for the price of one. The proposal includes the rolls of Morocco, Fuji, California with Salmon and Black Shogun.

Birthday people can get a birthday present. The promotion is valid three days before the significant date and three days after. To become the owner of a gift, you need to register in your account on the site, indicating the date of birth. And then inform the operator of his desire to receive a gift. The gift includes a baked roll "Perch", udon noodles, vegetables, teriyaki sauce, chicken, one liter of blackcurrant fruit drink and decorative sticks.

Finally, Sakura sushi delivery in St. Petersburg offers to order a profitable two-course lunch for yourself at home or at work. The promotion is valid on weekdays from noon to 4 p.m. The cost of a business lunch is from 174 to 297 rubles, depending on the selected sets of dishes.

Sushi and rolls

Sakura Sushi Delivery Reviews

Feedback on Sakura sushi delivery is controversial. The company attracts all customers with a large and varied menu. Almost anyone can find something to their liking.

For example, for 59 rubles, you can order sushi omelet from nori seaweed, unagi sauce, rice, omelet and sesame or chuk sushi from nori seaweed, chuk and rice. 65 rubles is worth sushi with salmon, 79 - with baked shrimp, crab or mussel. 89 rubles - the price of sushi with eel, shrimp, smoked or spicy salmon, scallop or masago caviar.

The menu has a large selection of rolls. The most profitable cost only 99 rubles. These are rolls with cucumber. For 399 rubles you can order the Philadelphia Chef roll. It includes avocado, cream cheese, salmon and cucumber.

You can order baked rolls. For 139 rubles roll "Krabik hot". It contains crab cream and cheese sauce. Shikoku rolls (cream cheese, eel, masago caviar, tiger shrimp and yaki sauce), Nagoya (cream cheese, salmon, salad shrimp, cucumber, yaki sauce and gouda cheese), Nagashima will be the most expensive in this category. (cream cheese, masago caviar, salmon, crab cream, sesame seeds, unagi and yaki sauces, scallop). Their price is 399 rubles.


Pizza delivery

You can order pizza for almost any taste in sakura delivery sakura in St. Petersburg. Here are the classic options, time-tested, and pizzas prepared according to original author's recipes.

The budget option is thirty-centimeter pizza "Margo" (pizza sauce, mozzarella and basil). It costs 275 rubles. 599 rubles worth thirty-centimeter pizza "Bikmak". It consists of creamy garlic sauce, cheddar cheese, white sesame, dill, bacon, mozzarella, red onion, beef cutlet, paprika, gherkins, jalapenos.

From unusual options for pizza you can order:

  • Caesar (iceberg, chicken, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, Caesar sauce) for 499 rubles.
  • "Cornucopia" (mozzarella cheese, ham, pepperoni, dill, tomato, hunting sausages, parmesan, pickled cucumbers, classic BBQ sauce) for 489 rubles.
  • An interesting option is Ottima pizza (mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, creamy garlic sauce, parmesan, chicken, onions and egg) for 454 rubles.
  • Student's (mozzarella cheese, ham, pizza sauce, chicken, mushrooms, red onion, tomato, parmesan and garlic) for 419 rubles.
  • “Class” (mozzarella cheese, ham, pizza sauce, dill, pepperoni, mushrooms, parmesan) for 399 rubles.
  • "Mafia style" (iceberg salad, tomato paste, onions, creamy garlic sauce, fresh cucumbers, dill, mozzarella, rye dough, tomatoes and chicken) for 399 rubles.
  • “Prosciutto fungi” (pizza sauce, mushrooms, dill, mozzarella, ham) for 365 rubles.
  • "Marcia" (creamy garlic sauce, parsley, mozzarella, mushrooms, rye dough and tomatoes) for 349 rubles.

Dishes for classic dinners

If you want a classic dinner, you can order the usual first and second courses. Of soups, you can choose miso (wakame seaweed, green onions, tofu bean curd) for 79 rubles. Also among the options are cream soup with salmon (salmon, cream, green onions, wakame seaweed, rice, miso broth) for 199 rubles, cheese eel soup (cream, gouda cheese, dill, eel) for 299 rubles and even cold borsch (fresh cucumbers, chicken egg, ham, dill, beets, potatoes, sour cream) for 129 rubles.

The menu offers a wide selection of salads and snacks. Here is a classic side dish - you can order rice at the rate of 55 rubles per hundred grams. One boiled corn costs 119 rubles, a vitamin salad (dill, carrots, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise and cabbage) will cost the same price.

For 199 rubles, they will bring you julienne with mushrooms (mozzarella and cheddar cheese, onions, mushrooms, mushroom broth and cream), pork ears salad (paprika, cucumber, carrots, garlic, soy sauce, cilantro and pork ears) for 225 rubles , spicy mussels or baked for 335 rubles.

