How to stick stickers on gel polish: useful tips. Nail design with stickers.

Women's beauty is a huge work, an uncountable amount of time, a lot of effort, dozens of procedures and impressive financial costs. In fact, in order to maintain a mind-blowing attractiveness and always stay in trend, beautiful women go to all kinds of tricks in the pursuit of bringing their appearance to an ideal. Various gyms, tanning salons, beauty salons, beauty parlors, hairdressers, nail salons, showrooms, shopping centers - where only girls do not have to come for the next portion of beauty. And even if, due to some factors, they don’t have the opportunity to visit the next master to care for their body, they have to carry out a lot of procedures at home. And all in order to look unsurpassed - from the top of the hair to the tips of the nails.

By the way, about nails: one of the most popular and simple options for designing a manicure today is not without reason considered nail design with 3D stickers. How to stick elements of nail decoration on gel polish of a similar plan? What designs with their application at this stage of development of the nail industry are most relevant and in demand?


In the domestic manicure service, the use of stickers as a design for nails appeared recently. Needless to say, in this regard, Western countries have been ahead of us for a long time. While they were already in full swing approbation of nail extensions with acrylic compounds, our Soviet girls hardly managed to get a regular nail polish.

But time is fleeting: everything is changing, modernizing, improving. The so-called bio-substitutes have entered the main stages, and today the "kitchen" of manicure art is actively promoting the use of gel polish and shellac on natural nails as an alternative to extended nails. In this case, one of the most convenient and easy to use is the decoration of the nail plate with all kinds of stickers. Literally every modern fashionista knows today how to apply such simple designs to gel polish. But what are the advantages of such a design?

  • Easy to use - designing nails in this way attracts many people because it is the easiest way to create a beautiful pattern on the nails without any special artistic skills. Even if you are not a master of manicure or you have never been able to draw beautifully in your life, with these kind of stickers you will be able to create an amazing composition from neatly drawn lines and artistically correct outlines without any drawing skills.
  • Speed ​​of application. In addition to the fact that manicure with stickers for nails is incredibly easy to model, it also takes shape quite quickly. No need to pore over the sophistication of the curls or the symmetry of the lines for a long time, you do not need to carefully draw contours and hone the minor flaws of the pattern. Magic stickers will do everything for you. Nail design for gel polish or surface gluing of blanks to the finish with this simple attribute of a manicure decor always looks neat and attractive.
  • Aesthetics - the effect obtained as a result of this method of decoration surprises with its beauty and ease. The correct combination of tint accents and the correct location on the nail plate allow you to get the desired manicure perfectly. Sticking stickers on gel polish (as well as on ordinary varnish, regular gel) is a real pleasure, because it is not only easy and fast, but also incredibly beautiful.
  • Loyal pricing policy - such an element of nail decoration can be fully attributed to the budget. If we talk about stone inlay of the oriental type or a specific combination in the design of pearls with rhinestones, then on their background manicure with stickers for nails is mere trifles.
    The charm of translations


You can talk about the advantages of stickers on gel polish at home or in the salon of a manicure service for a long time. But what are the disadvantages of this method of nail decoration? And are there any negative factors in the application of such a technique for decorating a nail plate?

Rather, it all depends not on what constitutes a similar element of decoration in the nail aesthetics. Here, more attention needs to be paid to how to stick stickers on gel polish or any other base surface correctly. Without observing the relevant recommendations on the sequence of correct drawing illustrations in the form of such translations, you risk spoiling the overall appearance of the manicure. Do not rush, try to transfer the adhesive blanks to your nails carefully. And then you do not have to think about whether there are any drawbacks to this attribute of nail aesthetics.


Before disassembling the instructions on the step-by-step application of adhesive blanks on the nail plate, it is worthwhile to understand what varieties among them exist. After all, the answer to the question of how to stick stickers on gel polish directly depends on what kind of their varieties you are dealing with.

Depending on the basis of the substrate, the stickers are:

  • water - they provide adhesion to the nail by pre-soaking the workpiece in water;
  • adhesive - the basis of the working side of the material is a synthesized adhesive layer, due to which the sticker is removed without additional effort from the substrate and glued directly to the nail plate.

