Nail extension kits at home

An artificial nail plate is currently not surprising anyone. Now in every beauty salon there is more than one master who will quickly and efficiently lengthen your nails. However, such a procedure has a high cost. For women who want to save money, nail extension kits are ideal. They may have a different composition. Among the products presented by the manufacturer, you can choose the right materials. The nail extension kit will be described in this article. You will also learn how to use it.

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Where to buy nail extension kits?

These products can be purchased on the Internet. Now manufacturers of manicure products are creating their own sites, by going to which you can choose exactly what you need.

Nail extension kits are also sold in specialized stores and salons. It is worth noting that at such points the price of products may be somewhat overstated. So, a nail extension kit with a lamp will cost you about 5-8 thousand rubles. Much depends on the composition and manufacturer.

Kit for nail extension at home: the basic composition

To make the nails beautiful and strong, you must correctly use all the components of the kit. Among the required components are gel, brushes, files, primers and stencils. This is a starter kit for nail extensions. At the request of the client or manufacturer, the kit may include a lamp, a buff, a degreaser, a cloth to wipe the plate, some tools for manicure and nail coating. Consider how the individual components that are included in the nail extension kits are used.

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Nail files and manicure tools

Before you start building, it is necessary to process the plate. This can be done with the soft included file. Peel off the thin film from the natural marigold. Try not to overdo it. Otherwise, you will damage the plate.

Treat the cuticle. Do not use oil or water formulations for this. Apply a dry method to remove rough skin. If a machine is attached to the extension kit, then you can perform this procedure with its help.

nail extension kit at home

Stencils and Primer

If you want to do a nail extension, a starter kit will help you with this. It always includes stencils and a primer.

Stencils have an adhesive base. Using these parts, the length of the future plate is selected. Put a stencil on each finger and determine the shape and length. A primer is a liquid that acts as a primer. It must be applied in a thin layer on the nail along the entire perimeter. After this, do not wipe the plate. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the manipulation.

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Gel for building

Nail extension kit contains gel. It can be in the amount of three pieces. All these boxes must be used in the process. First, a thin base layer is applied. This gel is very liquid. Therefore, you need to work carefully. Then the fingers are dried in a lamp for several minutes. After this, a sculpting composition is applied. With its help, the nail plate is drawn (length and shape). Dry this layer in the lamp for 10-15 minutes. The final layer is applied last. Before this, you can apply a design or varnish your nails.

Alternatively, the nail extension kit may contain one gel bottle. This composition has the so-called three-in-one substance. It is applied in three steps, like the previous version. It is worth noting that this option is more budget.

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Degreaser and buff: application

After thoroughly drying the plates, the stencils must be peeled off. Remember that in the process of building you can not wet your hands. Many experts say that after the procedure it is worthwhile to refrain from water for another two hours. However, high-quality gel allows you not to adhere to such rules.

Take the included files and give the nails a more regular shape. Inspect all surfaces. If necessary, cut off the tubercles and defects. Next, use the buff to level the surface. Use the rough side for this, and then sand it soft.

Moisten a cloth in a degreaser and treat the plate. Remove nail dust from hard to reach areas. After that, wipe your fingers with a clean cloth.

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Drawing design

Some nail kits contain nail polish or paint to create patterns. It is worth saying that such options are, respectively, more expensive than simpler sets.

The design can be applied under the gel or use any other fixing coating. Paint dries on its own in the air. Gel polish must be processed in a lamp. Remember these conditions. You can also cover the plate with regular varnish. With the independent collection of the components of the kit, you will be presented with a choice of coating and its shade.

Consumer Reviews

The set for nail extension reviews is only positive. Representatives of the weaker sex say that the price of the composition pays off after 2-6 months. Much of this depends on the composition of the kit.

Also, women say that there is no longer a need to go to the master when the marigold is damaged. You can quickly and at any time repair the plate at home. After a few months of regular use, the fairer sex masters the technique of nail extension. Many of them give up their usual work in favor of manicure services. It is worth noting that the earnings in this case are decent.

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Instead of a conclusion

You now know what sets for nail extensions are. You also learned about the main and additional compositions of this product. Use the product according to the instructions. Make sure that the gel dries well in the lamp. In this case, the nails will delight you for a long time with their beauty.

Correction is also done with a nail extension kit. If you are going to wear such a manicure for a long time, it makes sense to purchase a kit with a typewriter. With this device, you can easily file off the plate and remove a layer of unnecessary gel. Also, with the help of this machine you can quickly and effortlessly make dry manicure. Use the nail extension kit with pleasure. If necessary, purchase individual components. Be beautiful!


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