For the second one, they can offer kebab from chicken breast for 277 rubles, special with salmon (salmon, dill, salad shrimp, rice, teriyaki and yaki sauces) at a discount for 199 rubles, manti for 255 rubles, pork with shiitake (onions, paprika , soy sauce, pork, shiitake mushrooms, idaho potatoes) for 359 rubles, beef with vegetables (onions, paprika, beef and leek) for 339 rubles. There are also classic versions of European and Russian cuisine - dumplings with fried mushrooms and potatoes, cottage cheese for 165 rubles. Dumplings with cherries will cost 10 rubles more.

Fast food

Burger delivery

Fans of fast food will also find dishes to their liking. 89 rubles - the price of french fries or idaho with cheese sauce or ketchup. For 119 rubles you can order a cheburek with meat, and for 135 - with mozzarella cheese. The menu has several options for potato balls (with cheese and ham for 145 rubles, with cheese - for 159).

225 rubles worth a burger with falafel (fresh cucumbers, iceberg salad, bun, red onion, falafel cutlet, tomatoes and hummus sauce). Lots of shawarma options. For example, with Korean carrots it costs 235 rubles, and with chicken - 229. Street food fans should especially mention the double burger (red onion, iceberg salad, bun, beef cutlet, BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber and cheddar cheese) for 299 rubles, burger with cheese sauce and chicken for 289.

Drinks and Desserts

Finishing the evening is always pleasant with a fresh dessert and drinks. Together with the main order, you can bring carbonated or non-carbonated mineral water, fruit juice from fresh berries, fruit tea, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fantu.

Of the desserts, it should be noted sour cream with strawberries for 109 rubles, honey cake (159 rubles one piece), brownie with raspberries at the same price. Original offer - barry roll (strawberry, cherry and chocolate topping, bananas, cream cheese, cherries). 195 rubles is a classic cheesecake (chocolate and strawberry topping).


A separate category in the menu is pies. A seven-gram Ossetian pie with potatoes costs 299 rubles. There are also pies with eggs and cabbage, mushrooms and potatoes, cherries, strawberries, mushrooms and chicken, raspberries and cottage cheese, meat, ham and cheese.

From Ossetian pies there is another option to order with cheese and potatoes and with meat.

Customer Impressions

Sushi delivery to St. Petersburg

The company’s delivery service operates in many large cities. Including St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen and Nizhny Novgorod. Customers often leave positive reviews about sushi in Sakura, and about many other dishes.

Those who have already ordered food in this company claim that it captivates with high quality products. In reviews of the delivery of Sakura sushi to St. Petersburg, people admire attractive and interesting promotions that stimulate many to order here.

Pleasantly pleased and the price. In reviews of sushi from Sakura to St. Petersburg, affordable prices are noted in comparison with other similar companies, as well as the existing possibility of round-the-clock delivery.


Sushi Delivery Reviews

It should be recognized that there are still too many dissatisfied customers. The number of negative reviews about the delivery of Sakura sushi in St. Petersburg and other cities is higher than you can imagine. Recently, openly limping and product quality. In the reviews of Sakura sushi in St. Petersburg, one can find reports that chicken kebabs are always brought to the winds, besides it looks awful, does not chew at all. Because of this, there is nothing left but to throw out a dish for which not a lot of money was paid. Stale foods are also found in sushi, and the presence of undercooked rice also disappoints.

In reviews of the delivery of sushi "Sakura" customers write about swine and rudeness on the part of employees. As a result, customers often just go hungry. Instead of the promised hour, they don’t bring food after 4, and when trying to find out the reasons, it turns out that the order was simply deleted by the company's managers without any explanation. It is sad to admit it, but you can find such reviews about Sakura sushi in Novosibirsk and many other cities.

Often customers have to deal with outright fraud. The company promises to provide a free order when the courier is late, but in practice does not fulfill its obligations. Even if the courier is late for an hour or more. Do not flatter yourself, even if the operator confirms the receipt of the next order for free. Constantly the deadline for fulfilling this obligation will be postponed, explaining by internal investigations, which can last several weeks.

In their reviews of Sakura sushi in Nizhny Novgorod, customers complain about unskilled employees who are unable to formulate their thoughts correctly, and they also refuse to meet the client. Consumers are misled by promises of nonexistent stocks, while they refuse to conduct an adequate dialogue.

Unfortunately, the company has a complete mess with the organization of delivery. In the reviews of Sakura sushi in Tyumen, customers acknowledge that they have to wait two hours for an order, and each time they call the support service, they only promise that the courier will arrive just within a quarter of an hour. But nothing of the kind happens.

When placing an order directly on the site, and not through the operator, customers have to deal with a situation where such an order is simply ignored. At the same time, they can even withdraw money when paying with a card, but still fail to fulfill their delivery obligations.

The quality of the ordered food leaves much to be desired. Often everything has to be thrown away, with the exception of dishes that, apparently, the cooks of this enterprise do not cook. For example, almond cake. The products are so acidic and nasty that the appetite disappears and there is every desire.

As a result, most of the customers who placed an order with this company no longer return to it.


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