Depending on the method of placement on the nail, the stickers are divided into several types.

  • Local - often represent a specific pattern (rosebud, silhouette of a swallow, image of a butterfly) with its inherent shape and glued to a specific area of ​​the nail plate. For example, if this is a French manicure, stickers on gel polish with a transparent base are glued mainly to the nails of the ring and middle fingers. This is often done in the side of the line that distinguishes between a snow-white smile and a gentle nude of the foundation of the gel coating. Thus, a bright accent in the form of a neat sticker looks even more expressive.
  • Solid - we are talking about pre-cut blanks in the shape of the nail, which are completely applied to the plate and adjusted to the natural size and shape of the nail. Solid stickers most often represent an abstract pattern, which allows you not to bother with the movements and the placement of specific patterns on the plate.
  • Universal - provide for the possibility of a holistic and partial covering of the nail with them. That is, the workpiece can be glued to the nail as a whole or cut out the part that you liked most.

Depending on the appearance and aesthetic component of the sticker can be represented:

  • sliders;
  • photo substrates;
  • translations;
  • 3D stickers;
  • lace;
  • metallic.

The imagination of the developers of manicure decorations does not stop there, every day the most unusual and extravagant ideas of contemporaries burst into life. But it’s also important to know how to apply stickers on gel polish and how to stick them onto your nails correctly.

Solid blanks

Modeling technique

The meaning of any manipulations with manicure is that the nails require prior preparation. Only after they are cleared of the remnants of the previous design, the subsequent stages of the formation of manicure with slides will follow.

The step-by-step technique for decorating nails with stickers consists of the following simple steps:

  1. Training. Nails are cleaned of dirt and residues of materials of the past manicure. Hands are immersed in special baths with warm water (some make the procedure for steaming the hands with hot cream) in order to subsequently easily clean dead skin cells of the cuticle and other elements of all kinds of contaminants (dust, lacquer residues, etc.). Then the nails are dried and prepared for the next step - sawdust.
  2. Gel polish. The standard set of actions when working with shellac or gel polish may differ only in nuances, but in general, the technique for correcting marigolds involves either strengthening them with a gel followed by applying colored biogel, or carrying out the procedure without thickening your plate with gel. First, the nails are filed, they give them the desired shape, then the first layer of gel polish applied is polymerized in an ultraviolet lamp, after which the master applies as many layers of the base material as the client requires, taking into account the saturation of the color obtained. The more saturated you want to get a shade as a result, the more layers of gel polish are applied.
  3. Overlay stickers. How to glue on the nails under the gel polish slider? If you want a long-term effect, it is better to use the overlay overlay just at the finish. If you don’t like to walk with the same design for too long, then it’s quite possible to stick a water sticker on a gel polish, for example. The gluing procedure itself is carried out in two accounts: the desired fragment is cut out of the plate, dropped into a saucer with water for 1-2 minutes, and then with tweezers it is released from the substrate and applied to the nail. It is important to properly align a thin film with a picture on the surface of the nail plate, because the aesthetics and accuracy of the final result depend on this. To fix the application applied to the nail, the slider is covered with a transparent finish.
    Sticker slides

Important Tips

In order for your manicure to be as close as possible to the expected effect - a sophisticated and attractive end result, you need to use several particularly important tips.

  • To conveniently separate the film with the pattern from the substrate, use a toothpick: with it, you will hold the paper as if using a latch, and grasp the treasured translation with tweezers and separate it from the base of the sticker.
  • Use cold water to soften the material. Too hot water can wrinkle the film with the image of the pattern, and then you can not use it.
  • Before sticking, the nails must be pre-dried: do not use oils to soften the cuticles, they can cause your sticker to “ride” over the excessively greasy surface of the nail.
  • After applying a water sticker to the nail, it is imperative to get it wet with a lint-free cloth or cotton pad to remove excess moisture.
  • Do not cut off the tip of the solid sticker on the end of the nail - it’s better to use a nail file. She will perfectly cope with cutting off the unnecessary edge of the slide, but the quality of the manicure will not suffer, and you will not cut off the excess.


