How to make a deck chair with your own hands: step by step instructions

This piece of furniture is mainly used in country houses, town houses, cottages. With its help, a comfortable time is spent among friends, acquaintances, and family. In this article we will consider the process of making a deck chair with your own hands.

Reasons for its production

An original piece of furniture, created independently, can give a unique look to the design of the territory. A rocking chair will be appropriate to fit into any interior, both under canopies or in the shade of trees, and in the sun. The created chaise lounge with your own hands can be used for dolls and other toys of children, as well as for newborns when placing this chair under a canopy.


DIY chaise lounge

This product is characterized by many positive qualities, thanks to which the made wooden deck chair, made with your own hands, has become quite popular.

We list the main ones:

  • special design, providing a convenient location of the backs, armrests and seats, creating maximum comfort for a person; the latter is achieved in any position - both semi-sitting and semi-reclining;
  • it can be used for sunbathing, as well as for children and their toys when placed under a canopy;
  • ease of handling and high and convenient mobility;
  • can be used as benches for rest;
  • the bulk of the wood products of this type are folding; when it is folded, it occupies a small space;
  • A self-made deck chair should be of high quality, durable and durable.

Using the appropriate drawings, even an unprepared consumer can, in combination with this instruction, create this piece of furniture.

Classification of chaise lounges

Do-it-yourself photo of deckchairs made of wood

It is carried out according to the characteristic features that are inherent in them:

  1. Monolithic - are a single item in which all the components are firmly connected to each other. It is able to withstand heavy loads, as it is very durable. But in them you can not change the angle of the backrest, they can not be folded, so they are difficult to move and store.
  2. Monolithic with special inserts - equipped with additional decorative fragments. This reduces the reliability and durability of these products, but improves aesthetic performance.
  3. Portable - they have special mechanisms that allow you to change the position of these seats or their configuration. In particular, you can change the angle of the supports for the legs, backs of the head restraints or themselves. They are foldable, easy to transport and easy to store. Such do-it-yourself deckchairs for summer cottages are best suited.
  4. Chairs with metal bases are more difficult to make on their own. They are mostly purchased ready-made. There are steel or aluminum frames on which strong fabric is fixed. They are characterized by low weight, sufficiently high mobility and compactness. They are also the most resistant to various contaminants that occur during operation.

Tools and materials for the creation of a deck chair

The process of their manufacture is simplified by many craftsmen, and today even some drawings are not needed for some models. But, as in any other business, certain knowledge and labor will be needed to ensure that the resulting product is beautiful, durable and reliable.

Square for the manufacture of a deck chair

The main list of materials, tools and accessories for creating a do-it-yourself deck chair:

  • saws;
  • wood putties;
  • roulette;
  • sandpaper;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • square;
  • marker;
  • paint;
  • drill;
  • boards measuring 400 x 2.5 × 8 cm - 4 pieces;
  • wooden bars 400 x 5 x 10 cm - 3 pieces;
  • studs for fixation - 2 pieces.


The dimensions of the deck chair with your own hands can correspond to the size of the body of the master who makes it or of other owners to whom this creation will go after creation. You can use a standard size - 60 x 190 cm.

Frame assembly

In order to answer the question: “How to make a deck chair with your own hands?”, We will consider the entire manufacturing process in stages.

First, a solid frame is created. For this, 4 parts are created from a wooden beam: 2 of them are longitudinal 2.15 m long, 2 are transverse with a length of 0.5 m.

After that proceed to the craft of seats. They are made of boards cut into 60 cm long bars. 13 such bars are harvested.

The created frame is fixed with self-tapping screws, the distance between it and the resulting segments should be 1 cm.

Do-it-yourself deck chair made of wood

Creation of legs and backs

Next, create the legs. It is better to create double supports with a length of 35 cm. They are made of wooden blocks.

At the next stage, we make the back. To make it, you will need two parts of 88 cm and three of 39 cm.

Then we fix the back boards on the frame along the length of the deck chair. So that the design was an aesthetic appearance, round the top of the boards.

The back, in order to change its position, is attached to the base. To do this, drill at a distance of 9 cm from the edge of the seat hole. The grooves must be made through to ensure free passage between the two structures.

DIY photo of a deck chair

The created chaise lounge is fixed with studs on both sides. At the heart of the design are two grooves in which the support bars are inserted to fix the backrest in various positions. One groove of 5 x 10 cm is made at a distance of 9 cm from the location of the stud. The second - 5 x 5 cm - is made 20 cm from the first. A 60 cm wooden beam is horizontally placed in the first recess, which will allow the back to be fixed in a half-sitting position. So that the angle of inclination can change and it is possible to assume a semi-recumbent position, the first beam is pulled and the board is mounted in the second groove in the vertical position.

