Port of Temryuk: history, location

Surely every person at least once heard such a name for the area as Tmutarakan. For some reason, it is generally accepted that it is a household word. And associations with this name are “backwoods”, “outbacks” or “remote provinces”. In fact, the settlement bearing this name existed on the territory of today's Taman Peninsula. The plot of land that divides the two seas (Black and Azov) is cut up by many estuaries. And only one district is located here - Temryuk. Its administrative center is the city of Temryuk.

port of Temryuk


Back in the XIV century, in the territory of the modern city was Copa - a Genoese colony. At the end of the XV - beginning of the XVI century it was replaced by the city of Tumnev, which is part of the Crimean Khanate. Several centuries ago (in 1556), the Kabardian prince Temryuk Idarovich built a fortress and named it by his name. In less than twenty years, the fortress again passed to the Crimean Khan and was renamed - now this territory was called Adis. Three centuries after its founding, the settlement received the status of a city. By the way, in just 10 years, the population of the city almost doubled: in 1860, 4,500 thousand people lived here, and in 1970 - already about 8500.

Seaport of Temryuk

Just 4 kilometers from the city of Temryuk is the eponymous seaport. It is located where the richest river in the Kuban region flows into the Sea of ​​Azov. This port appeared by decree of Alexander II on March 31, 1860. In the document, the emperor says that a port is opening on the Sea of ​​Azov, and the port city of Temryuk is being established next to it.

The appearance of the sea gate was a powerful impetus to the development of the city. In 1861, a post office was opened here; four years later, a telegraph station appeared. Another five years passed, and a city public bank was established in Temryuk. Then the Indo-European telegraph began to operate in the city. Actively developing shipping became the reason that 450,000 rubles were allocated for the construction of the closed port. During the work, the sleeve of the Kuban River was fenced off from the canal and connected to the sea. When the construction of the port was completed, already 15 thousand people lived in the city. Port of Temryuk has become a leading enterprise in the area. Representatives of companies from Greece and France opened here.

Temryuk port

Navigation problems

For several decades, the main problem of the port has been high drift. Due to significant sand deposits, the port was accessible only to small-sitting vessels. They tried to deepen the bottom more than once, but the desired results were not achieved. To solve this problem, funds were needed. Moreover, the amount was so large that a new port could be built on it. The First World War, the revolution and the economic collapse of the Soviet Union delayed the solution of port problems.

For fourteen years (from 1935 to 1949), the Temryuk seaport was the property of the USSR Ministry of Navy. In the summer of 1949, it was transferred to the Ministry of Fisheries. Nine years later, the port was abolished, merging with the fishery of the city of Temryuk. It was possible to return the status only in 1994.

Modern port

Today Temryuk (port) continues to expand rapidly. He has everything for economic development. From year to year the total cargo turnover is growing. In the first half of 2016, it amounted to 1 million 400 thousand tons of cargo. Experts note a steady increase in the transshipment of liquid chemical goods and inert materials necessary for the construction of a gas pipeline from the Kuban to Crimea.

19 berths are ready to receive vessels whose length does not exceed 140 meters, width - 17.5 meters, and draft should not be more than 4.6 meters. The port of Temryuk operates year-round.

Port Caucasus

Temryuk port Caucasus

On the spit with the funny name Chushka, located in the Kerch Strait of the Sea of ​​Azov, is the port of Kavkaz. This is the fifth port in terms of cargo turnover in Russia. Its capacity is 400 thousand passengers per year. In addition, it allows you to take railway ferries.

The port of Caucasus was built in the middle of the last century. Then his main purpose was to service the ferry and the implementation of multimodal transport. In 2004, the port was reconstructed. Since then, the number of ships and the cargo turnover indicator has not ceased to increase. About 30 voyages per day are made from the port - the ferry leaves every half an hour. Waiting for loading, not exceeding an hour, will pass unnoticed in the spacious hall where the cafe works. The only problem is the dependence of the port on weather conditions. It will be possible to solve it by putting the bridge across the Kerch Strait into operation .

distance from temryuk to port Caucasus

Fans of traveling in the southern part of the country are often worried about the distance from Temryuk to the port of Caucasus. In a straight line between these two points on the map is only 55.1 kilometers. However, the actual distance is more than 66.8 km. You can overcome this distance by car in an hour. Fans of hiking will need more time - the journey from Temryuk to the port of Caucasus will take a little more than 13 hours. Alternatively, buses can also be reached.

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