Slides (or sliders) are a small rectangular paper plate with pre-defined forms for removal from the substrate. These forms resemble a nail plate, slightly enlarged so that it can be customized to fit the natural size of a natural nail. The colors in this case can be very diverse: stickers for nails with inscriptions on gel polish are also acceptable, and all kinds of patterns imitating the skin of reptiles - pythons and crocodiles, as well as various prints of wild animals - cheetah, leopard, zebra, etc.

Often, in order to create a manicure with the help of slides, water is not required - they are initially made on the adhesive basis of the substrate and are applied to the fingernail in a continuous fashion.

Print of animals and reptiles

Photo pad

Another original form of such a plan of manicure applications is photo substrate. The point is that on such elements of nail decoration, patterns or prints are usually not drawn, as is the case with translations and sliders. Here the so-called effect of photographic negative is applied. In this vein, stickers with images in the form of portraits are very successful. On miniature photos there can be both images of Franklin with his notorious image on a hundred-dollar bill, and portraits of domestic and foreign star idols. There may be plenty of options. How to make a manicure with gel polish with stickers in the form of photo substrates? The technique of its creation one in one is similar to the design of marigolds using sliders. The most successful is a manicure on a snow-white base basis - here the boundaries of the outlines will be visible much more clearly than on any other background.

Photo substrates and portraits on nails


Translations are called those same water stickers that were mentioned earlier. Basically, these are individual clippings of various flowers, branches of amazing plants, petals of bright buds. In a word, one of the most frequent topics here is spring. Nail design with spring decor has always been considered a manifestation of femininity, serenity, a kind of girlish immediacy. That is why all of these flowers and butterflies are so appropriate and, by the way, made in the selection of translations for nails. They can be made both in black and white (silhouette patterns), and as multi-colored stickers. In spring, nail design is better, of course, to refresh with bright colors. Therefore, bright lemon, raspberry, green, orange, red, blue, and violet shades of the base gel polish are selected as the basis. In addition to pasted translations in the form of daisies, for example, dot rhinestones can be placed in their central zones. The design will gain a twist and will look even more elegant and attractive.

Spring design

3D stickers

The fundamental difference between these stickers is that they are implemented in a cut-off form along the contour of the object depicted in the figure. This can be a Christmas tree, penguin, panda face, candle, letter, umbrella, petal and much, much more. The essence of such stickers is that they are denser in thickness, and therefore slightly protrude above the level of the nail, literally 0.5-1 mm above the surface of the nail plate. In spring, the design of nails with the use of such stickers can be selected in a fruit or berry or citrus style: a juicy apple or a bright orange in a section look very accentuated both on a transparent nude background of a fingernail and on a bright light base.

Since 3D stickers are made on an adhesive basis, the technique of applying them to the nail is manifested in fact in a couple of movements: separation from the stencil and application to the surface of the nail.


One of the favorite female designs is not the first season is a glamorous metallic. Adhesive substrates - analogues of foil - look elegant on the nails. This amazing mirror effect looks amazing both in a continuous coating, and in the case with the design of the smile line of a French manicure. And if you take as a basis a golden foil sticker, then with this color blanks you can create a truly solid and noble design.

Silver metallic


How to use stickers on gel polish if imitation of expensive openwork lace is used as adhesive material? The technique is the same: the base of the application is often formed on glue. Therefore, it is not difficult to separate the expressive black or pure snow-white guipure from the substrate and place it on the plate in the desired perspective. Here, the subtlety of the work of a master (or a girl seeking to create a guipure manicure at home) lies precisely in the accuracy of applying the source material to the plate itself, as well as in choosing the right angle. The background also plays an important role: if the lace is black, the snow-white color is ideal for the base gel. If the lace is white, then the background, respectively, is better to choose in dark colors. It can be anthracite, graphite, electrician, opal, emerald, fuchsia, chocolate, marsala and many other colors in a similar shade group.

Lace stickers are best fastened with a more durable composition, so ordinary varnish is unlikely to work here. For a stronger fixation on the nail plate, it is most appropriate to use a gel polish finish followed by drying in a UV lamp.


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