After that, the whole structure is cleaned with zero sandpaper and covered with paint or varnish. This completes the manufacture of a wooden deck chair with your own hands.

Additional tips

To extend the life of the deck chair, it is necessary to treat the wooden surfaces with protective fluids, which will prevent its premature damage from direct sunlight, insects, rains and other force majeure circumstances. You can use glaze or high-quality varnish designed for woodwork, oil or wood vinegar.

Awning on a chaise lounge

In order to create additional protection, the deck chair is equipped with an awning. This is especially true in areas with frequent rains and hot climates. To do this, take 4 bolts with washers and wing nuts. The heads of the bolts are cut off, the end where there is no thread is sharpened so that its appearance resembles a four-sided shallow wedge. A fabric awning is attached to the top of the awning and the battens of the back with bolts.

To soften the back and seat, you can put a rolled towel on them. It is better to fold it in several layers and sew in several places. You can put a small mattress.

Photos of deck chairs made of wood with their own hands are placed in the article.

Making a tubular deck chair

Above, we looked at how to make a wooden structure of this furniture product. But it can be somewhat cheaper if you use plastic pipes.

Do-it-yourself lounge chairs from pipes can be made entirely of plastic - they are designed for adults, as well as a small number of them and a seat made of thick fabric - designed for children.

For manufacturing you will need:

  • 2 inch PVC pipes;
  • G- and T-shaped connectors - 8 and 6 pieces, respectively.

We connect 2 vertical strips having a length of 30 and 45 cm with a connector in the shape of the letter "T". At the ends we put on L-shaped ones. We do the same with the second vertical. One horizontal crossbar should be solid, 66 cm long. It is attached to a T-shaped connection directed inside the structure.

Two 30 cm pipes are mounted on the other side, which are combined with a T-adapter, turned half a right angle from the long side.

As a result, the design should be strictly rectangular.

To create a connection on which the seat will rotate, you need to insert a 5-centimeter pipe into the T-connector and fix it with another same connector.

Long sides are created in this way. Pipes 30 and 45 cm long are used, the connector is L-shaped. A continuous 30 cm pipe goes to the cross member, as well as 2 20 cm pipes with a T-connector.

DIY pipe chaise lounge

The result is an inserted one rectangle in another.

We place the seat between the short side of the horizontal and the vertical length of this quadrangle. We adjust the level of the necessary slope. We measure the distance between the free T-connectors. We cut off the pipe of the required length. Between these connectors we put this segment as a backup.

We measure how much fabric is needed on this deck chair. We stock up with a dense fabric such as canvas, jeans. We hem the edges and fix it on the structure.

Photos of the chaise lounge, created by oneself, are given in the article.

Creating a fabric deck chair

To do this, you will need:

  • bolts and nuts 8 cm;
  • round sticks - 1 pc. diameter 65 cm, 2 - 60 and 2 - 50 cm;
  • nails with round caps;
  • sandpaper;
  • bars 25 x 60 cm thick;
  • glue;
  • file;
  • durable fabric 200 x 50 cm.

From wood, you can take raw materials from beech, birch or oak.

From the fabrics you can take jeans, canvas, tarpaulin, teak for mattresses, camouflage.

Wood and fabric chaise lounge

At the base of the deck chair are three frames:

A. 1200 x 600 mm.

B. 1100 x 550 mm.

V. 650 x 620 mm.

Boards are prepared and polished. We retreat in the longitudinal bars of 40 and 70 cm, drill holes that match the diameter of the bolts. We carry out grinding files.

In detail B, we make cuts, backing 7-10 cm. They will allow you to change the position of the back. 3-4 holes are cut out, which are ground.

According to the scheme, we make holes intended for connection.

We connect the frames A and B, then A and B with bolts. You can grease the ends of round rails with PVA, which will give them greater reliability.

We put the fabric in the folded position on the deck chair. It should be slightly stretched. We measure and hem the fabric, and then attach it to the deck chair. Round slats are either wrapped around it or put on with loops that are previously made on it along the edge of the fabric base. In the first case, the fabric is nailed using small nails.


Creating a deck chair with your own hands is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. There are tons of build options. This article discusses three different options: one made of pure wood, one made of plastic pipes and one made of wood and fabric. Following the advice given in it, you can make quite aesthetic and reliable sun loungers for a summer house or a country house with your own hands. The choice of option depends on the tastes and preferences of the master creating this piece of furniture.


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