The famous Riga market

Riga market ... It is unlikely that there will be at least one modern person who has never in his life heard of this place. Rumor has it that it is here that you can buy anything, from flowers as a gift to your girlfriend and ending with various kinds of smuggling.

Section 1. General description of the object

Riga market
The famous Riga Market is located at the intersection of Prospekt Mira and the third transport ring in Moscow, not far from the metro station Riga. Opposite it is the station building of the same name.

In the late eighties of the last century, this State Unitary Enterprise became a famous place. Popularity was added to him by the sensational series "Brigade", where three friends were engaged in racketeering in the Riga market.

It should be noted that it is open to visitors every day, but the place is quite specific, not all will suit it. Low prices for goods - a tempting prospect. But at the same time, as a rule, you will encounter a crowd of people, many of whom are very hostile. And for possession of the best product will still have to fight.

Those who are not afraid of this situation know that when you leave the metro at the Rizhskaya station and go to the Krestovsky department store and turn around the Euroset store, you will certainly get to the market.

Section 2. Riga market. How it all began

Riga market opening hours
Krestovsky Zastava was a shopping center at the beginning of the twentieth century. Sellers developed their activities inside the market building and right on the square. In 1982, the Moscow City Council decided to build the modern building of the Riga Market.

During perestroika, a wide variety of foreign and domestic products are actively sold here. As a rule, rare things were sent to the Riga market (Moscow) . It was possible to buy at this place absolutely everything, not excluding counterfeit goods. The Riga market is already becoming a place with a wide range of fresh flowers.

Later, the government loses control over the development of trade: racketeers dominate the market. At the beginning of this century, measures are being taken to eliminate unrest and unauthorized trade in the Riga market. The former mayor of Moscow in 2004 signed a decree on liquidation of the market. In its place, it was decided to erect the Krestovsky shopping complex. But in 2006 a decision was made to reconstruct the market, and today it functions as before.

Section 3. Riga market. Flower center

Riga market Moscow
Customers, visiting any flower shop, sometimes do not even realize that all the goods presented at the point were bought on the Riga market. This is the place where you can buy fresh flowers both in large bulk and in small retail. Moreover, not only Muscovites are bought here, but also representatives from other Russian regions.

Riga market ... Opening hours allow you to buy goods almost around the clock.

Roses, orchids, chrysanthemums, carnations can be purchased for little money. All this is only for sale in a strictly defined place. You can find such attractive prices in the right row from the entrance, but do not go deep, wholesale points are at the beginning of the market. By the way, retail goods can also be purchased with profit there.

Fresh flowers are delivered twice a week, on such days there are especially many buyers on the Riga market. But the likelihood to buy low quality goods here. Carefully consider what you intend to purchase. This is especially true for large packages of flowers.


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