Ex-wife is not a cause for torment

Divorce statistics in our country are growing inexorably every year. And these are only official data and facts. And how many people "scatter", simply having lived in a civil marriage, it is impossible to count.

For many women in a new relationship, the ex-wife becomes a stumbling block . Often, a child is also attached to it, or even not one. And if, entering into this new relationship, it is possible to somehow get rid of the unnecessary second half, then there are no former children. And if at least a drop of conscience and consciousness remains in a man, then his current companion has to somehow put up with a phenomenon such as β€œex-wife”, which is not always easy to do.

Psychology is a strange thing, and the subconscious is a mysterious thing. By marrying a man with a history of a former spouse, a woman begins to compare herself with her, thereby reducing her self-esteem. Often this happens unconsciously, contrary to the wishes of the most newly-made spouse, but it is difficult to do anything about it, although it is possible.

This situation will improve slightly if the ex-wife starts dating someone or remarries.

Then a man’s meeting with her will be minimized, and his current woman will be somehow calmer.

Well, if the situation is not very lucky, then you need to try to somehow move away from comparison, try to convince yourself that each person is unique and some of your qualities attract a man much more, since he is currently nearby. And with this thought you need to calmly continue to live on, without winding yourself over trifles.

According to many psychologists, men also compare their ex-wives, girlfriends with real ones. This is quite natural and often happens unconsciously.

If you do not take into account the suspiciousness of women who believe that when comparing a man, he most likely prefers his ex, then not everything is so bad. After all, no one can "get into" the head of another person to find out what he is thinking about. And if the comparison is in favor of today's life, and the current wife is already standing behind her with a rolling pin in her hands? You should not turn into an enraged fury, it is much better to just calmly accept the fact of comparison, as inevitability in life.

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If you harass a loved one with constant nit-picking, jealousy of his past, then he may have the thought of how to return his ex-wife. Indeed, sometimes people break up for some far-fetched reasons, because they could not find out something and talk about something.

With her behavior, a woman can both refute and confirm the idea that an ex-wife is better. To do this, you should not do anything extraordinary, you just have to constantly β€œget” the man with constant comparisons and jealousy, and also, as some people like to do, β€œcut” the husband paying alimony. To the wife, especially the one who is the former and wants to return the spouse back, it is only on hand.

how to return an ex-wife

Summarizing, we can say that building family relationships is not easy. For them to be durable and long, mutual understanding, love and respect for each other are required. And, of course, angelic patience and the ability to smooth out conflicts.

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