Is inflicting light harm on health punishable?

For a general understanding - causing slight harm to health is accompanied by a temporary, usually not very long-term health disorder, or disability for a short period of time.

Causing intentional harm of this nature, a person may be subject to criminal punishment, but if intent is not seen, then there will be no criminal prosecution.

The guilty person is obliged to compensate the damage that was done to the victim in full, not excluding the loss of profit. This is governed by the principles of civil liability.

If inflicting light harm to health is regarded as unintentional, then when drawing up a claim for a civil court it is better to involve a person closely associated with such cases, that is, a lawyer. Because in matters of this nature there are many nuances that only a specialist can understand. Only in this case, the victim will receive payments for the harm done to him.

Health damage can be caused without intent, for example, in a traffic accident.

Article 12.24 states: a violation of traffic rules or the rules of using a vehicle that caused bodily harm to a traffic participant or pedestrian is subject to administrative punishment with a fine of up to 1,500 rubles, or deprivation of a driver’s license for up to one and a half years.

What is meant by causing minor harm?

A health disorder for a short period, that is, the victim is disabled for a certain time, usually it is no more than 21 days, or three weeks. Such injuries include fractures where the use of gypsum is necessary, wounds requiring suturing, concussion, fractures of the facial bones (nose, jaw).

There are such victims who do not see much difference, whether it is intentional causing minor harm to health or not. Therefore, if we consider the accident, in some cases, the participants disperse peacefully. And the victim does not even realize that he was injured in health, for which he can receive compensation through the court. In addition, if he did not record the injuries inflicted in a medical institution, he would not have to rely on payments.

Consider the example of injury.

A certain citizen was punched in the nose. The victim did not immediately go to the hospital, although there were reasons for this. Bleeding did not stop for a long time. The next day, when contacting the clinic, he was examined by a doctor, where he was diagnosed with a fracture of the nasal bones. The conclusion of the examination is the infliction of slight harm to health, that is, striking with a blunt object, which could be a fist. Here, a citizen can count on compensation for the damage done through the court after presenting all the necessary medical certificates.

As mentioned above, it is better to bring a lawyer to write a statement of claim . And, nevertheless, we’ll talk about how to make a claim on our own.

In a statement, you can, even need to demand, in addition to compensation for harm to health, also material compensation for the moral suffering caused.

When applying to court with a lawsuit, you do not have to delay time until the facts are fresh and it is not difficult to prove them. In addition, this category of claims has a statute of limitations. After three years, your claim will be invalid.

If you inflicted light harm to your health, you can also contact a lawyer who will direct all your actions in the right direction, and they will deal with the court in fairness. Recently, there have been many cases of extorting money from persons who, by the will of fate, find themselves in the place of the inflicter of unintentional minor harm to health.


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