How to send a registered letter correctly

Sometimes there is a need to transfer important information or documents to another person. You can send by registered mail, it is safe and fast. It is guaranteed to reach the addressee, will be handed personally in hand against receipt, and the sender will have a receipt. Consider the following questions: how to send a registered letter? What is needed for this and how to do it correctly?

Types of postal items

Mailings come in several forms. The first is open type letters, the easiest way, but not very reliable.

how to send a registered letter
Any postal employee can see the information. They are sent without an envelope, simply folded, therefore they received such a name (they are also called “postcards”).

The second is ordinary letters. The most famous and common type of mail for many people, they are put in an envelope and forwarded. But the guarantee of data safety during transfer is also small.

The third type is registered letters. They are made out for sending personally by the author at any post office. Delivered to the address and handed directly to the addressee or he will be invited to the post office to receive the order. This type of sending is the most faithful, convenient and safe. If you do not know how to send a registered letter, you can contact the department to specialists who will help you draw it up correctly.

Established requirements

It is important to know the requirements for registered mail. The maximum weight should be no more than 100 grams, sizes - from 110 * 220 mm to 229 * 324 mm. If the attachment is lightweight (for example, 50 grams), then an envelope of the usual format is suitable.

how to quickly send a registered letter
If the weight or size is more, it is worth contacting the specialists of the communication department. Employees will help you choose the appropriate envelope and tell you in detail how to send a registered letter. Delivery should be in tightly sealed and properly designed envelopes.

A letter of delivery is attached to the registered letter, which requires filling and is attached to the back of the envelope. All requirements for size and weight must be observed. If they do not comply with the standards, then it will be impossible to send by mail, the letter will simply be returned to the sender. The procedure itself is simple, you can immediately understand how to quickly send a registered letter. Special skill is not required for this.


A common type of mail is registered letters with a notice. It is reliable and safe. You need to contact the post office, buy the right envelope and stamps.

how to draw up a registered letter
Then it’s the turn to start signing it. You must specify the full address and full name addressee (recipient). On the lines reserved for the data of the addressee (sender), the relevant details are entered. The envelope is carefully sealed. A note is also put that the letter is issued with a notice. It can be of several types: simple or valuable, cash on delivery or registered.

The next step is to fill out the notice itself. The address and name of the addressee are indicated on the one hand, and the addressee on the other. Then, the liaison office staff will carefully attach the notice to the envelope so that all the data is visible. The main thing is to know how to correctly send a registered letter, because the initial result will depend on this. When it is delivered to the indicated recipient, the notification will be sent back (it must be saved, since it is a supporting document).

How to send a registered letter so that it accurately finds the addressee? At the designated place on the envelope, a stamp is glued and given to a specialist for weighing. After the procedure you will be told how much should be paid for the services. Be sure to wait for the receipt, as it contains complete information about the shipment. The type, date and time of sending, the weight of the letter and the name of the employee, address and full name are indicated. recipient, barcode letters.

Track registered mail path
how to find the registered mail sent

If you have a question about how to find the registered letter sent, we note that now it is easy to track its movement. After paying for the service, the person who did the sending receives a number of fourteen digits. Then you need to find the Russian Post site, it says in detail how to use the barcode to track the path of your registered letter. Of course, you will need to wait for a while until a notification arrives. The delivery process can be shortened in time if you arrange air delivery or sending first class.

If in the process something becomes incomprehensible, then the employees working in the department will help to figure out how to send a registered letter.


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