Beautiful and original design of nails with red varnish: review, ideas and reviews

Each season brings us new trends. Actual in each of them red color over and over again gaining its place on the nails of fashionistas. Lovers of the trend are offered various variations of the design of nails with red varnish. Which ones - we will analyze in more detail in this article.

Red manicure - a universal classic

For over half a century, manicure with red varnish has not gone out of fashion. Appearing for the first time on the nails of Italian fashionistas, he quickly became popular. Now nail design ideas in red varnish are quite diverse. Each representative of the fair sex can choose their ideal shade and application option.

Red varnish

Such a manicure is popular in various styles, which determines its relevance at all times. Nail design with red polish is a universal solution for any occasion. But before we go directly to nail art, we need to familiarize ourselves with some recommendations. The choice of the shade of red varnish and the shape of the nails plays an important role in this manicure.

Nail Design Tips with Red Varnish

The first thing to remember: manicure with red varnish does not tolerate negligence. Carefully prepare your hands for applying varnish. When applying red varnish, be extremely careful. Do not leave unpainted areas of the nail and do not climb beyond its borders.

If you want to do not monochrome manicure, but dilute red with other colors, then in this case you should be careful. It is better to use red in combination with the classic options: gold, white and black.

Palette red

Red color has many shades. When choosing, you should proceed from the shape of the nails and the shade of your skin. So, on too long nails, a bright red color will look vulgar. It is better to use matte shades, such as burgundy and cherry.

Also, the burgundy color will look great on the nails of a woman with short fingers.

Choose a shade of red should also be depending on the skin tone. So, the representatives of warm shades are better to opt for scarlet, coral, strawberry and terracotta flowers. The color of burgundy wine, fuchsia, cherry and raspberry will look better on cold skin tones.

Red and white manicure

Red and white manicure

One of the most popular options for red manicure is to dilute it with white. Their combination is suitable both for everyday life and for special events.

You can use white as a background to create an unusual pattern. If you want to give tenderness to your image, then use red as the background, on which depict white monograms as white. This manicure looks exquisite.

Red manicure with gold

Gold and red combined with each other form a luxurious pair. Such a manicure, truly royal, is used for special occasions. Used for this nail design option with red gel polish, matte finish, glitter, gel polymer or regular varnish.

Red with gold

Decorating red with gold accents is diverse. This can be an unusual version of the French manicure, monogram, as well as a variety of ornaments.

In order for a red manicure with gold not to look vulgar, you should adhere to some recommendations:

  • The best shade for this option of manicure will be dark tones. Against their background, gold will look the most advantageous.
  • The surface of the nail should be matte. So, a manicure will look more natural.
  • The manicure will look graceful on the nails of an almond shape.
  • Remember: if the design uses a gold color, then you should not add silver to your image.

Black and red manicure

Black + red colors

Women who want to show their passion and confidence should consider making a nail design with black and red varnish. Such a design is more suitable for publication: it will be appropriate for a lady who has gathered for a party or a festive celebration. But there are options for black and red manicure, characterized by restraint, which can be used in everyday life.

Black and red manicure can be done using stencils. The basis will be various shades of red. This is at the discretion of the owner of the nails, wishing to achieve a particular effect. Gently, without touching the contour line of the cuticle, apply the red base to the entire nail.

Black and red manicure

Wait for the varnish to dry completely. Only after that can you start drawing. To do this, attach a stencil on the nail in the form of stripes, squares, triangles or circles. The next step will be re-coating the nail with varnish, but now black. Stencils must be removed only after it dries. For fastening use a transparent fastener.

With the same success, you can perform a similar nail design black with red gel polish at the master.

Red manicure with addition

When designing nails with red varnish with rhinestones, attention should be paid to the length of the nails. If they are long, then this option of manicure is suitable for special occasions. Red nails decorated with rhinestones will look organic if the length of the nail is short.

Red with rhinestones

A red manicure will look organic with the use of additional decorative elements, if rhinestones are applied not to all nails, but only as a light addition on one nail of each hand.

New Year's motives

More than ever, nail design with red varnish is relevant in the New Year and New Year time. Red color is associated with a holiday and uplifting.

As an option for New Year's manicure, you can offer the following. For the base coat: matte burgundy color - apply various patterns. It can be white snowflakes, falling snow, snowdrifts, fluffy branches of Christmas trees, funny snowmen.

New Year's motives

The proposed drawings can be done at home, of course, with sufficient artistic experience. The easiest nail polish design with red polish is drawing snowflakes. To do this, apply a drop of white varnish to the base, whose role is played by a red pearl shade. Then, gently using a needle or a toothpick (anyone who is more comfortable and familiar), stretch it to the edges of the nail. So, without much difficulty, you will get charming New Year's motives on your nails.

If the classical combination of white and red colors is presented in the form of alternating oblique stripes, then on the nails you get something like delicious candies.

French with red varnish

French manicure with red polish

It has long become a classic French manicure can be performed in an unusual combination. To carry out such a design, it is necessary to apply a transparent or flesh varnish to the nail. On the line of the grown edge, attach a semicircular or triangular stencil. Cover the nail plate along the line of the grown edge with red varnish. To top it, fix with clear varnish.


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