What is a dream like? Do prophetic dreams happen?

Sleep is one of the forms of existence of all living organisms. A person sleeps normally about 8 hours a day, but this time can increase or decrease depending on the individual properties of the body. It turns out that about a third of our lives, each of us spends in a dream. At this moment, all life processes slow down a little and, as it were, restore their strength. One of the most amazing properties of the body is the ability to see and feel some kind of events while a person is sleeping. The ability to dream is individual for everyone. Someone sees them every night, some very rarely. It depends on the phase of sleep, which differs in duration.

What is a dream like?

what is a dream
The central nervous system controls all body processes. Sleep is no exception, as in the brain there are special structures responsible for rest. These neurons are called hypnogenic centers. There are 2 phases of sleep: slow and fast. Each of them is responsible for a special education (medulla oblongata, quadrupole, blue spot, etc.). In addition, individual structures are responsible for the change of cycles, the cerebral cortex belongs to them. Dreams are the totality of images, sensations, sounds that a person experiences while he is sleeping. Most often this happens before waking up, in the REM sleep phase. The duration of dreams is about 10-20 minutes. If at this moment you observe a sleeping person, then you can detect the activity of eyeballs that make movements beyond closed eyelids. The state of the brain during REM sleep is close to wakefulness, but muscle tone is significantly reduced, and most often the body movements are not made.

Types of dreams

Depending on what a person sees when he sleeps, different types of dreams are distinguished . Their differences are that they can bring positive and negative emotions, be conscious or not, related to real events in life, things. In some cases, you can see the memory of an event. What dreams are:

  1. what are prophetic dreams
    Ordinary, or everyday, this species is most common. Such dreams do not have a definite meaning, usually, they contain elements of a personโ€™s real life or some images of familiar people, places, situations. Most often, they are quickly forgotten and do not affect the emotional state.
  2. Obsessive dreams - repeated throughout a personโ€™s life more than once. The person who sees them has some kind of dream, idea, fear or secret. For this reason, they do not give him rest and appear every time when there is a loss of strength or there are no other thoughts that are more important at the moment.
  3. Whether prophetic dreams happen is the subject of much debate. It is believed that the ability to see the future during the physiological relaxation of the body is not given to all people, but only to those who have such a predisposition.
  4. Dreams that cause violent emotions. It can be joy, fear, mental pain, surprise, etc. The reason for their appearance is not clarified, but it is believed that they reflect the moral condition of a person and can talk about anxiety, expectation, experiences in real life.

What are prophetic dreams

do prophetic dreams happen
This group is separate and occupies a particularly important place, as some people associate them with changes in their destiny. What a dream is: prophetic images are divided into 2 types. The first is literal; it implies a situation that is completely, in the literal sense, repeated in real human life. The second type of prophetic dreams is symbolic: in this case, people can only see a hint of some event, and not everyone can interpret it correctly.

When exactly can you see prophetic dreams

Prophetic dreams are not observed every night. Even those people who predict the future from them, note that this happens quite rarely. When there are prophetic dreams: there is a connection between their appearance and the day of the week. This usually happens on the night of Thursday to Friday or Monday to Tuesday. Some sources point to the connection of prophetic dreams with numbers on the night of which a person saw them (for example, 1, 3, 5, etc.). Moreover, some of them come true in the near future, others in the distant future.

what dreams are

Relation of prophetic dreams to religion

If we talk about the time of the appearance of prophetic dreams, then it is different for Orthodox and Catholic Christians. The first claim that the most truthful prophecies can be seen during Baptism - that is, in the second half of January (week 19 to 26). Catholics connect the appearance of prophetic visions with Christmas, which occurs in their faith on December 25. According to the Holy Bible, the Lord transmitted his will through dreams. This privilege was not granted to everyone, but only to the elect, who were obliged to interpret this to others. All other people saw ordinary dreams that did not have a certain meaning.

Bishop Ignatius in his writings states the opposite. He says that dreams are the tricks of demons, who thus try to harm the peace of mind of people and sow unkind thoughts there. The Lord, on the other hand, invented night time so that a person could fully rest, not only physically, but also mentally. Therefore, he should not see dreams at this time that distract him from calm.

The meaning of dreams

when there are prophetic dreams
What a dream is and how dreams are divided by meaning, are of interest to many people. For this reason, there are many books that are able to explain the essence of what they saw during the holidays. Dream Interpretations were created by foretellers who have the ability to recognize signs seen and misunderstood by man. If you believe these books, then each plot has a connection with real life. In addition, any object or phenomenon seen at night carries its own semantic load. The question of what kind of dream can be answered thanks to its correct interpretation. Following this theory, any image is symbolic and prophetic. The meaning of dreams does not reflect the full picture of the upcoming event, but indirectly points to it (for example, a joyful or sad event is expected in the future).

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